Tuesday: Lots of Green

In some very exciting HJC news, Kevin W. will be joining the HJC crew as a writer on Saturday.  That means we will have regular concept posts six days of the week, from Monday to Saturday, with Ryan doing the weekend updates on Sunday.  Welcome aboard Kevin!!!

I'm sticking with the Like/Dislike/Suggestion system this week.  I'm trying to make suggestions even if there is nothing I dislike about the concept, that way the concept maker still gets some ideas think about.


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Los Angeles Kings (by Stephen T.)
Like:  I'm glad to see the "Los Angeles" script back on the hem, it was one of my favourite things about their 1998-2011 jerseys.  The colour scheme is unique, taking inspiration from many different eras of Kings hockey.
Dislike:  I think the black jersey is a bit too dark.  The names and numbers are very hard to read.
Suggestions:  Add white to the striping, names and numbers on the black jersey.  7/10

The Game at the Yale Bowl (by Zachary S.)
Like:  The chest striping with the wordmark of the Harvard jersey looks really good.  I also like the arched "YALE" wordmark, and the hem striping on that jersey.  The number font for Yale is really cool.
Dislike:  I'm normally not a fan of off-coloured name plates, and I don't think they work here.  Also, the sleeves of each jersey look like just the fill-tool was used.
Suggestions:  On the Harvard jersey, make the sleeve stripes the same thickness of the chest stripe.  I'd also like too see a thicker white outline around the numbers on the back.  For Yale, make the sleeve stripes that match the hem stripes.  I also think a number would be better on the front where the "Y" currently is.  7/10

Tulane Green Waves (by WinnipegJets96)
Like:  I'm a fan of almost everything here.  The colour scheme, striping, and name and number fonts are all really good.
Dislike:  I know the logo is their regular logo, but the bright blue looks out of place compared to the jersey.
Suggestions:  I don't think you should change the logo, so maybe try adding blue to the jersey.  Although, I really like the jersey the way it is, so I don't know if that would work.  8/10

Färjestads BK (by Jesper W.)
Like:  The striping pattern on the home and road looks nice and is quite unique.  The third jersey looks good too, it's a bit of a standard Reebok template with the shoulder yoke, but that seems to be the normal thing outside of the NHL.  All the ads make this very realistic.
Dislike:  The green numbers on the black jersey don't seem to have enough contrast.
Suggestions:  Make the numbers white on the third jersey.  8/10

Arizona Coyotes (by Adam H.)
Like:  I love the chest stripe, the off center placement of the logo, the new colour scheme, and the sublimated design on the hem.  They all look great.  There are lots of unique things here, some I like, some I don't like, but I appreciate the outside the box thinking for all of them.
Dislike:  The placement of the logo on the pants is unique, but I think it would be better at the bottom of the stripe, that way the it wouldn't be covered by the jersey.  The socks are also unique, but the top stripe would be covered by the pants.  I also think the TV numbers, captain's patch, names, and back numbers should all match.  I don't think light coloured pants work.
Suggestions:  Tan numbers on the home and third, and orange numbers for the road would work best in my opinion.  Get rid of the top sock stripes, since they'd be covered up anyways.  Also use orange pants for the road.  8/10

Los Angeles Lakers (by Mike S.)
Like:  This is exactly what I think a Lakers hockey jersey would look like, if the Lakers were a hockey team.  Also, I don't know if this was done on purpose, but it looks similar to the Kings 1980-88 sweaters.
Dislike:  The hem stripe is a bit high up.
Suggestions:  Place the hem stripe so it is around 24 pixels above bottom corner of the hem.  Using the same name and number font that the Lakers use would take this to the next level.  8/10

Dallas Stars (by Brian B.)
Like:  I really like the new concept logo for the Stars, and the modifications made here look just as good.  The sleeve and hem striping looks great, it's modern, but still somehow reminds me of the North Stars' jerseys.
Dislike:  In my opinion the shoulder stripes would be better if they were a bit thicker.  Also there are boxes of a different shade of green around the numbers and name.
Suggestions:  Thicken the shoulder stripes, and get rid of the extra shade of green.  Maybe try using the Texas state concept logo as a shoulder patch.  9/10

AHL Outdoor Classic (by Scott M.)
Like:  Both jerseys are very good.  I actually had a very similar entry for the Marlies, which just proves I think it is a good idea.  I also like the Griffins jersey, the placement of the colours make the striping look great.
Dislike:  Nothing really.  If I was being really picky, I'd say the captain's "A" was a tiny bit too close to the collar.
Suggestion:  Move the "A" away from the collar, but again this is really minor.  9/10

Mississippi River Kings (by Caz W.)
Like:  I really like how Caz included his description on the concept.  It really helps us writers understand what the concept maker was thinking.  I like everything about the concept too.  The striping pattern with the thin middle stripe looks very good, and it isn't used by any team I can think of.
Dislike:  Nothing.
Suggestions:  I'm kind of curious about how these would look with black added to the striping, but that might ruin the traditional look the concept has right now.  9/10

Dallas Stars (by Ryan, HJC)
Like:  Again I like the description.  The logos Ryan made are really good too, the primary shield logo looks great, and the secondary logo based on the Dallas city flag is a very cool idea.  I also like the extra bold stripes, and the unique number font.
Dislike:  Nothing.
Suggestions:  I like the road jersey's collar better than the home's, so I'd suggest switching the white and green on the home jerseys collar.  9/10 and a COTW nomination from me!!!
Tuesday: Lots of Green Reviewed by Steven Grant on February 12, 2013 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

You took the concepts for tomorrow!

Oh well, I'll just use Tuesday's

Tyler Gross said...

Ryan's Stars for COTW

And, this is my opinion, but those new Stars concept logos are just horrid.

Steven Grant said...

@DbroAlexander: Oops, sorry. I guess I'm still used to posting on Wednesday, and accidentally opened that folder. I hope I didn't cause you any problems.

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