Thursday: NHL, AHL, OHL, and NBA

Hey everybody welcome to Thursday's post here on HJC. I have the whole week off PLUS next Monday for Spring Break, so I am just relaxing. Considering we have three (?) HJC writers that are Hawks fans, I'm sure you've heard it. The streak finally ended and we now have lost two straight after a tough one against the Oilers. They play again tonight in Columbus and hopefully we can get back on the winning side. In jersey news, the Canucks will be wearing their Millionaires jerseys this Saturday night against the Red Wings, can't wait to see those on the ice. Anyway, let's get this show on the road.


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New York Rangers concept (By: Jonathan L.)

Jonathan brings back the Lady Liberty logo for the Blueshirts and I like this look. The diagonal striping looks awesome and it's just a smooth, nice look. Not sure I would take this over their current look, but I still like it a lot. One thing, I think the blue and red are a bit too bright. I recommend using ColorWerx for the colors or just getting another Rangers jersey concept and using the eyedropper tool and selecting those colors. Anyway, these are nice. 8/10

Minnesota Timberwolves NBA concept (By: Mike S.)

Mike continues his NBA series with the Timberwolves. I like the hem design and the Wild font looks good too. This has been an overall good series so far by Mike, and I have enjoyed it because it's not very often you get too see NBA hockey jerseys. I recommend trying to incorporate the hem design somehow into the arms, but I still like it how it is. 7/10

Detroit Red Wings Nike concept (By: Brady S.)

Brady continues his Nike-overhaul of the NHL with the Dead Things Red Wings. I don't have much to say considering this is pretty much the same thing as what they wear now. I'm sure this is pretty much how they would look if Nike was too take over duties of NHL uniforms. Not much of a concept, but I'm glad nothing major was changed. 6.5/10

Houston Aeros AHL concept (By: Kyle C.)

Here are some Aeros concepts from Kyle. I like the simple striping and everything else looks good. Honestly, I don't have much to say here. Everything looks great, Kyle. 8.5/10

North Bay (Brampton) Battalion OHL concept (By: AJH)

Alan has the Brampton Battalion moving to North Bay and I must say, I hate the Battalion's current color scheme. Alan has the colors changing to a better looking green and yellow. I love the sleeve design except for where it breaks off to the back of the collar. I would just have it go all the way to where they connect. The logos looks great too. No complaints here. 8.5/10

Dallas Stars Nike concept (By: Brady S.)

Here is Brady's Stars concept from his Nike redesign. He brings back North Star colors and striping which, for some reason I've grown apart from the idea. I think the Stars should bring out something new and fresh. Anyway, I love the jerseys and the logos look great. One thing, I think the number on the back is a little too small, maybe enlarge those a bit, that also goes for the Red Wings concept. 7/10

Minnesota Wild concept (By: Ricky M.)

Ricky has a Wild concept for us and it's mainly Red. I like the simple three stripes and the block font. I feel the yoke outline is unnecessary though. I don't like the "Wild" shoulder patch though. I would just use the Minnesota Country logo on both shoulders. Anyway, great job Ricky. 8/10

Colorado Avalanche concept (By: Justin C.)

Justin continues to amaze us with his concepts. We all know the Avs are in need for new uniforms, and here is one of Justin's solutions. Justin ditches black (except the puck in the logo) and I like that move. There is nothing black about an Avalanche. The "mountain" designs on the arms and hem are awesome. The curved name is nice as well. No complaints at all from me here. Great job as always, Justin. 9.5/10 and a COTW nom from me

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone!
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Snow Monster said...

I like the idea and the creativity of Justin's Avalanche concept, but the mountain designs look like lightning bolts. Now I'm a huge Avs fan (if you couldn't tell) and would take these in a heartbeat. However,the peaks look a little too sharp and jagged. The word ''Lightning Bolts'' presents itself instead of ''Mountains'' in this concept. Perhaps a slightly more subtle approach for the peaks would make it look better.
I really like the curved nameplate, that's very cool.
Just a suggestion, I think the numbers would look slightly better in steel blue instead of burgundy on the white jersey.
As always, quality work Justin.

Unknown said...

@Snow Monster, I get ya with the mountains looking like lightning bolts but I kind of like the uniformity of it. I think we've all seen a lot of Avs concepts where there are jaggedy, uneven mountains all over the place, and these are a little more subtle and effective.

May I second Justin's Avs concept for COTW?


Matt Marczel said...

I'll second Justin's Avs concept for COTW. I've been saying/thinking it for the past four or five years now, the Avs NEED to simplify their colour palette and ditch black. Justin's set looks fantastic.

Brian said...

third Justin c

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