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Good Wednesday everyone! 

Photo from: Blackhawks Official Facebook
Over the weekend I went to my first NHL game of the year and it feels great to finally say that after those months of sadness! Sunday I went to the Red Wings at Blackhawks game. Hawks, Wings games are my favorites not because the Hawks are my team and it's a rivalry game, but because the games always LOOK good. It doesn't matter if the game is in Chicago or Detroit, both teams have great jerseys, (Chicago's are better obviously) My favorite is when the two play in Chicago, because Chicago's red jersey is my favorite, and Detroits white jersey is one of the best in the league as well. Too bad I hate them. :)

In your opinion, what are the best looking games to watch jersey-wise?

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And Congratulations to Justin C. for his COTY win! Soon we'll know which concept it will be but he absolutely dominated the COTW votes this past year!

And your daily concepts folks,

Binghamton Senators Specialty Jersey ( NB14 )
What I Like: Sublimated jersey stripes. Shoulder Patches.

What I Dislike: Gap between sublimated stripe and black stripe differs on the chest and arms. Thin white and black stripes on the hem.

Suggestions: Fix that gap between the stripes I mentioned, and show that shoulder patch logo so we can see what it looks like. I don't know that as a real Senators logo so if that's an original work you might wanna show it off, or if you borrowed it tell where you got it from.

Rating: 6/10

Team USA Concept (Brandon C.)

What I Like: Stars for the shoulder patches as well as pants striping. The away jersey is great.

What I Dislike: I do like the striping pattern, but for whatever reason it's not working for me in this concept. I don't like the large amount of white in the home jersey. There's not enough red for my taste.

     Home Jersey: Change the white on the arms to blue to match the away jersey. Make the little white stripe under the red stripe blue, and make that thicker blue stripe white, so the only two stripes on the arm goes "think red then thick white. Make hem and socks match that pattern.
     Away Jersey: Make the away jerseys match the home jerseys arms with my suggestions so the jersey has a white base and blue arms, and I think this jersey set will look very swell. Good concept and it's only a few tweaks away from being even better

Rating: 6/10

Washington Capitals Concept (E. Awad)
What I Like: Striping/Cuff pattern. Looks a little better than their current jerseys.

What I Dislike: Would rather see the Caps stay a primarily red team with blue as a secondary color. There is no consistency between the jersey, pants, and socks.

Suggestions: On the jerseys, swap blue for red, on both of them. The logo on the home jersey should then change to white or blue. Ditch pants stripes completely. And make the socks match up with the arm stripes.

Rating: 6/10

Connecticut Huskies NCAA Concept (Scott M.)
What I Like: 

What I Dislike: This is basically a simple rendering of their current jerseys on a Reebok jersey.

Suggestions: Make some new jerseys. Make them "Scott M. Originals" I'd say, use the UCONN Husky Dog logo somewhere on the jerseys. Change the striping, add silver? Something to make it your own and not a literal translation of something that already exists. Again, Good execution though

Rating: 6/10

Montreal Maroons Concept (Brandon C.)
What I Like: The color scheme is interesting. Definitely unique. Simple striping for a set of jerseys for an old team is spot on. You don't want to get too modern.

What I Dislike: Too much black on the white jersey. There should be more of that beige color, but then again it could start to look too bright and washed out. Either way, something looks odd.

Suggestions: Maybe try a different striping pattern that can balance the colors out a little better, that way the colors can all look balanced between the two jerseys. Maybe even try a beige jersey instead of white.

Rating: 7/10

Peterborough Petes Concept (Scott M.)
What I Like: I really like when teams use a two-color scheme. It looks very classy. Scott takes the Petes back in time with this look too.

What I Dislike: Nothing to not like here but there isn't really a lot of creativity. This is a look the Petes have used before, and still sort of use.

Suggestions: Maybe add a unique, creative third jersey to at least leave your own mark on the Petes. Great execution as always from Mr. Scott.

Rating: 7/10

Binghamton Senators Concept (Alan H.)
What I Like: I like the attempt to call back to the old Sens' striping heavy barberpole jerseys without actually making a barberpole jersey. I like shoulder striping. The number font is ok, could be better though.

What I Dislike: The black cuffs and hems look odd to me. Makes the jersey seem too busy with the shoulder striping. I don't care for the name font.

Suggestions: Ditch the black in the cuffs and hem (and socks). Makes the jersey seem less cluttered. Change the name font. Also, make the little white patch under the Reebok logo on the back red, and the Reebok logo white.

Rating: 7.5/10

Team Canada Concept (Darren H.)
What I Like: Striping looks great in those colors. I LOVE that Canada logo with the pattern in the leaf. So B.A.....

What I Dislike:  VERY iffy on the gold collar and the yoke stripe.

Suggestions: Nothing really besides maybe change the collar and ditch the yoke stripe. Also, maybe get rid of the "CANADA" and leave just the leaf, that'd look great

Rating: 8/10

San Jose Sharks Third Jersey Concept (Bastian)

What I Like: GRAY JERSEY! One NHL team should attempt a gray jersey, and the Sharks could be the best possible team to do it. (Jets? Hurricanes?) I like the shoulder patches as well as the Shark logo outside of the triangle. I like this logo a better because it has the shark's body and not just part of a shark appearing out of nowhere.

What I Dislike: Needs orange. I don't know why so many people dislike the orange in the Sharks' branding. I feel the orange and teal play off each other nicely. I'm not saying that orange should be used a lot, but just as trim, it POPS! And either replace black or gray in the arm and hem stripes with orange and this concept could be even cooler!

Suggestions: Add orange into the striping and back into the logo!

Rating: 8.5/10

Toronto Maple Leafs Nike Swift Concept (Kevin W.)
What I Like: I don't mean to plug myself here, but this set is very similar to a concept I made a few months back, so right off the bat, I like it. Kevin has the same ideas about the Leaf's look that I do. Everything from the striping and logo that should be used primarily. This set looks great on the Swift template

What I Dislike: The sock striping, that's just something that the Leafs have done which I have never understood. Is there anything historic behind that? Or just a bad design choice? It also looks way too small on the sock.

Suggestions: Make the sock look like the arm by only doing one set of the stripes. ID on the concept!!!

Rating: 8.5/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Third Jersey Concept (Bastian)
What I Like: Yellow base color. The Pens NEED to go back to this color scheme and NEED to have a yellow third jersey. Arm striping. It's unique on it's own while still resembles the Pens' 90s unis. Classic...

What I Dislike: As far as branding goes, the "RoboPen" and the "Skating Penguin" don't belong together. They look far too different. So I'd say pick one and stick with it, or, maybe it's time for a new logo? Also, I don't care for the big yellow stripe on the pants.

Suggestions: At the very least ditch the pant stripe. I'd go with RoboPen on the chest, the "angle-heavy" logo would look good with the angled arm stripes.

Rating: 9/10

Wednesday: Jersey Matchups Reviewed by DBro Alexander on January 30, 2013 Rating: 5


Kevin W. said...

The leafs have had that three-stripe pattern on their socks (the stripe style is commonly known as the "Northwestern stripe" since apparently Northwestern University was the first to widely use it) since 1930.

Scott Markiewicz said...

Thanks for the criticism! I think you're completely right, I should have gotten more creative with the concepts...

Tyler Gross said...

Bastian's Penguins for COTW

Ryan said...

Leafs socks are from the 30s sweaters. Been the same ever since, except the 70s and 80s.

T said...

Second Bastian for COTW

Anonymous said...

Best looking game, jersey wise: sens at home in heritage jersey vs. bruins. OR Calgary in retro third vs oilers in road jersey

Snow Monster said...

I hate the Red Wings... I mean Dead Things as well, but when the Avs play them in Detroit, the jerseys look very good. The dark red and light red looks great. They looked even better back in the 90s in the peak of the rivalry, when the home team wore white. Those games in Denver were the stuff of hockey legends.
And while we're talking about the Leafs, I like the jerseys they wore in the 70s and 80s. At least their socks didn't look like the Wicked Witch of the West's.

Ryan said...

I'm biased, but the Leafs in Detroit looks best to me. Simple blue and white versus the red and white. A personal favourite of mine is also the Bruins in black against the Oilers in white.

Anonymous said...

I'm also biased, but the Rangers against Canadiens in Montreal is an eye delight!

But if teams with very different first colour were allowed to play against each other in their home uniforms, I'd have to go with a Montreal-Boston game though.

Dave C said...

UConn by Scott for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

Islanders black alternate versus Stars..oh sheesh, that would be a game

DBro Alexander said...

I didn't mean to offend you Scott M. A few of the other have pointed it out the past few weeks on different concepts, not just yours.

The best part of seeing these concepts is seeing the creativity and unique ideas people come up with. Please don't take offense to that.

Scott Markiewicz said...

@DBro Don't worry about it. You didn't offend me at all!

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