Thursday: Red Wings and the Chocolate Factory

Welcome to today's post here on HJC. What a year to be a Blackhawks fan, eh? They just look unbeatable at this point. I'd say they have already clinched a playoff spot, if not home ice, as well. I hope they can make another run for a Cup. Anyway, let's get going with today's eight concepts.


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Also, I want to remind everyone it is a VERY good idea to include some type of name or ID on their concept like Dylan pointed out yesterday, protect your work.

Washington Capitals concept (By: J3)

I didn't think I would like a black jersey for the Capitals, but I really like this one. One thing I would get rid of would be the white yoke outline, but it doesn't completely ruin the jersey. I like the old Caps font, and the capitol building logo looks great here. 8.5/10

Detroit Red Wings concept (By: Zachary S.)

Here is Zachary's entry into the Red Wings portion of the Untouchables redesign contest. I like the chest and arm striping. One thing I would suggest is to use the "D" logo on the home jersey instead of the "RED WINGS" wordmark, I think it would look better. Also, the numbers should be a bit smaller. The Reebok logo on the back should be white on the home jersey, and red on the away jersey. Anyway, I like these. 7/10

Anaheim Ducks concept (By: CLIB542)

Here is a dominantly-brown Ducks jersey from CLIB542. I love the simple striping. The normal font looks great here and the classic Mighty Ducks logo fits fine. No complaints from me. Great job here. 8/10

Saint Viator (IL) High School concept (By: spähr)

You can see some pictures of Saint Viator's uniforms here. Anyway, I really like this jersey. The striping is unique, but still classic and good-looking. The logos look great and so does the collar/numbers. My only complaint would be the white hem stripe, although that may have been an accident. Great concept here. 8/10

Dallas Stars concept (By: Peter H.)

I like this jersey, I'm just not a fan of the Stars going in a direction of this color scheme. Jersey-wise I love this. The classic striping is what the Stars need. The font looks great too. The Stars have already confirmed they are making new logos and mainly-green jerseys, so maybe this could be an alternate? Anyway, great job here, Peter. 8/10

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (By: Derek H.)

Here is a cool look and what Derek thinks the Blue Jackets should look like. I like the striping, but I wish there was more blue on the road jersey. This could also use some shoulder patches. Also, I think the collars could look a whole lot better, maybe some more blue or white? Cool concept, Derek. 7/10

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory concept (By: Dylan W.)

I see what Dylan did here. Haha, anyway. This is awesome. By no means is this a great hockey jersey, but boy is it fun and creative. The font is awesome, the chocolate splash on the front is awesome, the "golden ticket" shoulder patches are just plain genius. One thing, the NHL logo should be removed from the collar insert. Also, who better to do a concept like this then Mr. Wonka himself? Awesome job, Dylan. 9/10 and a COTW nom from me

Detroit Red Wings concept (By: Nick F.)

Here is Nick's entry into the recent Red Wings portion of the Untouchables contest. I only have one problem here. The fact that there are two whites being used. Stick to true white, or stick to vintage white. Not both. Anyway, I love the jerseys. The striping and yokes all look good, so does the logo and fonts. Would Reebok allow the jerseys to have a logo on the back of the jersey where the Reebok logo normally goes, and move the Reebok logo to the bottom of the jersey? I wouldn't think so... maybe just switch those two out. Other then that, these are very cool. Nice job, Nick. 8/10

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone!
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Dylan W. said...

Exactly what I was going for, not a good looking hockey jersey, but just something wacky and different! And @J3, I love your concepts man! Keep 'em comin'!

Brian said...

2nd the willy wonka jersey!

Brandon said...

I think Dylan did the right thing by not putting the chocolate splash hem on the back too.

winnipegjets96 said...

J3's Caps Concept for COTW

Kyle C. said...

This is just my opinion, but I think concepts don't look as good as they can while using the Reebok Premier Jersey Template. The Sportslogos.net template is just as easy to use and looks better, at least to me. Just a suggestion.

Jesper said...

2nd J3's capitals concept, Great work

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