Weekend Update (March 31)

The winner of the COTW vote for March 18-24 is Darren H!
Full Results
Darren - 6
Bastian - 1
Dylan - 1
Justin - 1


The winner of the Macon Whoopee ReDesign competition was CPM!

Full Results
*If your name doesn't appear than you did not receive and votes.


The next competition has been announced and as promised it will be the third part of our Untouchable series. The Chicago Blackhawks! This will be interesting as it is my understanding that the Hawks may have the most fans of any team here on HJC. Three writers alone are Chicago fans. Entries are due on Friday.


The new nominees for the COTW vote have been announced. They are listed on the side of the page. You can see the entrants by clicking on that banner or you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting ends for this on Friday.


EDIT (7:30pm EST)
This is only my opinion, but I think people are confusing concepts that they like with exceptional concepts. It's great that you guys think so many concepts are worthy of COTW, however I would suggest that perhaps too many are being nominated. It's my belief that concepts that I like, I should say so in the comments section. Whereas concepts that are notably head and shoulders above everything else should receive a COTW nomination. That's just how I see it.


Friday, April 13, 2013 10:00pm Eastern Time - HJC Live Chat #3


COTW Mar 25-31 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

Weekend Update (March 31) Reviewed by Ryan on March 31, 2013 Rating: 5


Justin said...

Very interested to see some of the concepts that come in for the Chicago comp! Also, I believe Stephane's Minnesota concept was seconded.

Ryan said...

@Justin: ugh you're right. So many concepts nominated.

DBro Alexander said...

I Agree with your view on nominations Ryan.

Steven Grant said...

@Ryan: I'm assuming you mean Friday, April 12th for the live chat. The 13th is Saturday.

And I also agree with your view about COTW nominations.

Keens said...

I agree with Ryan. There seems to be an increasing number of COTW's. There should only be at most, 6. One for each day. If two concepts are nominated for COTW in the same day, the one with most votes should make it.

If 6 is still to much, at the end of the week, Ryan can tally the nominations and only the top 4 make it.

Unknown said...

Thank you all for the votes on the Macon Whoopee competition! I know I'm new to this site but I have lots of concepts I want to share with everybody and I'm glad to be here.

Alan John Herbert said...

I agreed with you Ryan about the COTW Nom thing, if it keeps up you'll might have to play the Top 5 card, it maybe far fetch but I have a feeling it'll be coming.

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