Friday: Here Come the Orange Oilers!

Hey guys, happy Friday, Jets96 filling in for Colin today.

All Voting Ends TONIGHT!!!

Happy Belated birthday to Tuesday Writer Steven G. as his brithday was yesterday, and Happy birthday to regular Friday writer Colin M. who's birthday is today.

Here are the votes for you guys who haven't voted yet, colourful reminders included.

COTW Mar 4 - Mar 10 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

COTY February vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

Hamilton Tigers Redesign voting phase (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

The HJC Live Chat is Tomorrow! It begins and 9pm, hopefully you can come and make it better than the last one, which was a huge success

Lets get cracking on these concepts to begin the weekend.

Manitoba Moose Concepts (By: Kyle C.)

Like most...some...yeah some people, I liked the Manitoba Moose look, and think it should make a return (Halifax?). Kyle has given us and idea if Winnipeg leaves again (NO) and is given back their classic AHL team. I love the green the Moose used, it's a colour hockey doesn't see enough of. It is balanced well with the white, gold and black on both jerseys, and the black pants surprisingly work for me. I don't have any issues with these concepts, just a clean, solid look, for a team that needs to come back....somewhere else! (9/10)

Montreal Canadiens Concepts (By: Austin E.)

This was Austin's entry to the Montreal Canadiens Untouchables Re-design, and I love the red jersey. It looks very modern, but is able to actually take some elements of the Reebok Edge line and make them fit the classic Canadiens motif, that's not and easy thing to do. The road on the other hand, is missing red. I had this problem looking back on my entry to the re-design, but I think the red and the blue should be swapped straight across the jersey and the logo could then remain normal, but it is actually cool to see the Canadiens logo colour-swapped, it's interesting and doesn't look half bad. (7/.5/10)

Edmonton Oilers Concepts (By: Brady S.)

AHHHHHHH ORANGE, KILL IT WITH FIRE!! Just kidding, I actually really like orange and think hockey has just tossed it aside for more red, white and blue teams. The logos are a wee bit too large, but everything else for the most part looks good. The road is just a swift version of their current road and I love that jersey to death. The Orange one I feel is something that could work. The Oilers have gone back to their roots, so why not go back to their origins. The jersey itself works, but I just needs one thing, the name bars need to say EDMONTON in them, then they would be perfect. (8/10)

St. Louis Blues Concept (By: John H.)

John has taken two of the Blues' original jerseys  and modernized them slightly. I'm in no ways a fan of the dark note on the light blue jersey, but the jersey itself is good enough for me to overlook it. The colours here are balanced very well on this jersey, and I actually think the lack of dark blue on the jersey aside from small amounts makes like look better. The road jersey is very well done! I'd love to see that as a vintage alternate or Winter Classic jersey. The only thing wrong with this set is the lack of any other logos on the pants or helmet. I'd use a re-coloured version of the 90's trumpet logo or their current alternate logo on the shoulders and script on the helmet. (8/10)

New York Rangers Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen has been making some very well made, very good Nike Swift concepts as of late, and I would like to give Stephen some advice, keep this up! Stephen has taken Tex's Rangers and given them a more 80's look. I love that home jersey! The striping, the balance of colours and the execution are all top notch here. The road is really just their current road with a darker blue and edge like striping. The blue pants are much better in my opinion, I understand why people like them but I think blue looks much better. My only gripe is the lack of striping on the pants, use their current striping pattern on their pants but just in blue. (8.5/10)

Philadelphia 76ers Concept (By: Mike S.)

As we enter the home stretch of Mike's NBA series, we come to the patriotic 76er! Mike keeps them classic wit the emphasis on red, white and blue. The colours are balanced well and everything looks pretty clean. There's one execution problem, the striping on the arms are a little too low. Other than that, this is Mike's best NBA concept so far in my opinion! (8.5/10)

San Jose Sharks Concept (By: Caleb F.)

Caleb has given the Sharks a new black alternate and it's using a lot more modern/popular elements. I think that this jersey is better than their current alternate, and I like the small use of orange in between the stripes. The chest stripe works for me, I know some people don't like them because they have been over used in modern teams, but this looks good enough for me to like it. Everything checks out, the vector logo on the back should be the Reebok script logo and the SJ logo is a little blurry. (8/10)

Team Argentina Concept (By: Ted N.)

What with the new Pope being Argentinian, it's only fitting we get a concept for the football powerhouse. I think the sun logo works as a primary logo as it is a major symbol of the country, as well as the shield logo, which makes a good shoulder logo. I like the amount of black and yellow on the jersey, it works to keep the jersey from being monochromatic. I surprisingly think the vertical stripes can work on the front as it is very similar to their current soccer jerseys. I even like the coloured name bars, as they work. The shield logo should be in the side yokes and the blue sides of the shield logo should be 1 pixel right over to patch the stitching, and the colours on the socks should be inverted. (7.5/10)

Saginaw Spirit Concept (By: Dylan W.)

For a team with such a cool and patriotic logo, their current jerseys are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....boring! Dylan gives them a much better alternative to be used as an alternate. I like the stars all over the jerseys and the striping pattern. They both are unique and that is something missing in the OHL these days. I don't like the lack of red on the numbers though, and the NHL tag in the collar should be gone and an OHL logo/Reebok logo set added to the front! (7.5/10)
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Kyle C.'s Manitoba Moose for COTW

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Kyle C.'s Moose for COTW!

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