Tuesday: Stars and SJHL Finale

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Here are some of the Hamilton Tigers Redesign entries that have come in so far...

(by Alex J.)

(by Matt R.)


Before I get today's concepts I just want to let everyone know that if I mention something in "Suggestions" it doesn't necessarily mean I don't like what you did, often I'm just throwing out some ideas that pop into my head.

Vancouver Canucks (by J3)
Like:  The striping pattern, especially the sleeve and hem stripes, looks great.  Those double stripes remind me of the Canucks original uniforms.  It's also nice to see the the whale-logo by itself again.
Dislike:  The colour scheme.  There's nothing wrong with it, but just speaking as a Canucks fan I don't like it very much.  Also the logo shouldn't include the Registered Trade Mark symbol.
Suggestions:  I'd love to see green replace one of the blues.  7/10

Detroit Red Wings (by Andrew G.)
Like:  I like seeing the shield-logo used as a shoulder patch.
Dislike:  I know this was part of the untouchables competition, but the other changes are negatives in my opinion.  The black seems tacked-on, and the striping has less character.
Suggestions:  If you're going to include black, I'd make the whole wheel area of the logo black, and then keep the wings red (which might take some work, but I think it would be worth it).  I'd also like to see a bit more character in the striping pattern.  6/10

Michigan State (by Dylan W.)
Like:  The stripes on the shoulders look great, and the arms stripes are good too.  The number font is also really nice.
Dislike:  I don't like how the hem stripes are curved on the bottom but straight on top.  I also think if you're going to have a wordmark above the logo, it should say either "Michigan" or "Michigan State", because "State" could represent any state.
Suggestions:  Match the hem stripes to the arm stripes (make it completely straight).  I think the logo on the white jersey is strong enough to be worn on the green jersey too, without a wordmark.  7/10

Tampa Bay Lightning (by J3)
Like:  The colour scheme is very cool, and would be unique in the NHL.  The striping, logo, and colours all make for a very retro looking concept.
Dislike:  The numbers don't really fit in with the retro vibe of the concept.  Also the pant stripes should stop at the waist (look at Andrew's Wings concept as an example), and the logo shouldn't have the TM.
Suggestion:  I'd recommend more traditional block numbers.  Also fix the issues I mentioned.  7/10

Sarnia Sting (by Alan H.)
Like:  I love the honey-comb pattern used for the stripes.  It's very unique and fits in with the brand nicely.  Everything else (fonts, logos, etc.) looks good too.
Dislike:  I think the arm stripes would be better if they matched the angle of the hem stripes (I hope you get what I mean, I'm having a hard time explaining it).
Suggestions:  Besides the arm-stripes, there's nothing else I'd recommend changing.  8/10

Dallas Stars (by Spirit104)
Like:  The logos used, created by Torch Creative, look really good in my opinion,  I also like the striping that's on the arms and socks.
Dislike:  Sometimes I like no hem-stripes, but I think this jersey could use some.  I also think the name and numbers would stand out better if they were white.
Suggestions:  Besides the two things above, my other suggestion would be to try a lighter shade of green.  8/10

Dallas Stars (by Snow Monster)
Like:  The double green colour scheme!!!  It looks great and is really unique.  The overall striping pattern is also good looking, and the pant-stripe is great.
Dislike:  Each version of the logo is missing an important colour.  The version on the green jersey could use some dark green, and the version on the white jersey could use some kelly green.  I also think the arm stripes are at too steep of an angle.
Suggestions:  I think the concept logos by Torch Creative would look great in these colours, so that's my only suggesting besides what's mentioned above.  8/10

Yorkton Terriers (by Eric W.)
Note:  We finish off today's post with the final two concepts of Eric's SJHL series.  The team names above each concept are links to the teams website.
Like:  I like how Eric gives them their own jerseys instead of Flyers copies, while still taking inspiration from those jerseys.  Also, since they're a junior team, I like the unique elements like the fonts (junior teams should be more creative in my opinion).
Dislike:    The only thing I don't really like is the black NOB on the orange jersey, I think it would be more visible if it were white.
Suggestions:  I'm kind of wondering what this would look like with grey in the striping.  I think it would tie in with the logo very well.  8/10

Weyburn Red Wings (by Eric W.)
Like:  I love the logo Eric created.  Way too many junior and minor hockey teams rip-off the Detroit Red Wings logo.  I also like the double red colour scheme.  The striping pattern, with the sleeves the same on each jersey, is also great.
Dislike:  The road socks would look the same as the home socks, since the top white part would be covered by the socks.
Suggestions:  Maybe try matching the sock stripes to the hem stripes.
Congratulations on completing your SJHL series Eric!!!!  I'm nominating this concept for COTW.  9/10
Tuesday: Stars and SJHL Finale Reviewed by Steven Grant on March 05, 2013 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

I'll second Eric's Weyburg concept. Congrats on finishing the series!

winnipegjets96 said...

J3's Canucks concept for COTW!

Josh said...

Are there going to be concepts for the Estevan Bruins and Battlefords North Stars as well? The Stars are badly in need of a new look.

Josh said...

Never mind, I found them. The post they're in isn't tagged with SJHL. Great work! I love the Weyburn ones, especially.

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