Monday: Panthers and Owls and Sabres, Oh My!

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Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Avi S.)

Avi has edited the Sabres previous alternate to make it look more refined, gone are the stiched up numbers and the vintage white. Once those things were taken away, I see a very good jersey, but it's still missing something to make it a little more flashy. I like it, and the execution is phenomenal, but I'd thicken the white on the striping and maybe add a shoulder patch. Still it is an improvement over what it once was! (8.5/10)

Temple University Concepts (By: Dave C. Aka. DC Visual Arts)

Wow, talk about presentation! This whole concept is spread out over the entire photo and it looks pretty cool. Any team called the Owls must have a harder time making a logo, and this logo looks pretty good, being that it is the school's vintage logo. I like everything about the jersey, it's classic, the font looks unique and the striping looks professional while also being a little university like. Nothing I can really recommend improving on, it looks great! (9/10)

Phoenix Suns Concept (By: Mike S.)

Mike continues with the NBA NHL crossover series with the Suns. I like how close this concept is to the Suns actual jerseys, minus a colour swap. The orange on the sides should be gray if you are going for straight putting an NBA jersey on to a NHL template. This is also just a personal preference, but I would have used this look, why, it's awesome, and it seems like the Suns are bringing back that look. Overall, it has sort of grown on me, but it needs a little work (7/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Thomas H.)

I think most people can agree on this, but Colorado needs a new look, and new colours would be good. It isn't that Burgundy is bad, it's just that, after seeing it on what they wear now (aside from their cool alternate), it has killed the colour. Thomas has given the Avs a very snowy look, which is good since their name is related to snow, and their current logo looks great in double blue. I like the home jersey more, because the dark blue and white really contrast well. The away has a problem was the light and dark blue don't contrast too well. I'd fix that by making a white outline around the dark blue inner stripe, and that should fix it. (8/10)

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Scott D.)

As I said last week, I think the Panthers need to brighten up their colours to match the bright tone of the state, and lose to the Jets more. Scott has done that with the yellow, but has kept the blue the same, which is okay. The home and road looks pretty good. I like the road a little more since it's very bright, but the red home is always welcome. I'm not a fan of the alternate. Not just because it is too dark, but because since you've brightened up the yellow, why not use it in an alternate? It would look really good and it's something the Panthers should try. Still, I think this set is good enough to beat out any of the Panthers Edge sets. (7.5/10)

Pitt. Panthers Concepts (By: Me (Jets96)

Pitt has two distinct looks, this reformed look with darker colours and square script, and their 70's look, which has bright blue and yellow, and round script. I decided to go with this looks since I felt it would be too easy to say this look sucks, without trying to make it look good. I made a very basic striping pattern and make the numbers match the script, very simple idea.

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

Vancouver needs to use this look! I don't usually like to say that statement right off the bat, but...it's everything Vancouver should use. The stick in rink is back and contrasting with the jerseys as ever, and the two sets of hidden v's instead of one it a great idea. The alternate is also great. I love the flying V in these colours and this jersey takes full advantage of it. No whale, no script above the logo, nothing that's not needed, this is perfect. (10/10) COTW Nom. from me.

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Avi S.)

Another jersey we can all agree needs to come back is the Flyers black jersey! Avi has done a good job bringing it to edge while also adding some small new details to it. The addition of a hem stripe was a goods idea and the thickening of the orange detailing was also good. Let's hope the Flyers take note and bring these back. (9/10)

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Bastian S.)

We finish off today's post with 2 consecutive Wild concepts. This one from Bastian gives us a very vintage look. I like the dulling of the red, it looks more like a sunset, and the lack of yellow, since there is no yellow on the concept. I also like the choice of striping, the chest stripe matches the arm stripes but also doesn't match the hem detailing. My only suggestion would be to use the script on the helmet and and another logo on the pants, so the main logo isn't repeated 3 times. (9/10)

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Brandon C.)

This 2nd Wild concept, this time by Brandon, takes the Wild's original look, and makes it a little more refined and mature. I like how well Brandon has taken the old look and make it look new, without changing the parts that were good. I like the Home a lot, especially with the inner striping being the same colour as the entire jersey. The road is also very nicely doe, and I like the red numbers, they help make the numbers stand out from the striping and the yoke, while keeping withing the colour scheme. I would add a helmet logo, maybe the State of Hockey logo, just because I like that logo so much and the Wild never use it too well. (9/10)
Monday: Panthers and Owls and Sabres, Oh My! Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on February 11, 2013 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

DC Visual Arts's Temple concept for COTW

Steven Grant said...

I'll second DC Visual Arts' Temple University concept. The presentation alone is worth a COTW nomination, and the concept is great too.

Mike Sweezey said...

Wow, so my Suns concept looks really silly right after the Temple masterpiece. I'm going to second Dylan's Vancouver concepts.

Ryan said...

It's irrelevant but the Temple U concept for COTW.

Also Mike, read up on the COTW nominating rules.

DBro Alexander said...

I'll second the Dylan's Vancouver set for COTW then. I love it. Only thing that bugs me is the placement of the NIke logo on the alt.

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