Friday: Great Day for Concepts

Well hello everyone. Dylan here covering for Colin on this fine Friday. I'm sure you're all sick of reading it by now, but this is the last time I swear. But, tomorrow is the first regular HJC Saturday post and it will also be the first post of new HJC Writer Kevin W!

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A lot of really great concepts today!!!

Calgary Flames Concept - (Brandon C.)
  •  Brandon here makes a black jersey that looks very similar to their current 1980's throwback. I like the look and even though the concept says "home jersey" I think this would make a great alternate or home jersey with a white version and the throwback as an alt.
  • I like the red and yellow stripes on top of black. A lot of contrast and it looks fantastic. 
  • The only thing I'd like to see differently is the red and yellow stripes swapped out to match the logo colors.
Rating 8/10

St. Louis Eagles Concept - (Bastian S.)

  •  Bastian continues his onslaught of great concepts with this old school Eagles concept.
  • I like how from afar this looks like a classic striping pattern, but up close it's very unique with the two small red stripes in place of one thick one. 
  • Perhaps the only change would to add a small outline to the logo on the blue jersey so it stands out a little more and doesn't start to get lost in the blue of the jersey.
Rating 9/10 and a COTW NOM

Adler Mannheim (Germany) Concept - (Bastian S.)

  •  We saw an Adler Mannheim concept from Bastian yesterday but this concept is different. The home and away jerseys are using a different template. 
  • The color scheme is nice with this template. I especially like the white jersey in this set. The alternate is the same. Some explanation behind the "MERC" would be nice. 
  • Not big on the name on the alt. It looks weird with lowercase letters. I'd go one or the other, not both. I prefer the concept from yesterday. The arm stripes inside of the Capitals template floored me. I had never thought of doing anything like that.
Rating: 8/10

Every Team Using the Nashville Template - (Caleb F.)

  •  Very interesting concept here. I think some of the jerseys could have been done better but some of these don't look that bad. It's definitely a template that shouldn't be used anymore in the league but that doesn't mean it's bad. Anaheim looks the best out of the group, not counting St. Louis, who didn't change. 
Rating 7/10

2014 Winter Classic Concept - (Casey R.)
  • Casey puts his two cents on what the Winter Classic jerseys should look like. 
  • I like the 3 thick stripes on Detroit. It's kind of a stretch, but it is sort of drawn from their history... Also, I like how Toronto's striping pattern is consistent from arms to socks.
  • I don't like the 2 sets of stripes on Toronto's jersey. One would be fine. The blue cuffs are unnecessary. And it might just be me, but the vintage white looks kinda dark. 

 Rating: 7/10

Dallas Stars Concept - (Derek H)
  •  Since Dallas is getting a new look next year, Derek wanted to throw his hat in the ring. 
  • I like the pattern going up the sides, it's like the point of a star. 
  • I don't like the black on the green jersey, it's hard to make out, also, while extremely unique, the arm pattern looks odd and I'm not a fan. 
Rating: 6/10

Montreal Canadiens - (Stephen T.)

  •  Stephen switches the Habs over to the Nike Swift jersey template
  • The home jersey stays the same and that's great, and the away becomes a color swap of the home, great move, but the show stealer for me is the vintage alt. WOW. Even though it's basically the same jersey striping wise, but with a darker, more vintage looking red, and the throwback logo this becomes a great jersey!
  • The logo on the throwback alt doesn't look centered, also, the away pants are using a different template, it's not a bad thing, just an execution flaw.
Rating 8/10

Carolina Hurricanes Concept - (Steven G.)

  •  Steven here takes the hem's flag pattern and adds it to the arms.
  • I'm a fan of the flag pattern on the arms.
  • I'm missing the black and gray on the jerseys. The white jersey isn't bad, but some black and/or gray would be nice. But the home jersey is way too red for me. maybe black or gray cuffs and hem would help.
Rating: 7/10

Dallas Stars Concept - (Steven G.)

  •  Steven also tries his hand at the impending Dallas rebrand. Gold and black go away but silver becomes a welcome addition to the color scheme.
  • I love the green-silver striping. and the logo looks nice with silver.
  • Only gripe is maybe the silver will become hard to see on the white jersey.
Rating: 8.5/10

New York Rangers - (Trey P.)

  • Trey adds the Lady Liberty logo as a shoulder patch to the Rangers home jersey and slightly changes the striping.
  • I like the new shoulder patch. It fits it well in my opinion.
  • I prefer the current striping with no blue over this.
Rating: 7/1o
Friday: Great Day for Concepts Reviewed by DBro Alexander on February 15, 2013 Rating: 5


Bastian said...

MERC stands for Mannheimer Eis- und Rollsport-Club (Mannheim ice and Roller sport-club)
The jersey itself is inspired by their 1978 sweater (http://www.adler-mannheim.de/am_trikothistory.php?trikot=1978_1979).

Tyler Gross said...

I'll second Bastian's Eagles concept for COTW

Kevin W. said...

Trey, I hope you don't mind but when I re-do the Rangers for my Nike NHL series, I'm totally stealing the Lady Liberty as a shoulder patch idea. COTW nom from me.

Alan John Herbert said...

Stephen T's Habs concept for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll second Stephen T. for COTW, I love that 3rd

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