Friday: 9 new concepts

Happy friday everyone, I hope that the week has treated you well, and that your weekends are getting off to a great start!

Before you go into complete weekend mode, why not send in a vote or a contest entry!?!?

COTW Feb 25 - Mar 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Hamilton Tigers Redesign entry phase (entries due Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


Here is today's lone Hamilton Tigers contest entry:

Justin C:


On to the concepts:

Boston Bruins (Stephen T.)

These jerseys are good and clean, but fall a bit short for me. A uniform has to be  judged on what it replaces, and these are very similar, but fall a bit short for me. The shoulder patches, and the away striping are down grades, everything else is similar/a lateral move. Also don't forget to put an ID on your work. 7/10.

Charlotte Bobcats (NBA) (Mike S.)

Mike has really kicked this NBA series into full gear, and really gotten creative with the striping. The striping weirds me out a bit, but I do appreciate the creativity. I also really like how well the number font fits the logo. Look out for loose pixels around the logo especially. 7/10.

Phoenix Coyotes (Josh G.)

I think a sand coloured uniform would really work well for Phoenix, and keeping the basic uniform design, and swapping the colours could work really well. I don't like the circle logo though. Don't forget to put some sort of ID on your work! 6/10.

Grand Rapids Griffins (Joey A.)

This uniform has a ton of potential. I really like the sweater, although to take it to the next level, continuing the hem stripes all the way across is a MUST. I would go with red pants and socks that matched the hem striping rather than the arm striping. 7/10.

Norfolk Admirals (Derek H.)

I like the anchor pattern on the hem stripe, but it would be cool if it could be more subtle, and also incorporated into the arm stripes. Over all, this sweater seems a bit dark. I think using some white in the logo would fix that problem. 7/10.

Detroit Red Wings (Dave C.)

I really like the creativity here, and the soccer vibe I et from these sweaters because of the small crest over the heart, cool stuff. I think the numbers could be more legible (white with red outline on home, red with white outline on the road). 7/10.

LA Kings (Casey R.)

A great update on a classic Kings look. Both these sweaters are super sharp. I would love to see the new shield logo on these sweaters as the main crest. 8/10.

Florida Panthers (Andrew G.)

These sweaters definitely reflect the original panthers uniforms. I love the slightly angular yokes, they look great. For the white sweater, I think the blue could be a bit less prominent to let the red take centre stage. 7/10.

Anaheim Ducks (Brady S.)

These sweaters are awesome. I really like the simplicity of the striping exactly the same on both of these sweaters, but just having the base colour of the sweater change. these look great. 8/10 and a COTW nom from me.
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Kevin W. said...

Brady, I recommend holding off on doing any more Nike NHL concepts. The template isn't quite finished yet and I don't want you to get too far down the list only to have to start over.

Dylan W. said...

Kev, I really like the Nike concept, even if it's not done yet in my opinion it looks really sharp.

Brian said...

Griffins for cotw

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