Monday: Average St. Patrick's Devilish North Carolina Blue Whaling Adventure

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Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Kyle C.)

The Blue Jackets, who have of recent been doing rather well, have been sticking firm to their new re-design, and I prefer this logo to the current one (I think the current logo is a perfect shoulder patch). Kyle has made Red a primary colour and the addition of yellow to match the logo. This would have been perfect 10 years ago. If the Jackets had came into the league with this attire I think I'd be a bigger fan. The bug shoulder patch isn't my favourite, it's much to silly for me, but I think I know why Kyle has included it. I think this is a very nice throwback to the original Blue Jackets look, and not only captures the silliness, but also the odd charm of the early Columbus years. Good work! (9/10) COTW Nom. for me
Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: David K.)

A popular trend in concepts today and..well since the edge system took over, is to bring the Pens back to their 80's and early 90's jersey. David has done a very good job at that, capturing everything good about that look and only giving updates where necessary. The alternate is very nice, I like hom David has tried to encorperate the Pirates look into the Pens look, while not going full out Pirates. I do think the Robo-Pen should be the shoulder patch on both the home and road jersey, and I'd make the black and yellow stripes on the road jersey thicker. (8/10)

St. Louis Blues Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen has taken the blues 90's jerseys and made them up to date with their current colour schemes. The home I like, I don't usually like the dark note on the light blue, but this blue is a lighter shade and does not clash like their current jersey. The road is also well done, but I feel the light blue and dark blue should be swapped in the striping to bring more balance to the colour scheme. I also think a helmet logo, or shoulder patch would liven things up more. Also, the pants could use more yellow. Other than that, a good concept. (7/10)

North Carolina Tar Heels Concepts (By: Dylan A.)

The Tar Heels were my worst nightmare when they wone the NCAA Basketball championship, as I hate when 1. seeds when anything (no fun!). Dylan as gone and given their hockey team a nice new look, staying away from the less than appealing ram logo an going more traditional. I like the colour balancing on this concept. The colour on the home jersey in the main striping colour on the away jersye and vice versa, that's what I mean by balancing. I like almost everything about this concept, especially the pants striping, which take the argyle pattern from the 90's basketball jersey and makes for a unique and classic concept. (9/10)

Average Joes Dodge Ball Concept (By: Dylan W.)

I'll admit, I don't remember that much about this movie, I haven't seen it in years, but I do remember the team being called the Average Joes. the sequel I guess is about hockey, and Dylan has given us a taste of what they may look like in this fake sequel. I like how well Dylan has captured the look from the movie and transitioned it to hockey near perfectly. The colours are done well, and the lack of black or white gives it a good minor league look. I'm not sure how I feel about the closeness of the name to the arm striping, and the script does seem a little too small and too high. (7.5/10)

St. Patrick's Day Concepts (By: Snow Monster)

I worked on St. Patrick's day so I didn't have time to party, but being 1/2 Irish, I do like this concept a lot. Everything on this concept says Ireland, the amount of green espeically. The logo is a good solid logo, and the citation is good. I would like to see the celtic knot as the 0's on the back, just for fun, and maybe not use the flags as shoulder patches because they do look a little bit tacky, but this is a fun look and I would wear this any St. Patrick's day I don't work through it. (8/10)

Hartford Whalers Concepts (By: Jordan R..)

Jordan has brought back the Whalers and given them a much more modern look. The home is excellent, taking modern elements from the swift template while also being classic. The road is also nice, but I'm not sold on the blue yoke, I would leave that out as most of the striping and numbers are green. The blue jersey is cool too, especially with the script above the logo. I'm okay with the yoke, but I'm not a huge fan of it, It's more of a taste thing though than an error. (8.5/10)

Anahiem Ducks Concepts (By: Alex H.)

With the Kings eliminating purple from their colour scheme, the Ducks should pick up where they left off and bring back purple. Alex has given a decent option for their return to purple should it happen, keeping some of the elements of their current look intack while bringing back their old colour scheme look. The road is perfect, the colour scheme, the logo choices and numbers are all done very well. The away I'm not sold on, I don't like the circle logo on the front of a jersey, I'd use just the mask logo. The alternate is good, looking like a throwback to their original look, and emphasizing white. I'd correct the issues on the road jersey and dull the purple to make it back to the original Jade colour

New Jersey Devils Concept (By: Justin B.)

Justin gives the Devils a third jersey, using hte old Lowell Devils logo and updating it for the major leagues. The jersey itself is okay, but the amount of white is a little too much for me, I'd swap red and white, mainly because the numbers look perfect as is and I wouldn't edit them. I'm not sold on the logo but I can see why it was attempted, I can see why, the Devils have had the same logo for their entire history, and it's not a devil on their logo. (7/10)
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DBro Alexander said...

I like JCR's Whalers, he posted it on the Creamer boards a week or so ago, but he's made revisions since then and put them up too. I like the set better with his revisions...especially since he added Pucky the Whale logo to the shoulders and changed the third jersey

Alan John Herbert said...

Dylan's North Carolina Tar Heels Concept For the COTW!

Tyler Gross said...

I'll second Dylan A.'s Tar Heels for COTW

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