Thursday: How about the Hawks?

Hello everybody. I hope you've all had a great week so far. First of all, I want to congratulate Justin on his COTY 2012 win. All of his concepts are great, and I look forward to another years' worth of concepts from him.  Also, my team, the Blackhawks are STILL undefeated in regulation, and they play in Phoenix tonight. It's been great to watch them so far this year, how is your team doing? I will also be testing out the "Like-Dislike-Suggestion" system for today's post. (Yay!) Let's go.


Here is today's voting reminder...

COTW Jan 28-Feb 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


Here are today's contest entries...


JCR Graphix

Nick F.



Portland Trail Blazers NBA concept (By: Mike S.)

Likes: How it matches the actual NBA jersey, the style of the striping and the stripes on the back where the reebok logo is -- I also think the wordmark on the front looks good here

Dislikes: The font

Suggestions: A font that more matches the Blazers font


2014 Outdoor Classic AHL concept (By: Darren H.)

Likes: Just about everything, both jerseys are very good

Dislikes: One thing, the arm striping on the Griffins jersey

Suggestions: I think the arm striping on the Griffins jersey should match the chest striping


Dallas Stars concept (By: Dylan W.)

Likes: Wow, these are awesome, I like the striping with the "star" shape in it, the font, the lack of black, the logos

Dislikes: The pant striping and sock striping

Suggestions: Get rid of the star points on the pants and socks striping


Toronto Maple Leafs concept (By: Bastian)

Likes: The logo, the font, all of the striping, the socks, a very classic Leafs sweater

Dislikes: The single white stripe on the pants

Suggestions: Either make the pants three stripes like on the jersey, or just get rid of it and have them plain blue


Salmon Arm Silverbacks BCHL concept (By: Austin E.)

Likes: The new logos (the current ones look AWFUL), the overall classic jersey design, the font, the pants, the collars, just about everything

Dislikes: The only problem I have is a common execution error -- the vertical stitching on the front of the jersey should stop at the striping, but that isn't a big deal

Suggestions: Fix the problem I mentioned above


Jokerit SM-liiga concept (By: TJH42)

Likes: The checkerboard pattern, the logo on the collar insert, the advertisements, the collar, the pant striping, the helmet

Dislikes: The red yoke outline, the red line on the hem, this also needs TV numbers

Suggestions: Remove the red yoke outline and the red hem stripe, and add TV numbers


Indiana University ACHA concept (By: Austin S.)

Likes: The whole jersey looks great, the font, the pants, the socks, the helmet, it all looks fantastic, the shoulder patches are also very cool

Dislikes: My only real complaint would be the wordmark on the front

Suggestions: Some different logo, maybe use the IU logo?

Carolina Hurricanes concept (By: Avi S.)

Likes: Wow, I love this! The "all-star" striping looks AWESOME, the font, logos, and everything is PERFECT, I also like the switch for white rather then grey, I would LOVE to see this on the ice, even the pit stains work here

Dislikes: Nothing

Suggestions: Send this to the Hurricanes! *wink*

10/10 and a COTW nom from me

New York Rangers concept (By: Bastian)

Likes: Just about everything here, ALL striping looks good here, especially the yoke stripes, the use of the shield logo, the classic pants, the collar, the font

Dislikes: Hmm... not much

Suggestions: Nothing


Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone!
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Ryan said...

Darren's Outdoor classic for COTW

David Kerr said...

I will second Avi's Canes concept. I usually don't like the all-star striping, but I like it in this situation.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Avi for COTW, love the striping!

Scott Markiewicz said...

I know it means nothing, but I'll 3rd Avi for COTW!!!

Montana W. said...

avi's concept is UNREAL!!! COTW nom number 4 and Im betting it will be up for COTY too!!

Caz said...

COTW nom to Bastian's NYR concept! I prefer the shield to the diagonal wordmark, and I like the lack of drop shadow. I would be interested to see how the numbers would look on the jersey if there was white in between the blue and red, since the striping has the colors set apart.

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