Thursday: Football and Saskatchewan

Hey Readers, Jets96 here for Tyler G. on this wet Thursday. If anyone shoveled the slushy, messy, heart attack snow that hit the GTA and the Eastern U.S.A., I feel for you!

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Monday, I revealed what my all time favourite jersey in NHL history is....These!

Photos from sportsecyclopedia.com
Why Though? Well for one, the colour scheme is perfect! The blue is just the right shade to compliment the bronze and black with white and all the colours are given the amount of space they deserve. Second, it isn't too traditional, it isn't off the wall but it takes risks. The hem stripe really works with the logo and adding the script is something that teams ten to avoid, but I love it! Thirdly is the choice of logos. The eagle logo is great, it was the perfect upgrade from the script, and was patriotic while not having to use red, white and blue. I also like the white house logo as a shoulder patch! Finally, that font is unique and yet still legible. It saddens me how quickly the Capitals dumped this look in favour of the less than great black alternate, and how people have seem to ditch it in the 90's for a meh current look (which some people will debate and and alternate with that look isn't bad, but it seems to me Washington was moving forward and took a big step back.)

So I ask you, what is your favourite NHL Jersey of all time? Would you bring it back? Why is it your favourite?
On to the concepts!!!
Bayren Munchen Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

First off, I am not the most knowledgeable person on football (or soccer, but I like to use the term most of the world uses), but I do know a bit, and Bayren Munich is one of the if not the best football teams in all of Germany and an elite club in Europe. Their logo lends itself well to hockey jerseys and the Habsish looks surprisingly works for me. I like how balanced the colours are in regards to the logo, meaning there is not too much blue on either jersey. I also like how Jordan added the hem stripe to the Habs look to make it its own jersey. I may suggest try using the diamond pattern on the logo to add some more creativity and uniqueness, but as is, they are very good. (8.5/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concept (By: Matt R.)

I said the Hurricanes need more hurricane flags in their look in my NHL team jersey ranking, and Matt has done just that! I think the idea of the Hurricane flag stripe running across the chest works, and being in gray, this adds a much needed new colour boost! I know some people, myself included, may be bothered by the recolouring of the flag stripes as the stripes were the colours of the actual maritime hurricane warning flag, but I still like it. I can't really think of any suggestions, aside from maybe editing the pants to include gray, but overall a solid Canes concept. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me!

Humboldt Broncos Concepts (By: Eric W.)
Eric continues his SJHL swiftification with the Humboldt Broncos. I like the arm stripes to an extent. The lack of white of on the green jersey hurts the home jersey a bit, I'd add white where the green is on the white jersey. I do like the complete use of the Nike look, and the fact that Eric used the Nike socks. (7/10)
Florida Panthers Concept (By: GKennedy)

If this were a home jersey, I don't think I'd like it, as it is a little too dark for the sunshine state...but it has grown on me! I like how the colours go from lightest to darkest to lightest in the striping, and the use of the FLA patch, which I think is good, but the palm tree with crossed sticks is a staple of the Panthers, so I'd add that to the pants. I also like how the numbers and letters are NOT white. I think that white numbers look very tacky in most cases and a white outline is usual all that's required to make the numbers noticeable. Overall, a great 3rd, but that's all it needs to be. (9/10)

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Felix T.)

In some respects, I like this concept, in others, I don't. I actually have no problem with the over sized name bar, I actually like it. I also like the chest striping, as it is directly connected to the log. I don't think any of the numbers would be that visible, I'd make all the numbers black, like the name bar and the captain's C. I also don't like the yoke outline or the horns on the front of the jersey, I'd scrap those as well. Still, I do like parts of it, all it requires is a bit of touching up. (6/10)

Manchester United Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

I may not know a lot about soccer, but BBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Now that I have that out of my system, I like these jerseys. The only problem is the lack of white on the equipment and red jersey. The white jersey is very well done, and as everything I'd want in a Man U hockey jersey, not that I'd ever want one (last shot at Man U I swear). The red jersey is good too, but again, it lacks white to brighten it up and add some consistency. I also would use the same shade of red as on the logo on the jerseys. (7.5/10)

Flin Flon Bombers Concepts (By: Eric W.)

I love this logo, it's very 60's, which fits the team's colour scheme. I know that Bobby Clarke played for this team, and the jerseys Eric has created for them is near identical to the one Clarke wore. Unlike the Broncos concept, since there are only 2 colours, the striping looks great, and the larger yokes work for such an old team. I would add that shoulder patch onto the away jersey, but I understand if it has some meaning. I really do like these jerseys. (9/10)

Philadelphia Flyers Concepts (By: Tristan M.)

Tristan brings the Flyers winter classic look to the limelight and gives a matching away. the home looks pretty good, but the different shades of black are ditsracting. I don't think the white jersey is very good, as it lacks black and again uses different blacks on the jersey. The alternate I do like, but I would remove the white bottom stripe. For the white jersey, I'd make all the beige stripes black and vise versa, but leave the yokes alone. Also use one consistant shade of black. (6/10)
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Tyler Gross said...

Eric W.'s Humboldt Broncos for COTW

and thanks Jets96 for filling in for me today

Eric W said...

Thank you for the nom, Tyler.

The Bomber shoulder patch is where the "A" or "C" would go, since there's a number on the front. That's a touch the Bombers used to use back in the day.

That's why it's only on one jersey: Josh Roach is an assistant captain; Devin Buffalo is not.

Unknown said...

I would have to say my favorite NHL jersey of all time is the green Hartford Whalers jersey with the diagonal arm stripes. Like the ones in the pic, http://storage.canoe.ca/v1/blogs-prod-photos/5/7/e/4/c/57e4c5ca73bbf2dc986e2fa22ced7e75.jpg?stmp=1330430168

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Eric, thanks for the info, that's why i asked if it had any meaning. I also will say it's great you researched the players' names

@ Trevor. I love the green Whalers look too

Kyle C. said...

It was tough to make a true number one choice, so here's a top five

Montreal Canadiens Home
Los Angeles Kings Gold Jersey (1980's)
Ottawa Senators Alternate
Chicago Blackhawks Home
Boston Bruins Home

Anonymous said...

Best of all time (obvious, the longevity speaks for itself) is Montreal's red jersey. But the Habs white jersey from '45 should come back (the one with the blue chest band) to complement.

Unknown said...

That's actually the Capital building on the shoulder patch not the white house.

Fav of all time is 90-97 Rangers Blue, Huge bias since that's the Jersey my favorite team wore when I was a kid, its iconic but has some cool things to it like that great collar and the Blue in the striping which was around for a bit.

Josh said...

I like what you did with Humboldt. I don't like their current sweaters (although their new HB road ones with the striped yoke are pretty cool). It's a classic look with a much better crest than what they use now.

Bombers concept is just awesome. I love that you used the old logo (although both are great).

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