Weekend Update (Feb 17)


The winner of the COTY-January vote is Bastian with his Team Canada concept.

Full Results
Bastian (CAN) - 3
Bastian (CZE) - 2
DC Visual - 1
Ryan HJC - 1
Kyle C. - 0


The winner of the Feb 4-10 COTW vote is Avi!

Full Results
Avi - 6
Bastian - 1
Kyle C. - 1


The winner of the Montreal Canadiens "Untouchables" ReDesign competition is Dylan A. What's even more impressive is that Dylan won even though he spelled his own last name wrong!

In my opinion, there was some "questionable" voting going on for this competition. That person probably knows that I am talking about them. Yes, I counted those votes, but it didn't result in that person winning. For those that want to cheat remember that this whole blog is just for fun. You don't win a prize or anything by winning these competitions.

Full Results
*If your name does not appear on the list then you did not receive any votes


The nominees for the COTW vote for Feb 11-17 have been listed on the side of the page. Voting ends on Friday. The coloured bar will follow at the end of the post.

As you can see there are NINE properly nominated concepts. In my opinion, that's too much. It drastically increases the odds of a tie occurring. So, I am making a COTW/COTY rule change for next week. We will never have over 5 concepts up for COTW in a single week. That means if more than 5 have been "seconded" I will use those that have been "thirded" and so on, to get the four entrants needed. From now on, even if you see that a concept has been "seconded" for COTW, go ahead an third, fourth, and fifth it. Just in case we get another situation like this one.


With part one of the "Untouchables" competition behind us, why not move onto part two this week? After this part we will do a different competition, but eventually we will ReDesign all of the "Untouchable" Original Six franchises. This week's "Untouchable" team is the Detroit Red Wings. Rules can be found on the UNTOUCHABLES page. Entries are due by the end of Friday.


Another new HJC rule that I have to put in place is image dimensions. Files are just coming in too large from some people. Keep sending all of those concepts in, but be sure that they are no bigger than 1200 pixels (height & width). That means even if your image is 1200px wide, but 1800px tall you still have to resize it so that it is 1200px tall. No dimension should exceed 1200px. Don't worry about this messing with your image quality because Blogger resizes to around these dimensions anyways on its own.


COTW Feb 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Sunday, Feb 17 HJC Live Chat @ 9pm Eastern
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Breakfastgaming said...

Hey Ryan, do you know the best way to contact Dylan A? Like an e-mail? Thanks.

Kevin W. said...

Hmm. Looks like I may have to mess around with my Nike template a bit to get it to fit within the requirements since it's ~1300px wide.

Ryan said...

It would be fine, just resize the final image that you send in.

@Breakfast: It's a personal policy of mine not to give out email addresses but I will let him know you want to contact him.

DBro Alexander said...

Hey breakfastgaming, go to the Facebook page listed on my contest entry or any other concepts.


Message me there. Thanks!

DBro Alexander said...

And not only is my name spelled wrong on the contest entry, the year is wrong... I'm so used to just putting these things in the images in a new font I forget to double check. HOW EMBARRASSING!!!

Kevin W. said...

Ryan, I'll have to force myself to resize the image since I'm mildly OCD about image quality - thus why I'm recoloring my logos/uniforms with the proper Pantone colors. I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and accept that my images will have to be smaller. Either that, or send them in as individual images per uniform instead of putting all of them in one.

Ryan said...

Blogger (Picasa) will resize images that are too large anyways. Does it on its own.

winnipegjets96 said...

Question for next podcast: What are your top 3 jersey pet peeves in the NHL/AHL/CHL today? And idea for a contest, a rewind contest, where everyone who enters remakes their first or second concept and makes it better.

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