Wednesday - HJC "After Hours"

Hey guys. Sorry about the late post. Had something important come up today which held me up but alas, I'm here. I'm going to dub this post "After Hours" since it's pretty late but I promise, I'll keep the post somewhat PG... maybe PG 13 if the concept calls for it.

If you were a part of the Lice chat on Sunday it was really fun talking to all of you and if you weren't, shame on you! Just kidding but seriously, definitely get involved in the next one.

Here's your daily voting reminders!

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And here's your after hours concepts

Battleford North Stars Concept - (Eric W.)

  •  The North Stars are a Junior A team up in the SJHL based in Saskatchewan and I'll redirect you here to their website to see their current set up.  
  • I like the striping for sure and I like the idea behind the striping. I feel the stripes going up the side are great but the arm stripes are very curvy and maybe should match the sides and be pointy.
  • The font being italicized is a good idea, but if you really want to match the logo use a block font and italicize it. 
  • So all I'd do here is make the arm stipes come to a point and use an italicized block font on the back. Also, maybe try to use one of the logos the team uses which looks a lot like this North Stars logo but isn't  a total clone.
Rating - 8/10 

New York Rangers Third Jersey - (Dylan Wonka)

  • Dylan gives the Rangers a Lady Liberty third jersey and puts it on a NIke Swift jersey. 
  • I love that Lady Liberty is gracing the front of a jersey just like she should be. I like the shoulder patches too, I can't tell if it's the classic Rangers logo or the modernized one that was on the old Lady Liberty jersey.
  • There's a lot going on with the striping. There's a chest stripe as well as a pretty unique striping on the arms and hem. I'd go with one of the other.
  • All I suggest is going with the chest stripe or the arm and hem stripes. I'd get rid of the chest stripe. I love the striping on the jersey. I'd also swap the red and white on the hem.
Rating - 8/10 

 Memphis Grizzlies Hockey Concept - (Dylan W)
  • I like these concepts that take a team from a different sport and give them a hockey jersey. 
  • I like the striping on the arms of the home and away. It doesn't match their jersey but basketball jerseys are dull so you kind of have to take artistic liberties. 
  • I'm not a fan of the arm and hem stripes not matching. While I actually really like these logos I with there wasn't a wordmark above the bear. Especially since you can't really see the one on the dark jersey. The third jersey is a little wild but I'm fine with that, it's somewhat similar to their actual alt. But I don't care for the red slash marks. The red doesn't really fit in.
  • Ditch the red on the alt, also ditch the wordmarks, that's a very good bear logo, no need to ruin it with the words. Also, I'd take that logo on the alt, which I love, and add it to the other jerseys as a shoulder patch.
Rating - 7/10 

 Kelowana Rockets Concepts - (Matt R.)
  • Not a fan of the Rockets branding but that's just me. I do like the colors though. It doesn't seem there's too many color schemes I don't like.
  • Very classic striping which looks very nice in these colors despite that very weird logo. I like the white shoulder yoke on the black jersey.
  • I don't care for the Bruins-esque yoke stripe. Nothing wrong with it design wise, it's just a personal preference.
  • Only change I would make personally is keep the whole outline white and outline it with one of the other colors. Execution note, both Reebok vectors should be just the "Reebok" wordmark.
Rating - 7/10 

 Estevan Bruins - (Eric W.)
  • The Bruins here are also in the SJHL and I'll send you here to see their current sets.
  • I like the this concept gives the Bruins their own logo and not just a Boston Bruins clone. I like how the Boston yokes look on the Nike template but here instead of black, Eric makes the white jerseys yoke yellow, and I think that's a good move.
  • I don't like the colored namebars but if it has to be done, but the more I look at it, it's not necessarily a colored namebar, it's part of the yoke which I guess I'm cool with, nothing to do about it on this template.
  • There's nothing I'd really do here. This is a very good concept that says "Bruins" without straight up stealing the Boston Bruin's branding. I would maybe make the "E" in the logo black because it's somewhat hard to see.
Rating - 8/10 

 Tampa Bay Lightning concept - (Stephen T.)
  • Stephen gives the Lightning their old logo back and puts it on the same template as their third jersey but gives them black at home and white on the road.
  • It's nice to see the victory stripes. I've never been a huge fan of this jersey template, but the arm striping is nice. 
  • I don't like the move to the old logo but I just really love their new logo. The piping on the sides is what I dislike about the jersey. Also, the number font used here, despite being used by the team in the past, I don't care for it and don't htink it really fits with the branding, or this jersey.
  • I'd ditch the piping and change the number font. Also, the Reebok vectors should be the wordmark.
Rating - 6/10 

 Chicago Blackhawks Third Jersey Concept - (Tyler G.)
  • This concept was showed off in the live chat the other day and I showed my love for it then and I will now.
  • This jersey is based off the throwback jersey the Hawks used in the early nineties and I consider it my favorite jersey ever. I don't like this AS much, but I still like the look of the striping even though it doesn't go all the way up the jersey.
  • There is nothing I dislike about this jersey.
  • So maybe just outline the red yoke in white but thats it. I love this concept
Rating - 9/10 and a COTW from me 

 Nashville Predators Third Jersey Concept - (Matt Ruckus)
  • Matt's entry in the "No Horizontal Lines" contest held a few months back.
  • I like how the orange and blue stripes resemble a guitar, which I'm assuming was the purpose.
  • I don't think the numbers need the guitar stripes if the jersey has it on the arms and hem.
  • just make the numbers a solid blue. 
Rating - 8/10 
Wednesday - HJC "After Hours" Reviewed by DBro Alexander on February 27, 2013 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Stephen T. for COTW, I love those Tampa concepts

Alan John Herbert said...

Tyler's Blackhawks Concept for COTW.

Ryan said...

"Thirding" Tyler's Hawks concept!

Matt Ruckus said...

The Kelowna Rockets "Branding" is based off of the Ogopogo or Naitaka (Salish: n'ha-a-itk, "lake demon") is the name given to a cryptid lake monster reported to live in Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia, Canada. Ogopogo has been allegedly seen by First Nations people since the 19th century. The most common description of Ogopogo is a 40 to 50-foot-long sea serpent.

The serpent like creature in the logo represents Kelowna very well in my opinion (I do live in Kelowna so I might be bias)

Josh said...

I live in Estevan. The Bruins ones are great, especially the whites - I love the yoke being yellow rather than black. They've also been wearing a gold alternate this year which looks great: http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/c145.0.403.403/p403x403/75855_478971568807284_697875251_n.jpg

As for the North Stars, I'd like to see a new colour scheme. I like the gray aspects of your concept, but I think as long as they stick to black as their primary colour, the look will be boring no matter how good the design is. A touch of dark green would be nice, without going too much in the direction of the Minnesota North Stars.

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