Monday: Every League & the Kitchen Sink!

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In case you missed it, here's a link to the Weekend Update!

Congrats to Justin C. again as his Ottawa Senators concepts won the 2012 concept of the year! Hopefully we will see more great concepts from him again in 2013.

COTW once again is reset, you can check out the new concepts by clicking on the side banner or the COTW Tab in the tab section, Voting ends Friday night. Remember if you are reading this and have a email account, you can vote. New rules also, you can now vote for yourself if you are involved in the COTW voting.

Also, the Untouchables contest has opened it's first phase, no not the Kevin Costner movie, redesigning the Montral Canadiens. Click on the tab above to see the rules and be sure to follow ALL of them. Entires are due Friday night.

Here are some of the entries that have come in so far.

Austin E.

Charles W.

Stephen T.

In the G.T.A., the debate over the Markham arena is heating up, as the city determines whether or not to go forward with the plan. This is ironic as the Phoenix Coyotes are back in the news for, once again, not finding an owner before some deadline the city of Glendale has made, I guess it's a day that ends in Y. I think Southern Ontario needs a second hockey team, as, the Leafs are rather expensive to see and it would be nice to have a second team, whether it be in Hamilton or Markham. That being said however, there are better markets with ready and willing arenas to put a team in. Seattle WILL get a team once their new arena is finished, Quebec City WILL get a team once the new arena is finished in Quebec, so the question is, which of these three markets should get a team first?


Dallas Stars Concept (By: Chris G.)

First off the goalie mask concept looks great! The jersey looks good too, I like the lack of black and the numbers in the yokes, but I don't think the Dallas script makes a good shoulder patch along with the numbers, but it's an interesting idea. My only real problem with this concept is the 4 helmet templates, one would have been fine, the Reebok one it the best executed so I'd keep that one, also, I'd only use 1 pants template, and either one is fine, they both look okay. A good concept, that just needs some fine tuning. (7/10)

Nashville Predators Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen wants to see the Preds return to blue, which isn't such a bad idea, but here it isn't too well executed. The logo is by far the biggest problem, their new logo would have worked perfectly here, I'm not sure why the previous logo is used, maybe for the detail it had? The jerseys on their own actually look pretty good for the most part, the piping should cut off at the hem, but it still looks decent. For a set, I'd use the blue jersey, as the both are the same, and the white jersey with no yoke. This concept is very close to being good, it's just has one massive flaw. (6.5/10)

 NCAA Hockey City Classic Concepts (By: Bailey S.)

Like the NHL and the AHL, the NCAA has its own Winter Classic. Here, Bailey has put two classic teams up against each other, and both jerseys look decent. The Notre Dame jersey looks pretty good, the logo is a little too big though and I think the a hem stripe would make it better. I'm actually kind of a fan of the Miami jersey, especially with the side stripes, I think that would work in an NCAA scenario, but the reds don't match and the numbers on the back are too low. I also am not to sure about the gray gloves but it could work. (6/10)
Ferris State University Concept (By: Ryan T.)

Another University concept, this one for one specific school. From what I know, Ferris State has a pretty good hockey program, and this jersey would make a nice alternate. I like the striping as it is simple, but not overused. I also like the two colours chosen, instead of adding black, it looks better, but a hint of the yellow would make it less bland. The name bar should be inside the yoke since this is Swift and I would make the yokes square. Overall though, I do like this concept, just a little to bland. (7.5/10)
Hartford Whalers Concept (By: Charles W.)
The Whalers to this day still have one of coolest logos in NHL history, right up there with the Rockies and the Wild. This concept really has an 80's feel to it, with the separated striping and the amount of white, I like it! This concept makes good use of the Under Armour template, and I like the addition of the script on the end of the yoke, nice touch. Everything looks good, except for some minor execution errors. The stitching should stop at the hem striping and the collar should be coloured in, not left gray. Other than that, this is really cool, and the NHL should have more white alternates. (8/10)
Peterborough Petes Concept (By: Brady S.)
I really like this script, and it's sad the Petes don't use it anymore, because it actually looks pretty good. Brady has taken full advantage of this script and gives us a cool alternate for a classic team. I like the striping, it's very simple and it sort of reminds me of the Jets striping, but less bold. I'm actually in favour of the no name and the giant numbers in this case, because it looks pretty good without it. There's nothing really I don't like about this concept, maybe using black gloves, but that's pretty minor. (8/10)
Albuquerque Isotopes Concepts (By: Chris Z.)

Even though this is a minor league baseball team, I still really like this look as a hockey team. The home and away are pretty good, the red jersey just needs some white in it, maybe instead of a second black stripe, but they still look good.  The alternate steals the show though. I love the Simpsons and making reference to the Springfield Isotopes is a great idea. Overall, it's a cool set with some unique ideas. (8.5/10)

California Golden Seals Concepts (By: Andrew G.)

The Golden Seals sure did have an interesting life, but every set they had looked really good, especially this look. The striping looks good, and the home and away reflect the look the Seals had, without simply edifying it. The alternate is cool too, sort of taking from the Originals Seals look. My only gripe is the logo on the yellow jersey, the C should be white or teal. Still, the Sharks could use any of these as a throwback at some point. (8.5/10)

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Kyle C.)

I don't like Florida's current jerseys for one reason, they are too dark, it doesn't make sense to have a team in the middle of the warmest place hockey is in the NHL and make them wear dark colours. Kyle has fixed this problem and wow do these look good! I love the hem striping, and I think that pattern is so underused in the NHL. The home sort of reminds me of the 1997 Panthers and the Cup Finals from that year, which is a good thing. The away does the same, but it also reminds me of the Barrie Colts, literally, you could put a Colts logo on it and it would look great too. I like everything about this set, and Florida should just use these sooner than later (9/10) COTW Nom. from me.
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Kyle C. for COTW

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