Monday: Original 6 Overload

Welcome back for another week here at HJC

COTW has reset for the new week and there are 7 new concepts that were nominated over the last week. Voting is due Friday

The...Macon Whoopee (snicker) ECHL Re-design is starting up, remember the check out the rules by clicking on the bird with the suspicious leaf behind it. Please also remember to shrink your image down to less than 1200x-1200x pixels.  Entries are due Friday!

The HJC Live Chat was great on Saturday, it went for almost 2 hours and hopefully if you could not make this next one, which is yet to be decided

Here are some of the entries that have come in so far:

Adam H.


Montreal Canadiens Concepts (By: Dylan A.)

This was Dylan's winning entry to the Montreal Canadiens. I love the creative chest stripe. The striping works perfectly to compliament th logo. The striping is also very nice, on both jerseys the colours are balanced just right, and the seperation of colours on the white jersey is very nice, has a retro feel to it. I don't really like the white numbers on the white jersey as they would be hard to see, I may use red of make a thinker blue outline. (9/10)  COTW Nom. from Me!

Detroit Red Wings Concepts (By: Austin E.)

Another untouchables entry (one of 3 today), Austin gives us a very safe new look for the Red Wings. The home and road don't match but I can see why, the white jersey would look too red with the chest stripe. Austin has kept a lot of the Wing's classic motifs like the red arms on the white jersey. I'm not a huge fan of the red numbers on the red jersey but I don't think white numbers could work. (8/10)

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Me/ Jets96)

One thing I didn't like about Buffalo's alternate jersey was the script used, I felt it could look better. I really liked the script on the Buffalo Bisons bottle cap logo so I took that, edited it to match Buffalo's colour scheme and made the O at the end Buffalo's old logo. I also used a vintage look for the striping, something timeless.

Chicago Blackhawks Concepts (By: Dylan A.)

Dylan is back again to edit the Blackhawks classic and timeless jerseys. The Away jersey has been edited the most, as the striping has been inverted and made a little thinner. I like that, and the lack of black cuffs makes them feel a little more classic. Not much else to say, everything else looks clean as a whistle, great work Dylan, it's hard to edit the Blackhawks but this can work! (9/10)

Montreal Canadiens Concepts (By: Brady S.)

Brady continues to Swift the NHL with the classic, timeless Montreal Canadiens. Their jerseys seem to transfer well to swift, and the elements from their current look on the home. The away always looks good no matter what template. I again can't really say much because Montreal always looks good! (8/10)

Detroit Red Wings Concepts (By: Me/Jets96)

This was my entry to the Detroit Red Wings Untouchables competition. I placed fourth in the contest and I think I've done a decent job here of trying to make the Red Wings a little more creative. The Wings on the shoulders were actually just a silly idea, I thought hey, the Red Wings should wear more than one Red Wing. I'd love to see someone put the wings straight across the yoke, make them look like they have actual wings. Other than that, I literally inverted their current striping and added a yoke outline just because. (Last original 6 concept for the day)

What-a-Burger Concept (By: Mike S.)

 Being in Canada, I've never heard of What-a Burger, but they are a popular burger chain in the U.S. South. I love what Mike has done with the logo, this idea of stretching the logo across the jersey is a very unique idea and hasn't been used since the Pens did it in the mid 90's. I like the creativity all across the jersey and I could see this on the shelves.The jersey however is a little too monochromatic for me, a third colour would help a lot with this jersey. One problem with the jersey is the NHL logo and tag in the collar. (7.5/10)

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Brady S.)

With Minnesota getting a new road, the hockey concept world is going nuts with spectualtions, and I'm excited too. Brady wants the Wild to got with their current alternate and make a matching away jersey. I really like this jersey, and the away looks just as good. I also like that the current logo is being used a shoulder patch, however, I would remove yellow from the logo and add a little bit of red to the jerseys so everything can match up with the logo. I wouldn't take the red out of the logo though, it would take away the "sunset" on the logo. (8/10)

Kamloops Blazers Concepts (By: Ted N.)

The Blazers are like the Oilers of the WHL..actually, they were originally the Jr. Oilers, but colour wise, they have a cool colour scheme than is unique to the league. Ted has given us a half modern half classic look for this re-design, and I like it a lot. The blue jersey is perfect, this is what the Blazers should wear. The colours are balanced near perfectly, and I'm even getting behing the yoke outline.  The white jersey is just as good but I would make the collar insert blue. The pants also need white trim to make them match the jersey. Execution note: The C on the blue jersey should be white and orange or, a better option, make the numbers all orange and white. (8/10)
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Ryan said...

Ted's Blazers concept for COTW!

kyle said...

i think that macon whoopee entry is fantastic and should win the contest hands down

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