Monday: Island President Riel's Family Day Concepts

Happy Family Day/Islander Day/Louis Riel day/ Presidents day to all those who have the day off, here in Canada, it's one big mess, but then again we have a holiday called Civic holiday...a day off, dedicated to having the day off.

A link to the Weekend update here for those who missed it!

COTW Voting has reset for this week, with a total of NINE concepts being up for bid, and leading to some reform in the voting system, but we need votes to make this competitive, so send your votes in, legitimate votes, by Friday night.
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The Untouchables contest enters the Detroit phase, and boy will this be interesting. Entries are due by Friday as usual, you can read the rules by clicking on the banner or the untouchables tab.

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Here are some of the entries that have come in so far:

Me (Jets96)

Mike S.
Alan H.

This week sure has been interesting in hockey; Matt Cooke got in the limelight again, for an unfortunate accident, but still, it has been a while. And the debate of re-alignment has opened up again. Being a Jets fan, this affects me drastically, as well, the Jets have one of the toughest road schedules in NHL history (there have been worse, the 1970/71 Canucks played in the East division, yikes!) I have my own idea for re-alignment, which is still geographical for the most part, but also gives fans of popular teams quite the schedule.

5 Divisions of 6 teams, top 16 teams in the league make the playoffs (1-16, 2-15 etc), and yes I know I added the Nordiques because...hey, one can dream. I would like to hear some of your own ideas for re-alignment in the comments, it's an interesting debate, as some people want to bring back the Wales and Campbell system, which I would use for All-Star games or for dividing the playoff conferences, but I wasn't even alive when it was around so I can't say I wasn't a fan, or was.

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Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

The Aves need a new look, and Jordan has given them a pretty cool one right here. Right off the back I see some WHA Noridques, and it looks really good! I'm not so much a fan of the coloured name bar, but it looks good enough that it doesn't take anything away. The awesome Rockies logo comes back as a shoulder patch, but I think the Bigfoot logo would be better here, or just the Colorado flag C. The presentation is always good from Jordan, especially that goalie mask, always great to see mask concepts. (8.5/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Fun Fact: I love the Flying V, in any other colour than the original, and this is no exception. The creativity here is very nice, I like how the Millionaires logo has been blown up to fit the 80's look, and I like it. I think the regular Millionaires logo is too much on the shoulders, maybe a recolored Stick in Rink? The only execution problem I see is the second template of pants. The first template looks much better, I'd stick with that. Still, this is a very creative idea, and I could see this as a fan sweater or as a one game jersey, like the current Millionaires jersey. (8/10)

Pittsburgh Hornets Concept (By: Derek H.)

The Pittsburgh Hornets are one of the classic AHL teams, along with the Providence Reds, Rochester Americans, Buffalo Bison, Cleveland Barons, Springfield Indians, and Hershey Bears. Derek has taken their original alternate and edified it. I like how it looks in edge form, the transition is very smooth, however, I can't see the Pens wearing this on the ice (special practice jersey?). I do like it, but I think a Pens/Hornets mix would be good, like edit the hornets logo to have the skating penguin in it. Also, I'd use a light blue helmet, not black. (7.5/10)

Cool Waffles Concepts (By: Bailey S.)

I love getting fantasy/beer league concepts, as they have such creative ideas. The name alone had me interested in this, and as a jersey, I could see this working. The logo is actually quite nice, and the idea of a white jersey with script instead of a logo is pretty cool. I like the road a bit, but it's a little bland, it needs more yellow in the script and numbers. The black jersey I like more, bu the numbers should have been white with a yellow outline. Also, how cool would a sub laminated waffle pattern be? Still, these are good for a fantasy league. (6/10)

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

Jordan has gone straight up vintage with this Flames look, and added a nice alternate.I think the whole set could use some black, just a small amount to outline everything. I like the road a little more than the home, but I think that's because of the set it's based off of, not the concept. I love the alternate though. The horse head is such a nice logo, and the flames have all but since forgotten about it. Putting it in the flames old colours was a good idea, but I also see some WHA Calgary Cowboys mixed in, and the use of white really helps it stand out! (8/10)

Montreal Canadiens Concepts (By: Mike S.)

Mike finished rather high in the Montreal Canadiens Re-design, and It's pretty clear why, this concept looks great! The home is a good idea for an alternate with the current Canadiens look, and the shoulder stripes are a nice touch. I like the road too but I think it needs a little more red, not too much, maybe just as simple as thickening the red stripes on the hem and arms. I'd also add a 2nd logo somewhere, maybe on the pants on in the arm stripes, I would use the C leaf logo, and use the white one on the red jersey and the blue one on the white jersey. (8/10)

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By Adam L.)

Minnesota is going to change eventually, starting with a new, hopefully matching road next season. Adam has taken that idea one step further, and given us a nice green set. The striping is cool, but I would use yellow instead of wheat on the white jersey and white where the wheat is on the green jersey, and add the yellow in between the striping. The pants look a little bear (pun intended) and so do the shoulders. Minnesota has plenty of logos that would make great secondary logos, like this one, this one and especially this one! I do like these, they are just a bit too plain. (7/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: David K.)

Goodbye Wale, hello V's. David has kicked everything post early 70's out of Vancouver in favour of this classic, even vintage set, with some modern ideas. I like the home and road, especially the sub laminated Vs on the arms. That being said, I think the V shoulder patch is a little too much, I might go with the unused VC logo, because it's not as straight up as the other V. The alternate is really cool, I even like the idea of using vintage white. I would use the stitched numbers on the alternate though but that's minor, this is a really nice set. (9/10)

Jacksonville Jaguars Concept (By: Brian B.)

I really like Jacksonville's new logo, the spots no longer look like macaroni and the blue tongue is kind of funny, as well, when you go 2-14, you are pretty well dead. Brian has given us an awesome jersey, that's not only creative, but also sleek. The gradient looks decent, but I know it's a staple of Jacksonville's look. The lack of yellow is actually good, and the minimal use of teal looks good too. I would only use one shade of teal instead of 2, and a bit of gold wouldn't hurt either. (9/10)

Dallas Stars Concept (By: Jordan R.)

Dallas is keeping the hockey jersey/logo fan base in suspense as we all wait for Dallas's new look, which I think will be great, but the amount of good Dallas concepts that have come in as of late, have only driven up my expectations. This concept is almost my dream Dallas set, with black being nowhere in sight. I love the striping, it's like the Jets, except the striping stops at the armband (am I the only one who likes that look by the way?) I like the balance of white and green, meaning the amount of white on the green jersey, and the amount of green on the white jersey. The helmet is also cool, reminds me of the unused Dallas jersey from 2003 (which I love by the way). I like everything about it. (10/10) COTW Nom. from Me.
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Brian said...

@ winnipegjets96: You forgot to mention the subtle claw slash within the gradient. I included one so that it would be consistent with the previous Jaguars concept.

JCRGraphix said...

I absolutely LOVE the idea of an Original 6 division! Also, I don't see the situation in Phoenix continuing much longer. I'd love to see either the Nordiques or Whalers back.

Ryan said...

I REALLY love that Calgary alternate by Jordan!

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Brian, well subtle is right, I barely notice it, but I see it

Anonymous said...

RE: Realignment: Put Winnipeg in the Central and Nashville in the Southeast.

Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, St. Louis, Winnipeg

Carolina, Florida, Nashville, Tampa Bay, Washington

Keens said...

My thoughts on alignment are keep it to two conferences, and 3 divisions in each. However, I would alter playoff entry format. Top 2 in each division make spots 1-6. Final 2 are wildcards for 2 other highest out of the divisions. With the divisions I have set this guarantees at minimum 2 Canadian teams in playoffs (best possibility is all 7 if 4 get division spots and 3 get wildcards..2 in West, 1 in East).


Anonymous said...

you need to put Quebec and Montreal in the same division.

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