Friday: A definite international flavour this friday

Hello readers, we've made it to another friday, which means another weekend, which means plenty of time for hockey!

I know this is up on Icethetics, but I thought I would share it here anyways, simply because I am busting with anticipation! From an announcement on the Canucks website today, it looks like the Canucks will be going Millionaires retro on March 16th versus the Red Wings. That will be a candidate for best dressed game of the year for sure (and it comes the night before my birthday!) the only thing that could make a better birthday gift would be a new millionaires sweater with Zack Kassian's name and number on the back, and tickets to the game! Like I said, I am busting!

photo from: fortnucks.com
The one thing that has the potential to absolutely ruin this uniform is the helmet. In the photo shoot, it shows Kesler wearing the same white helmet used for the away uniform. I have a couple reasons to believe that the Canucks will do this right, and not use that helmet. Firstly, Kesler has not played yet this year due to injury. The white helmets were standard issue in training camp, so I think this was just the one helmet that the training staff had done up for Kesler. Secondly, the Canucks have gone to the trouble of having authentic looking breezers and burgundy gloves done up... obviously they see that the white helmet sticks out like a sore thumb... I mean what team has ever worn white helmets with a coloured sweater. Lastly, considering that it seems most likely that these sweaters will be worn against the Wings (who undoubtedly will be wearing their fantastic white roads), that would mean both teams would have white helmets... I don't think that has ever been done. I don't even know if that is allowed.

photo from: fortnucks.com
The Canucks will also be wearing a special millionaires patch on their third jerseys tonight versus Chicago... I think this is a poor move because it clutters the one good jersey that the Canucks have.

You can check out the full release from the Canucks here, and more here.

Sorry for my rant, but there really hasn't been any Canucks jersey news for 2 seasons, and we Vancouverites are so used to the Canucks switching up the uniforms, so I had to get my fix :).

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Team Germany (by Adam H.)

I like the diagonal stripes, they are certainly creative. I think the white alt could be really neat with a bit of polishing. This entire set lacks cohesion. I like the road sweater best, and think you should base the entire set off of it (with some added striping on the arms). Also, just say no to the yellow pants. 6/10.

Missouri NCAA (Darren H.)

I really like that the tiger stripe on the shoulder is straight out of the logo. The other striping is also really good, and I like the fact that it is the same on both sweaters. 8/10.

Anaheim Ducks (by Tyler G.)

It looks like Tyler G. is embarking on and NHL redesign. I, for one, am looking forward to this! I like the unique striping that matches on both sweaters, but is still a bit asymmetrical. I also like how much orange there is on this sweater. 7/10.

New York Rangers (by William F.)

Good to see lady liberty back on the front of a sweater... that needs to happen soon. I like the simplicity of the striping, but dislike a few other things. the whole collar/inside collar area has not been filled in, the logo is far too big, and the socks are inexplicably white. Also, presentation always looks better on a light/neutral background. 5/10.

Team USA (by Bastian S.)

The sublimated flag on the back of the sweaters is pretty cool. I'm not too sold on shoulder yoke that goes down the normal length on the back, but not on the front... it feels askew to me. Overall, I quite like this concept. 7/10.

Sarnia Sting (by Thomas H.)

I like this sweater. It is simple and classic. I also like how the number lettering matches the feel of the team and logos. One thing I can't get past is the red... I think keeping it simply yellow, white, and black would look better. 7/10.

Team Canada (by Charles W.)

I really like the simplicity of the colour scheme, I would be really pleased if Canada dropped the black from their colour scheme and went to a red and white palate. I also like the addition of gold; it looks good, and I like what it symbolizes. as far as logos, the alt has the best one, the others are a bit too plain for my liking. 6/10.

Winter Classic (by Adam H.)

The sweaters themselves are fantastic! I really like the chunky winged wheel logo, and the awesome vintage leaf logo, both are fantastic choices. I also really like the striping on both stripey sweaters, although I think the leafs sweater would look better with one northwestern stripe on the hem. I am not too sold o the equipment, especially the white pants and helmet for the wings. 7/10.

Quebec Nordiques (by Casey R.)

A really clean Nords concept here from Casey, and it looks really good. I like he addition of the arm stripes, and the simplification of the hem. good job. 8/10.

Winnipeg Jets (by Kyle C.)

I think a light blue third is just the ticket for the Jets. However, I think less red would be better, and fit better with the overall Jets uniform set. 7/10.

Team Canada (by Bastian S.)

I LOVE this sweater. there is no black. I love the red, gold, white, colour scheme. I also love the interesting, but simple logo. I do think that a thicker outline on the numbers would make them a bit more legible. 8/10 and a COTW nom from me!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!
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Anonymous said...

I know you are a Canuck fan, but I don't see how anyone could like that new uniform that much. Retro is the new trend, but some teams take it way too far. The candy cane arms look hilarious, the sock stripes don't mach the arms and the white pants are just laughable. White pants, Just. Don't. Work. Especially with a thick white stripe on the hem. It makes it difficult to differentiate where the jersey meets the pants. And the only thing these teams have in common is the location they played in. these are two different franchises, why pay homage to a franchise that isn't part of the team's history?

Snow Monster said...

I really like that Nordiques concept.

On another note, The Vancouver millionares new look is kinda ...odd.
Are they really trying to wear the uniforms of a (last I checked) non related team? It's a nice try, but I'm not really liking this one a whole lot. And the jersey isn't part of the 'Nucks color scheme. It just doesn't look like the Canucks to me.

Anonymous said...

I just love it. Not a Canucks fan, but they catch me with this one. They succeed where the Flames blew it. True honour to hockey roots, to heroes of the past, without trying to put a "present touch" (an actual Canucks logo or such) A true 10/10 for me if the font used on the back is coherent with the jersey.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: because it's an hommage to hockey on the coast, not the Canucks.

winnipegjets96 said...

I kinda think the millionaires jersey would look better as a blue jersey, sort of its own look while paying tribute. It still is good, but its missing that extra step. I'll second bastian for COTW

Steven Grant said...

So excited with the new Millionaires jerseys. I'm glad the Canucks kept it 100% authentic, if you doing a throwback do it right.

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