Tuesday: Buffalo and Others

Three votes are happening this week.  There are six concepts up for COTW, the February COTY vote is underway, and the Hamilton Contest is in its voting phase.

COTY-February vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW March 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Hamilton Comp Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


Also don't forget the Live Chat on Saturday at 9pm eastern.  I'll miss it again (I'll be at the Vancouver Canucks game where they're wearing their Millionaires jerseys), but it sounds like it was great last time, and I'm sure it will be the same this time around.


Columbus Blue Jackets (by Drew Q.)
Like:  The stripes on the arm's and chest look really good.  How they're light blue on dark blue makes them a bit more subtle than most stripes, which works well in this situation.
Dislike:  The logo, numbers and name are too big.  The numbers (especially the TV numbers) don't stand out very well.  The chest stripe is also a bit too low, the logo is off-centered, and the inside of the O in "ANISIMOV" is coloured black.
Suggestions:  Fix the execution errors mentioned above.  I think white numbers would work better than blue.  6/10

Calgary Flames (by Brady S.)
Like:  Basing these jerseys off of the Flames original jerseys is a good move.  The striping, fonts, and logo are all good choices.
Dislike:  The logo looks a little too big, and the back numbers look a little too small.  Also on the back of the jersey, the striping doesn't follow the curve of the hem.  It's important to make the front and back stripes separately, since the back of the jersey curves more than the front.
Suggestions:  Besides fixing the what I already mentioned, I have no other suggestions.  7/10

Dallas Mavericks (by Mike S.)
Like:  The striping looks good, it seems to take inspiration from the Mavericks current alternate jersey.  I also like seeing the team's primary logo used on the front of the jersey.
Dislike:  I don't think the little curves on the side of the hem stripe are necessary, but they do look good on the sleeve stripes.  The back number should be a bit higher up.
Suggestions:  Again I'm at a loss for any other suggestions.  7/10

Chicago Blackhawks (by Brady S.)
Like:  Realistically the Blackhawks look is untouchable, so while this may not be very creative, it is realistic for what a Nike Blackhawks jersey would look like.
Dislike:  The same issues I mentioned with the Flames concept apply here.
Suggestions:  On the red jersey I'd recommend using the same version of their shoulder logo that's on their current home jersey (slightly different colouring).  8/10

Ottawa Nationals (by Bastian S.)
Like:  The striping pattern looks great.  Stripes in the shoulder yoke seem to be popular with concept artists lately, and if they're done well (like in this concept) they look great.  I also like unique number font.
Dislike:  The lack of Reebok logo on the jersey makes this somewhat unrealistic.
Suggestions:  Either add the Reebok logo or use a generic template.  8/10

Buffalo Bisons (by Dylan W.)
Like:  I don't know if this is a concept the Sabres or just a concept for the Buffalo Bisons.  Whichever it is I like it.  The sleeves look really nice, and I love seeing the Bisons logo again.
Dislike:  I think the hem has one too many stripes, and it also suffers from the same issue I mentioned with Brady's Flames concept.  The TV numbers aren't visible enough.  Also the red also looks quite orange, I don't know if that was intentional or not.
Suggestions:  I'd get rid of the top white stripe on the hem.  Also I'd make the TV numbers white.  Also ColorWerx is a great way to find good colours to use.  7/10

Buffalo Sabres (by Torin K.)
Like:  I LOVE the striping pattern.  It's a great mix of modern and traditional.  The fonts and logo looks good too.
Dislike:  There are a few loose pixels around the logo that could be cleaned up.
Suggestions:  I think the sock would be better if it were a normal stripe, instead of the top half being yellow.  There is nothing wrong with the way it is though.  8/10

Buffalo Sabres (by Casey R.)
Like:  I like how there is no white at all, it makes for a very unique look.  The Sabres original striping pattern looks good here, as well as the script logo.
Dislike:  There isn't anything I dislike here.
Suggestions:  I have no suggestions.  8/10
Tuesday: Buffalo and Others Reviewed by Steven Grant on March 12, 2013 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

Casey's Sabres for COTW

Snow Monster said...

Torin K Sabres for COTW

Snow Monster said...

Whoops, I forgot that I can't nominate without a Google account. Sorry.
Someone nominate Torin K!

winnipegjets96 said...

Torin's Sabres concept for COTW! Oh and sorry about the HJC HOF Gaff yesterday I thought it was a thing.

Ryan said...

Bastian's Ottawa concept for COTW

Unknown said...

^ I'll second Bastian's Ottawa concept. I like his work so far on the WHA!

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