Monday: Awesome News With Blue Capitals

Happy Monday everyone, hope everyone had a great weekend and watched their team get closer to the playoffs, lucky Blackhawks fans don't have to worry about losing their spot!

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Well the trade deadline was a little bit underwhelming, not to say I didn't like it, in fact I didn't watch any of Tradecentre since I was in school, but there were a few trades that caught my eye. The Blue Jackets made some smart moves, getting Gaborik and getting rid of Steve Mason, who is now a Flyer. The Sens, surprisingly got Cory Conacher, that move will hopefully work out, and the Leafs stayed idle, which was the best thing they could have done! If the team isn't broken, don't try and fix it. Now the big question, with 10 games left is, who's in and who's out!

Also, the 2014 Winter Classic Jerseys have been unveiled and I can safely say they are good...for the most part. I would have liked to have seen something 70'sy in the jerseys, like the Leafs wearing name bars that are the same colour as their jerseys, or the Red Wings having arched letters and cursive numbers while having the logo nearly up by the collar. But as is, they are okay, can't say they are terrible because I do think they look good, but this does beg the question...who's next, who will get 2015?

Also, today, I was told by my high school's hockey coach that he is interested in me designing jerseys for both out Junior and Senior Boys Hockey Teams. I look forward to his opportunity and I will keep you guys updated as the process goes a long.

Saginaw Spirit Concepts (By: Scott D.)

Saginaw current wears one of the better jerseys in the OHL, keeping things very simple, but lacking the patriotism the logo has. Scott has given the Spirit a less conservative look, and to be honest, it looks just as good if not better than their current look. The striping is unique while also staying within the Reebok Edge look, the square yokes are a nice touch, and the wishbone striping works for the most part. I do get vibes of the Blue Jackets with this concept, but I think that has to do with the red pants and the colour scheme. I do think some patriotism is needed however, some stars on the jersey would be nice. (8/10)

Montreal Canadiens Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

This was Dylan's entry to the Montreal Canadiens Untouchables Re-design. I like the away, the empty stripes are very cool, but don't make the jersey look empty, and there are so many of them. I also like the blue jersey, mainly due to the colour balancing in the striping, the two arm stripes with the big blue empty area look like one big stripe, but in a good way.  I do think the white jersey would use a little more blue on the yoke, as it is almost barely noticeable. (8/10)

San Jose Sharks Concept (By: Mike S.)

Mike, who has recently finished his NBA/NHL series, has really improved as a concept artist over the course of the series. This Sharks concept shows that! I love that there is no white on the jersey outside from the logos, and the orange is noticeable. A gray jersey is needed in the NHL, it looks good in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks wearing is, so I think Hockey would work just as well if not better. The amount of teal is also very good, it is used just enough and balanced with the black so it doesn't look too 90'sy while not being too dark. I would like to see that awesome script on the side of a helmet, and including a helmet in your concepts is always good, this goes for everyone, not just Mike. (8.5/10)

St. Louis Blues Concept (By: Mason H.)

Over the last few weeks, I have viewed a lot of Blues concepts, and I have made it vocal that I hate the dark note logo and light jersey. Mason has taken care of that problem, and given the blues a new alternate. I like the colour structure here, the blues are balanced well and the amount of yellow and white are near perfect. I would have liked to have seen more yellow on the jersey, but that is where my problems end. The shoulder patch in perfect for the blues, they need this recoloured logo on there jerseys as it looks amazing. Other than the lack of yellow, great concept! 8/10

Munich Red Bulls Concept (By: Martin L.)

Martin continues his awesome string of DHL Winter Classic concepts with this one for the Munich Red Bulls. I love that logo! It looks very vintage and fits the tone the jersey is trying to set. I like the two shoulder patches being the history of the clubs logos. I can understand the striping, and although I personally don't think chest stripes look the best, I could see why people would like them. I do think the TV numbers are a bit too big and the rest of the jersey could use some subtle red on it. As is though, I think this is Martin's best of the set so far. (8/10)

Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Concept (By: Martin L.)

Thomas Sabo's Ice Tigers, I love that name. The jersey is very crisp, clean and classic. I like the shadowed numbers, the vintage white yoke, and even, I know I'm in the minority on this, the apron stripes. I think however the striping could benefit from an extra set, sort of making the stripes thinner and having two, also, the shoulder patch should carry over to the other shoulder as well, so as not to look bare. (7.5/10)

Plum High School Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

I'm not sure if this is Stephen's high school, but I want to say the name plum matches the tone of this jersey. The Broncos logo, while an NFL staple, looks great on this jersey! I love the Purple jersey, it is perfect, the colours are balanced well and the jersey has an LA kings feel to it. I like the away, but I needs a purple yoke, to help and balance the colours, and the helmets should both match the colour of the jersey. (7/10)

Washington Capitals Concepts (By: Torin K.)

If you want to get on my good side, make a blue Capitals concept. I love this look, I love the colours, and I love this concept. The home and away are great. They both take elements from the original set, but also be original in their design. I like the angle striping and the black yoke on the home jersey. I'm not huge on the alternate, as I think black would make it better but I still love this concept. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me!
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Keens said...

Did anyone see the Red Wings alumni jersey for Winter Classic? I like it much better than the actual winter classic jersey. This is something they should already be using as a third jersey. (It's a reverse of the 2009 WC). What are people's thoughts?

Here is a link to it on Redwings site. http://redwings.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=88232

Ryan said...

I really like Torin's home and away Caps concepts. However the yellow on the alternate isn't great IMO. Black or silver might have been better.

T said...

@Ryan, I tried using black at first, but I was really unhappy about how similar it looked to the Penguins or Lightning in any given combo.
I didn't think about silver though

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