Tuesday: Lions and Tigers and Bears

Welcome to another Tuesday here on HJC.  I don't have any news or anything, so I'll get straight to the voting reminders.

COTW Mar 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
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BC Lions (by Ted N.)
Like:  It's cool seeing concepts for CFL teams, especially the Lions since they're my local team.  I like the striping, it's quite different than their football jerseys using so much black, but it does look good.  I also like seeing the paw-print logo as a shoulder patch and I'm a fan of teams using both home and road pants.
Dislike:  One of my pet-peeves is un-necessary logo recolours, and I don't think recolouring the logo is necessary here.  Execution wise, the inside collar area on the orange jersey should be coloured orange.
Suggestions:  I don't think the roundel is needed in the logo, but if you're going to keep it, I'd go with the version on the white jersey, because I like the orange lion better.  8/10

Colorado College (by Adam H.)
Like:  The tiger-stripe pattern is really unique, and while I don't think it would work in the NHL, I think it's great for a college hockey team.  The helmets are really cool, it's not often you see the helmet used as a design element.
Dislike:  While I think the primary logo is okay, I'm not a fan of the secondary logo or wordmark.  The details on the secondary logo are too small, and I find the wordmark really hard to read.  The logos on the jerseys are a bit large.  There are also two shades of black used.
Suggestions:  I think it would look better if the sleeve and hem stripes were the same thickness.  7/10

Memphis Grizzlies (by Mike S.)
Like:  I like how white isn't used anywhere on the jersey.  The choices for logos, fonts, and striping pattern are also all good.
Dislike:  I think the primary logo needs an outline to stand out from the jersey.  Also the colours on the logos are different than the jersey, and there are no TV numbers.  I have no other suggestions.  8/10

Los Angeles Kings (by Tommy M.)
Like:  Dropping silver is a great move in my opinion.  The striping looks good, I especially like the double outline on the road jerseys shoulder yoke.  And the pant stripes is great, I love how it kind of frames the logo.
Dislike:  I can't say I'm a fan of that logo, although their current shield logo isn't really any better.  I also think the socks need stripes, they look like practice socks right now.
Suggestions:  I think something like this logo might be a better option.  8/10

Ottawa Senators (by Stephen T.)
Like:  I like the original Senators barber-pole jerseys, I think they would be great for an outdoor game or for a one time thing like the Canucks did with the Millionaires jerseys.  Here Stephen has done a good job of adapting those jerseys to the Nike Swift Uniform template.
Dislike:  The logo is really big, and a bit off-centered.
Suggestions:  I'd recommend resizing the logo about 60-70% smaller.  I also think the background for all the names and numbers should be the same colour (either make the TV number's background red, or the other's black).  8/10

Miami University (by Adam H.)
Like:  The third jersey is really nice, in my opinion the best of the bunch.  The details are great on that jersey, like the state-outline around the captian's C, and the slogan on the rear hem.  I do like how the home and road are now different than the Red Wings, but at the same time the sleeves look kind of empty.
Dislike:  The main logos are too large.  I also don't like how the third jersey has both hem-stripes and hem-piping.
Suggestions:  There are lots of good logos shown at the bottom of the concept, I think any of them would look great on the front of a jersey.  7/10

Regina Pats (by Dylan W.)
Like:  The sleeve stripes look really nice.  They're still traditional stripes, but they are also somewhat unique.  The sublimated "REGINA" wordmark is a cool feature.
Dislike:  I don't like how the bottom part of the hem stripe is curved, but the rest is straight.
Suggestions:  I think completely matching the hem stripe to the sleeve stripe would be the best choice.  8/10

North Carolina Tar Heels (by Dylan A.)
Like:  Yesterday we saw Dylan's home and road concepts for the Tar Heels, and this is his concept for an alternate jersey.  I love the argyle pattern in the stripes.  I believe the Tar Heels basketball team use that pattern, and it think it works great on a hockey jersey.  I like all the other choices made too.
Dislike:  Nothing.
COTW nomination from me!!!!  9.5/10

New York Rangers (by Brandon C.)
Like:  The striping pattern looks great.  I like how it is kind-of inspired by their road jersey, but at the same time it's very different.  I also like seeing the shield logo used front and center, and the navy blue also looks good.  Brandon even edited the collar to match the striping better.
Dislike:  I'm nit-picking here, but I think the NOB and back number should be closer together, and the TV numbers should be a bit higher up.
I hope someone gives this a COTW nomination, as I think it deserves it but I can't nominate two.  9/10
Tuesday: Lions and Tigers and Bears Reviewed by Steven Grant on March 26, 2013 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I'll give Brandon C's Rangers concept a COTW Nomination. Super sharp.

Justin said...

Dylan A. for COTW! Love that argyle!

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Brandon C. for COTW

Marcus L. said...

Brandon C's rangers concept is very similar to this concept posted on icethetics and I believe I remember seeing it on HJC aswell http://www.icethetics.info/concepts/2013/1/24/0341-swell-third-for-big-apple.html

Kyle C. said...

I'll 3rd Brandon for COTW!

Andrew Harkins said...

I just discovered this blog, and I noticed my hfboards avatar in the Kings concept. I appreciate the credit Tommy W. I like what you've done with it. I think the logo would probably remain the same on both jerseys however, rather than changing colors based on home/away. Still, it's a nice and clean concept overall.

By the way, I've actually since tweaked the logo based on the same idea, and made it more angular, sharp and clean. It's here:


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