Monday: Dandy Concepts

Hey guys, happy Monday, hope everyone is doing great!

COTW for this week has reset, we have 4 great concepts up for bid, and last week, voting was not high and we could have had another tie like in COTY, so please remember to vote and votes are due by Friday.

COTY has entered it first quarter vote, the best of January, February and March is up for vote. Votes are once again due by Friday

The New York Rangers Untouchables Re-design is entering its voting phase. It is in top 5 format so remember to pick your 5 favourites and vote for them, votes are due Friday. Remember to send votes to the Contest email. not the concept email like the previous two votes.


Boston Strong Concept (By: Joey A.)

This is an excellent tribute to the tragedy that occurred in Boston last week. The colours of the ribbon look great on this Bruins jersey, and I love the script on the hem stripping. Everything has been crossed over nicely and this would be a great charity idea to help the victims of the tragedy. I would maybe have used their current numbers, but just monochromatic. (8/10)

Springfield Falcons Concepts (By: Andrew G.)

The Falcons are going to the AHL playoffs for the first time in 10 years, and Andrew feels that's deserving of better jerseys. The Falcons currently wear Blue Jackets rip offs, right down to the stripes. This looks very similar to their Oiler phase, especially with the claws on the arms, which are a key feature of the Falcon's former identity. The striping and yokes look great, but the white jersey would have to have blue yokes. (8.5/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Mason II)

This template has been underused in the NHL, and it is, personally, my favourite Cookie Cutter template. Mason Roman Numeral 2 gives us an awesome Ducks concept with new colours. I do like these colours, and Mason does balance them very well, the amount of black is perfect with this other colours. I love the yoke stripes on the top of the arms, which is a key part of the template. I think white cuffs on the green jersey  would help them match even more, and use their current pants so there is at least something on the pants. (8.5/10)

Seattle Dandy Lions Concept (By: CPM)

AHAHAHAHHHHAHHAAHH YES!!! This is perfect! The name alone is awesome, but CPM has given them perfect logos, especially that shoulder patch. The Space Needle on a dandy lion is a great idea. The jerseys themselves is okay, it resembles the Blue Jackets jerseys while the arm piping helps make it semi unique. I think the jerseys could use and arm stripe but that's it, this is a wonderfully creative idea. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me.

Belleville Bulls concepts (By: Derek H.)

Derek has begun a full on re-design of the OHL, which is some teams could really use. These colours are need perfect, they are threatening, dark, and the logo is great in these colours, it looks almost satanic. The problem with this set is the lack of matching between the home and road. The road is Blackhawks esque, while the home is Devils esque, I think the black and red should be inversed on the white jersey. (7/10)

Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Mike S.)

The Jets were going to have new third jerseys this season, or we all thought they were until the Jets announced they weren't. A grey alternate is not totally outside of the park with the Jets, as they use grey in their logo and their current jersey. Mike gives us a really interesting look with red being added to the colour scheme and little to no white. I think that is a problem. The Jets do not use red outside of their logos, and it seems out of place to put it in, I think the red should be white. I don't like the monochromatic back numbers, as they need the lighter blue in them. Other than that, however, I really like these! The striping fits the Jets current look, and the shoulder patch as a primary logo, surprisingly looks good. (7.5/10)

Fallout Concept (By: Mason II)

I may not be the right person to critique this, as I have never played fallout, and people who have, please tell me the accuracy of this concept, but just as a jersey itself, I like it. The Penguins template opens itself up to this concept, as it uses the piping and the cuffs properly. The patches all over look good as they are part of the game, and the belt around the hem looks like a belt. The logo I think would look better without the button down, but it looks okay. I'm also not a fan of the 3 numbers on the back, but again, it is part of the look. Overall, it's a great, creative idea. (8/10)

Barrie Colts Concept (By: Derek H.)

The Colts need a rebrand, there's no lie in that, their logo is cartoony, and their jerseys are awful. Derek gives them a much better logo and classic jerseys. the logo is awesome, I think the colours could be brighter but the logos are great. The jerseys are okay, but the colours again, are a bit too muted. If the colours were brighter they would look much better and less dull. Execution note, there are not stripes on the front arms, be sure to watch out for that. (5/10)

Nashville Predators Concepts (By: Thomas H.)

Thomas makes the Preds leave their current template, and go for something a little more classic, while also having a unique identity. The jerseys look good the colours are balanced right, but I'm not entirely sure what the stripes are supposed to be, Piano Keys, Hazard Markings, Claw Marks, either way, I like them. I don't like the elimination of the guitar strings on the numbers, those are cool. I also think the NP logo would look good on the pants to keep them from being plain. (8/10)
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Phil B. said...

#BostonStrong for COTW. The thought alone deserves the nomination, but the jersey was executed well.

Derek H said...

Damn my lack of attention!

Randall said...

Does anyone know where to get Mason's template? Also, does anyone have a St. Louis/Nashville template?

Alan John Herbert said...

Boston Strong Concept gets a COTW nom from me.

Ryan said...

@Randall Try the TEMPLATES page

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