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Welcome back to another week here at HJC headquarters (we don't have any other quarters, but this is still none the less HJC headquarters).

Weekend update for those who missed it. Hope everyone enjoyed the Live Chat last night, if you missed it well try and shoot for the next one, which will hopefully be soon.

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This week, I'm going to give my thoughts on every NHL Team's current jerseys, including alternates, from 1-30.

1. Detroit Red Wings- I love their jerseys, they have stood the test of time, and only need 2 colours
2. Chicago Blackhawks- Again, love their jerseys, could be 1. but I prefer Detroit slightly
3. New Jersey Devils- I can't stand them but, I wouldn't change their jerseys for anything
4. Montreal Canadiens- The staple of hockey
5. Winnipeg Jets- I love these jerseys, a small bit of bias but I love them
6. Toronto Maple Leafs- Another classic jersey, a modern alternate is needed though
7. New York Rangers- A team that lives by writing, lacks the Lady Liberty logo
8. Nashville Predators- What a turn around, yellow is in and it looks great, not a fan of the template
9. Boston Bruins- I don't like the yokes, but the alternate is pretty cool
10. New York Islanders- The home and road are a bit dated, I like the alternate a lot (don't shoot!)
11. Ottawa Senators- I love the alternate, home and road a decent, but and update is needed
12. Philadelphia Flyers- The arm stripes lack black, need a black alternate
13. San Jose Sharks- Decent look all around, add a hem stripe on the alternate, kind of boring
14. Anaheim Ducks- Great designs, bring back the Eggplant and Jade though!
15. Edmonton Oilers- I love the road, the home is meh, remove the cuffs and maybe darken the blue
16. Tampa Bay Lightning- meh home and away, okay alternate, needs a 3rd colour
17. Buffalo Sabres- I love the idea, but please remove the pit stains and piping
18. Vancouver Canucks- I hate that whale, go back to the stick in rink and update the early 70's look
19. Minnesota Wild- 3 decent jerseys, none really match, choose one and your good.
20. LA Kings- The champs look bland, bring back the purple and yellow and get colour in the look
21. St. Louis Blues - I hate that navy note on the blue jersey, make the note white & use navy only
22. Pittsburgh Penguins- Needs to be more original, not horrible, just used to be so good
23. Carolina Hurricanes- I like the logo, the arms are just really ugly. Needs more flag stripes
24. Washington Capitals- I Will always prefer the blue, black and bronze. I can't stand the template
25. Columbus Blue Jackets- The home and away, blah, the alternate NEEDS work, but a good logo
26. Dallas Stars- Would be lower if not for upcoming re brand
27. Phoenix Coyotes- Ugly alternate, lacking home and away, Quebec is looking better everyday
28. Florida Panthers- Brighten up! Be more original in the striping.
29. Calgary Flames- The horse must return, the look from 2006 beats their current look any day, hate the flags and piping.
30. Colorado Avalanche- The alternate is good, but the home and away...I don't even have to explain.

That's my list, do you agree...yes, no, do you want to hurt me? Tell me in the comments


Team USA Concept (By: Josh G.)

This jersey screams AMERICA, in a good way! The striping looks like the stripes on the American flag, the eagle logo is very nice and I really like the sub laminated back. The basketball script doesn't really work for me, their current logo would look better, also, the Carolina numbers are a bit distracting. I still really like this look, but, just because I'm sort of nitpicky, the jersey could use some stars! (8/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: Patrik G.)

Patrik has gone for the less is more look here and I like parts of it for sure. The striping is pretty unique and the double blue, surprisingly I would like to see. The script is meh, but it sure could use an outline, same with the numbers on the back. I am not a huge fan of the blank arm, I'd add a simple vertical stripe, similar to the chest stripe, just to add some life, but I could see what was being done here. I still like this jersey, especially with the addition of the stick in rink shoulder patch. (8/10)

Team Netherlands Concepts (By: Bastain S.)

 The current Dutch jerseys are actually pretty cool, but these blow them out of the water. Of course Orange is needed, I don't really know why the Dutch use orange so much, I own a dutch soccer jersey and it always puzzled me, but I love it. The flag striping is always a good move, and I think more teams should use it, like Russia, America, Germany, Latvia, one's with horizontal stripes. The logo is really cool, and I like that Bastian left off the tacky script from the Dutch current jersey. I can't really think of any improvements, good solid concept here. (9/10) COTW Nom from me.

Kitchener Rangers Concept (By: Matt R.)

Kitchener is a military themed team, their constantly good tribute jerseys have shown us that. Matt has given us a more modern tribute by taking their soldier head logo and making a camouflage jersey. I think the jersey looks good, the striping is classic, but the camo makes it. I think hockey needs more camo jerseys, and a military team like Kitchener is a good place to start. Even the wimpy star shoulder patch looks good in Camo. I would like to see the regular logo in camo though and maybe get rid of the yoke. (8.5/10)

Team Canada Concepts (By: Ted N.)

Ted has updated his previous Team Canada Concept by replacing the double blue with black, a good move it my opinion. I really think these look good, it's Ted's best concept yet. The Maple Leaf numbers look good in black, and the balance of colours on the red jersey work great. I don't think the white jersey needs a black yoke though amd I would add a shoulder patch. But other than that, a good soild retro look for Team Canada (8/10)

St. Louis Blues Concepts (By: Kyle C.)

Remember when I said I hated the Navy note on the lighter blue, Kyle has fixed that with this concept. Some people may not like this idea, but I sure do. The early 80's look, minus the red really makes the blues look good. I prefer the home to the road, mainly because of the amount of yellow used on the home. I wouldn't use the circle logo as the shoulder patch, but instead as a helmet logo, and instead use a re-coloured version of the trumpet logo. I still like this a lot, and would want to see the Blues wear something like this anytime soon. (9/10)

Syracuse Crunch Concept (By: E. Awad)

The Crunch need their own identity, something different from the lightning, because their logo is 1 million times better. E. Awad gives us a pretty good looking jersey...for Tampa. I'm sorry but this would look so much better as a Tampa Bay concept, but as is, I cannot connect the jersey to the logo. The logo has silver on it but yet theres none on the jersey. I would say replace the black with silver, but I'm not sure how that would look. As a Tampa concept this would look amazing, way better than their current alternate, but as is, it's a Tampa jersey with a Crunch logo on it. (5/10)

Los Angeles Sharks Concept (By: Bastian S.)

I love the Sharks! I don't know why, they look so 70'sy and dated, but yet, they have a certain charm. Compared to their orginal look, I like this look better. I like the striping, especially on the road jersey, it's unique but still of the time. The home looks good too, but it's kind of hard to see the middle black stripe. I'd just add a thin, barely visable white stripe on it so it's more visable. (8.5/10)
Monday: Ranked In Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on February 25, 2013 Rating: 5


Kevin W. said...

The Dutch use orange in their sports uniforms so much because the House of Orange-Nassau is the house of the Dutch royal family.

winnipegjets96 said...

Thanks for the clarification, Kevin, it's always puzzled me, plus, it looks awesome

Alan John Herbert said...

Matt's Kitchener Rangers Concept for COTW!

Tyler Gross said...

Matt R.'s Kitchener Rangers for COTW

Ryan said...

It's sublimated not sub-laminated. It's a print not a plastic covered card. Haha.

winnipegjets96 said...

I hate spell check in blogger sometimes

Kyle C. said...

Pretty solid ranking of jerseys, I would have put the Capitals and Jackets in the top 15 though!

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Kyle C. I really think what hurts the Blue Jackets look is the fact that they try to stick to the Ohio flag logo. I do like their cannon a lot, and concepts have proven to me it can really work well, and recoulouring the flag logo would be cool too. As for Washington; the template isn't the worst...2nd worst in the NHL, those wings don't look good in almost all instances, and I love their blue jersey from the 90's, it's my favourite jersey in NHL history.

JGCustomKicks said...

Josh's concept for COTW! It represents America perfectly!

Kevin W. said...

Am I the only one who changes the color of the "mesh" on colored Nike jerseys? It seems like everyone leaves the dots white no matter what the color of the jersey is.

Kyle C. said...

@winnipegjets96 I like the flag logo and the cannon logo, I don't want the Jackets to switch to double blue full time though, seems too trendy. I think what makes that template work for the Capitals is that it is kind of like the modern take on the classic jersey. At least for me anyway. And yes, those blue Caps jerseys from the 90's were beautys, shame they scrapped them so quickly.

Ryan said...

Interesting. I can't help but wonder if the JG in "JGCustomKicks" stands for Josh Gold. Would you look at that. JGCustomKicks went ahead and nominated Josh's concept.

On further inspection, JGCustomKicks' account was created very recently. Perhaps just to nominate this concept?

Of course this is just a theory. I'll let the HJC community decide...

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