Saturday: Old school and new school

Happy Saturday, everyone, and a very happy Saturday to my fellow Blackhawks fans who witnessed the team making history last night when they defeated the San Jose Sharks to go their 17th consecutive game without a regulation loss, an NHL record.

Don’t forget that tomorrow night at 9PM Eastern time, Ryan will be hosting an HJC live chat. Make sure to join in!


Here are the last of the Detroit Red Wings entries:



Matt M.

Scott M.


Now, onto the concepts.

Hamburg Freezers (by Bastian)

Bastian continues his Deutsche Eishockey Liga series with Hamburg’s team. He’s gone in an entirely different direction for Hamburg, as their colors include two shades of blue and gray, and no red whatsoever. This definitely works, though. Red and gray is a great color scheme. The torso stripes are definitely something different but I like them. There’s nothing wrong with going outside of the box.

I don't have many issues with this one. It's missing the Reebok logo on the back of the jersey yoke, for one. That's really the only problem I can see.

Overall, I'll give it an 8/10.

Montreal Maroons (by Bastian)

Bastian is not all about the German hockey, as you can see here. He's taken an old NHL look and updated it to the modern day. It's not quite the same as any of the looks that the old Maroons wore but if the Maroons were still around today, I could see them wearing this. Personally, I don't care for the color since it's one of the primary colors of my alma mater's biggest rival, but that's not really relevant to the discussion at hand. If this was a real-life jersey, I would absolutely love it. The simplicity fits what would be a classic look.

There's just one minor issue, though. I don't think having the single stripe on the pants looks good when you have the four-stripe design on the jersey and sock. You could certainly put a smaller version of the four stripes on the pants and that would work.

Overall, I'll give it an 8.5/10.

Montreal Wanderers (by Bastian)

Here's another former Montreal team brought to the modern day by Bastian. The Montreal Wanderers might hold the record for shortest-lived NHL team ever, as their arena burned down after only six games of the inaugural NHL season, destroying the team's equipment and necessitating that the debt-ridden team be folded. It's an unfortunate story, really. As for the design itself, I like it. The three-stripe design is certainly an interesting choice and almost makes it look like Reebok started slapping their parent company's three-stripe motif all over the place like Adidas does for soccer. It's a solid concept. Not much to complain about.

The problem is the same issue as the previous concept: the pants stripe. I realize that the white stripe at the bottom of the pants is supposed to reflect the hem stripe of the red jersey but the pants just seem too empty to me. A three-stripe design would be perfect for the pants since it would be solid color and wouldn't be terribly obtrusive.

Overall, I'll give it a 7.5/10.

Milwaukee Admirals (by E.Awad)

A funny note about the Admirals: they're Nashville's farm team in the AHL, while Nashville is home to the Nashville Sounds, the AAA farm team of the MLB's Milwaukee Brewers. As for the concept, I love the white jersey. The color scheme really pops well and the design is simple yet effective. It's definitely better than their real-life jerseys which appear to be everything that's wrong with the Reebok Edge jersey.

There are quite a few problems with this concept, though. The Reebok vectors on the back of the jerseys should be he Reebok wordmark. I've never really cared for "phantom" yokes that are the same color as the jersey with an outline, so you could get rid of the outline on the yoke of the black jersey to improve it. The stripes on the socks are too big and too high. The socks almost look like they're 1/3rd stripe. Finally, as I've mentioned before, there are programs out there that you can use to add cleaner numbers and names to the jersey. It'll improve your concept by making the pixelation less obvious.

On a final note, this isn't a criticism, but is there a reason why the Admirals don't wear the Predators' logo as their shoulder patch? I thought it was standard procedure among AHL teams to wear their parent team's logo.

Overall, I'll give it a 6/10.

Portland Pirates (by E.Awad)

First off, the color scheme is great here. Red, black and silver all really complement each other well and for some reason, black jersey yokes always look good when they're a part of the color scheme. I can't quite explain it but it's something that always seems right.

The concept is problematic, though - everything I said about the previous concept applies here as well. Plus, you know I don't like stripeless pants.

Overall, I'll give it a 6/10.

Montreal Canadiens (by Matt)

This was Matt's entry into the Untouchables contest. This one is fantastic. The two looks complement each other really well and I love the inclusion of a shoulder patch. There are very few teams without a shoulder patch in the NHL that I don't think would benefit from adding a shoulder patch and Montreal isn't one of them. Great job.

The only issue I see with this one is the Reebok vector on the back of the jerseys. It should be the Reebok wordmark.

Overall, I'll give it a 9/10 and a COTW nomination.

Miami Heat (by Mike)

Ah, yes, the Miami Heat - the team everyone loves to hate in the NBA. Mike continues his NBA-NHL series with the reigning NBA champions, and I really like what he's done with the jersey here. Apart from the fact that it's clearly a basketball logo, the Heat's logo works well as a shoulder patch in this case, and the red and black is a good color scheme to use.

There are some minor issues I have. The wordmark on the front of the jersey looks too small, and while I'm sure the number on the back isn't off-center, the fact that it's italicized would make it appear to be off-center at first glance. I think this would benefit from having a block number font instead. Finally, I think you could take the orange off the jersey and the color scheme wouldn't suffer as a result.

Overall, I'll give it an 8/10.

New York Rangers (by Patrik)

Patrik takes a few different ideas for the Rangers and compiles them into one. I, along with many Rangers fans, do like the Lady Liberty logo and I think it's a real pity that New York is no longer using it. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol that definitely says "New York" and it is a logo that New York should be using a lot. Why they didn't bring back the Lady Liberty jersey as their third when the NHL started using third jerseys after the Edge was brought along, I don't know. I would definitely approve of this as a third for the Rangers.

Very minor issues on this one. The Reebok vector should be the wordmark, and I don't care for the phantom yoke. Also, while the Rangers will never get rid of the drop-shadowed names and numbers on their standard jerseys, I think it wouldn't hurt this jersey to go with a standard font. Finally, there are the pixelation issues on the name and numbers that I keep talking about.

Overall, I'll give it an 8/10.

New York Rangers (by Ricky)

This one is very interesting. Ricky's taken the design of the Rangers' road jersey (which should be their home jersey, but I digress) and applied it to the home jersey while adding an alternate. I don't need to repeat myself about how much I love the logo so I won't. The white yoke on the home jersey is a nice touch and I like the idea of a red third jersey. A New York team wearing red isn't entirely unheard of, as the New York Americans wore primarily red jerseys from 1925-30. I also like that the alt doesn't have exactly the same striping pattern as the home and road. Nothing wrong with changing things up a bit.

Two small issues: the Reebok vectors, and the inside of the collar on the third jersey should be colored in.

Overall, I'll give it a 9/10.

Montreal Canadiens (by WinnipegJets96)

Hoo boy, this one is really out there. It is very unusual, to say the least. It takes the idea of asymmetry and runs with it, and for that reason, I can't help but like it. Count me as one who didn't totally hate the Atlanta Thrashers' asymmetrical jerseys. I fancy myself a traditionalist but I don't hate every modern design. This one is good for what it is: an attempt to go out there with a traditional team. It's a pretty good design.

This one has some execution issues. For some reason, the outline around the logo on the home jersey is really scratchy and uneven, and the dual outline on the names and numbers on the home seem superfluous. The blue doesn't really stand out too well because of the inner red outline. I'd change it to all-blue and see how that helps. Finally, pixelation! I'm going to bring it up every time I see it in a concept because it's easy to fix. Fixing that on a concept goes a long way towards improving the concept quality.

Overall, I'll give it a 7/10.
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Tyler Gross said...

E.Awad's Pirates for COTW

CLIB542 said...

there is 5-6 teams without the parent NHL's teams patch on the shoulder. The heat have BC flag and Canada flag, which is similar to Calgary.

Montreal Wanderers for COTW

T said...

Bastian for COTW

Ryan said...

@Torin, unfortunately your nomination is not clear enough to be counted.

T said...

sorry, my mind hasn't been working for me lately. I actually typed wanderers but then then I got the captcha thing wrong and had to type it again.
But anyway...

Anonymous said...

Pleeeeaaaaasssseeee! Stop putting maple leafs on Habs jerseys!!! That symbol was very short-lived in the Habs history and it now writes Toronto all over the place! And I'm pretty sure Leafs fans would not appreciate if Montreal player were to carry a main or secondary logo based on a maple leaf... Am I right Ryan? ;-)

Richard Mazella said...

I'm pleased to see that my extended absence from HJC has proven to be beneficial to my efforts. It has been a rough few months at Buffalo Nickel Graphics but everything is back in tip-top shape (shameless plug).

I have been reading here in spite of my contributional absence and see that HJC is also thriving again! I am really looking for other peoples' opinions on this particular concept (new Rangers home/alt). These are invaluable and I would really appreciate it. Else-wise, keep up the good work everybody!

With Warmest Regards,

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