Friday: 9 new concepts

Hello everyone, HJC was down, but now seems to be back up!

There are 9 concepts to get to today, but before we get into those, I will remind you that the:

entry phase for the Untouchables Montreal Redesign contest ends tonight at 11:59 EST.

Also, COTW voting ends tonight at 11:59 EST

In case the blog goes down again, and I have to repost this on the back up blog, here are this weeks nominees:

From Top (L-to-R) Bastian - Pit, Bastian - Can, Kyle C. - PHX
Bastian - NJD, Jordan - Cin, Bastian - Col


here are today's entries into the untouchables redesign:

Caz W.

Mason II

Jim C.

Brian B.


Germany (concept by Stephen T.)

LIKE: the sublimated eagle on the cuffs, the vertical striping on the arms also really works well here, also the names below the numbers lend this sweater a really cool European vibe.
DISLIKE: the yellow helmet, probably better to go with black for both sets.
SUGGESTION: use the shade of red on the pants, it seems a bit brighter, and the black jersey especially could benefit from being a bit lighter.
RATING: 7/10.

Firefox (concept by Bastian S.)

LIKE: The colour scheme: not just orange and double blue, but orange with TRIPLE blue.
DISLIKE: No white below the stripes on the hem or the socks.
SUGGESTION: Add white below the hem and the socks, like there is on the arms. it looks good there, so probably would on the hem and socks as well.
RATING: 8/10.

Kitchener Rangers OHL (concept by Scott D.)

LIKE: The simple, classic striping and colour scheme. I also like how elements of the rangers look are used without completely copying their style.
DISLIKE: the skinny hem stripes on the home and road... for me, bigger bolder ones just look better.
SUGGESTION: I don't think the shoulder yoke on the alt is necessary. there are yokes on the other 2 jerseys, so having one without a yoke would make it more unique.
RATING: 7/10.

Pittsburgh Penguins (concept by Brandon C.)

LIKE: these are simple, cleanly executed uniforms
DISLIKE: the colour scheme... I can't get past the black and blue... it just doesn't work for me, for the penguins
SUGGESTION: swap the blue out for athletic gold, and these would be really great.
RATING: 6/10.

LA Kings (concepts by Avi S.)

LIKE: The grey uniform, and the heritage feel of the striping
DISLIKE: the number font, it is unique to columbus, and the kings should not step on their toes in that way...
SUGGESTION: Use a classic block font instead.
RATING: 8/10.

LIKE: again, love the grey jersey, but also like how it ties in to the current uniforms.
DISLIKE: again the number font, but I also have never really liked the one colour edge collars.
SUGGESTION: switch the font, and play with the collar a bit
RATING: 8/10.

Louisiana Ragin'  Cajuns (concept by Jets96)

LIKE: The diagonal striping pattern, always a winner in my books.
DISLIKE: the off colour pits/underarms.
SUGGESTION: make the underarm areas match the main colour of the sweaters.
RATING: 7/10.

Thunderbird (concept by Bastian)

LIKE: How creative people have been getting with what to make jerseys for (Bastian has had 2 excellent non-hockey hockey sweaters in this post alone!). I also like how well the striping fits with th logo.
DISLIKE: the colour choice of this sweater. I think adding in some light blue could really bring some life to it, right now it seems a bit monotone to me.
SUGGESTION:  work in a lighter blue, and make the light bits true white rather than silver.
RATING: 7/10.

Carolina Hurricanes (concept by Tyler G.)

LIKE: How Tyler has incorporated two lines of flags/checks, making these stripes say hurricanes rather than tropical storms.
DISLIKE: the thick white stripe between the two rows of flags. I am not sure that it needs to be that thick.
SUGGESTION:  play around with the middle stripe, try making it thinner, or taking it out altogether.
RATING: 8/10, an a COTW nom from me!

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Ryan said...

I like how creative Bastian has been with his concepts here. So I will give his Firefox concept a COTW nom!

JCRGraphix said...

The LA Kings concept is MY work (JCR Graphix) It was posted on sportlogos on January 21, 2012. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/90866-nhl-by-jcrgraphix/#entry1942034

Please REMOVE it.

Ryan said...

No. Nice try. You both only made the Kings' road sweater grey. You both just did recolours, barely a concept. Plus Avi's doesn't have laces and yours did.

Btw, I'd read NHLuniforms.com more. You used their images on your CCSLC thread without crediting the site once! Tsk tsk. It says right on their site that you MUST give credit when using their images.


Ryan said...


To quote directly from the site:

"Acceptable use policy

To ensure the long-term enjoyment of the unofficial NHL Uniform Database for years to come, I ask you to please abide by the following terms and conditions

• You are more than welcome to download images from this website for your own personal use. You may also use the images on your own website, as long as you provide full and proper attribution, which will include my name, the name of the website and a link to the website. For example:

Illustration by Andrew M. Greenstein, The unofficial NHL Uniform Database"

Andrew G. said...

I'll second Bastian's Firefox for COTW. Really great job!

JCRGraphix said...

Okay, after taking another look, there are some significant differences, the choice of coloring with that particular logo was what I thought was suspect. I apologize! Also, my bad on the nhluniforms.com thing, I'll start crediting them when I use them. I guess I was just feeling rather trollish this morning. Birthday hangover, ya know!

Unknown said...

I really like Avi's Kings concepts. Either of those designs would make for a great third jersey.

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