Monday: In the Octopus's Garden

Welcome back to another Monday here at HJC!

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The Hamilton Tigers re-design contest, by popular demand, is entering its entry phase, concepts are due by Friday. You can read the rules by clicking on the stripy tab above this post of the Tigers tab.

Alright! G2!

As I promised here are some of the entries that have come in so far!



Chicago Blackhawks Concept (By: J3)

J3 has taken the Atlanta Braves current alternate and given it to the Blackhawks. I don't like the idea of the 2009 Winter Classic jersey coming back, so what do I think of something like this...its growing on me. At first I though, yellow should never be there, the tomahawk should be the C one, and where's the native head. However, I really do think this could work. The striping is refreshing, meaning Chicago has never done this, and the addition of yellow I could get behind. I do think the jersey is a little plain thought, I needs a the native head as a shoulder patch or the C tomahawk logoif you don't want to use the primary logo. Overall, I think with a little bit of tweaking this could be amazing, but as is I like it a lot more than another vintage jersey. (8/10)
Nipawin Hawks Concepts (By: Eric W.)

I love what Eric has done with this series so far, and how creative his striping patterns have been! I love this striping pattern, I can almost imagine Snoop Dogg wearing that black jersey like his Pittsburgh jersey. I however don't like how the striping doesn't continue over to the back. I get if it is a stylistic choice, but I'm not a fan of it. I also don't like the blank pants, they need a little bit of yellow somewhere on them. I do like them though, especially the black jersey. (8/10)

Chicago Blawkhawks Concept (By: Dylan W.)

You all know how I feel about Chicago wearing another vintage jersey as an alternate..but...I kinda like these. The arm striping is meh, bu the amount of black in the chest striping really works for me, and on the pants and socks too. I also like the choice of primary logo, that logo hasn't been used and isn't as racist as the older ones. I don't like the colour choice in the C tomahawk logo, I'd use the regular one. I do actually like these, which is surprising, but in swift form, this looks great. Executiong error, the back of the collar is black instead of red. (7.5/10)

Milwaukee Bucks Concept (By: Mike S.)

Mike continues to step up his game with this Milwaukee Bucks concept. The Bucks seem to have a hockey friendly look, as their colours like up well on this concept. Mike has balanced each colour pefectly so there isn't too much of any of them. I think the numbers should be like the script and be silver and white, and the script is 10% too small. Overall, I do like this concept and I hope to see more NBA concepts from Mike as he nears the end of his series. (7/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concept (By: Spirt104)

Welcome back Spirt 104, its been a while! I like the idea of switching the black for blue, but at the same time, too many teams use blue, red and white as colours. The gray comes into play more here because it adds uniqueness, which is why I could see this look working. The striping is great; the heavy emphasis on gray is great here, and white works very well here as the two compliment each other enough with the red in between. I'd love to see this concept with black instead of blue and more for you Spirt! (8.5/10)

Notre Dame Hounds Concepts (By: Eric W.)

Like the SSM Grayhounds, Notre Dame hears Red and White and has a very classic look. Eric has kept that intact and added some modern elements. I like the striping pattern, very similar to the Jets, and the yoke stripes look very nice in two colours. I wish the went all the way around, but I can see why, the longer names would be interupted. I  also think the stitching should be interupted by the hem striping, as it would be sublaminated. I also don't think the font is very strong, but not the worst, maybe something more conservative. (8.5/10)

Florida State Seminoles Concepts (By: Mike S.)

Mike goes to FSU and has given them a nice look. I LOVE the arm striping, it's very nice and I love how they don't match because it actually makes sense, unlike other teams who have tried it. The hem striping works fine as it is conservative enough to tone down the arm striping but still makein it unique. The Atlanta-ish numbers work well and go with the logo and arms. I think this is Mike's best concept so far and I hope to see more from him like this! (9/10) COTW Nom. from me!

Detroit Red Wings Concept (By: NB14)

YES!!! This is needed, how many people would love to see these scattered across Joe Louis Arena! I like the logo on purple, it doesn't look half bad on the front of a jersey. The striping is simple enough because, and I like that there is no red outside of the logos which works because red and purple tend to clash. Overall, I love these, I hope these get nomiated because they are just so hilariously perfect! 9/10)

Minnesota Wild Concept (By: J3)

Minnesota is getting a new away jersey...hopefully it comes close to matching! J3 gives us a good idea for an away but is meant to be an alternate, and I love this striping pattern. The idea of the middle stripe being the same colour as the jersey seems to look good, judging by the concepts that have come in, and this is no exception. I like the numbers, I think they are the old Capitals logo, and I love those. The collar is also very nice, unique and not seen in the NHL. I would remove the R tag at the bottom of the logo as it wouldn't be on the real jersey. The jersey also needs a shoulder patch as Minnesota has great shoulder patches. (8/10)
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Kyle C. said...

I'll give NB14's Octopus jerseys a COTW!

Brian said...

2nd the octopus jersey!

Andrew G. said...

I'll second Mike's Seminoles concept.

Tyler Gross said...

Eric W's Notre Dame Hounds for COTW

Alan John Herbert said...

Eric W's Notre Dame Hounds concept got my COTW nom!

Unknown said...

I'd love to see a whole set of J3's Wild, Dylan's Hawks jersey is cool but maybe continue the chest stripe style on the arms. J3's hawks jersey actually feels like a fireman's team jersey, I don't mean that as a negative, i think its great- I really think that design would be perfect for something like the FDNY's jersey, he should look into that.

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