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We have a couple of votes going on right now, the December-COTY vote and the January 1-6 vote.  Remember anyone can vote, there's no more voting committee.  Click on the banners on the side of the page to see the entries.

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Binghamton Senators Specialty Jersey Design Competition entries...

(by Darren H)

(by Ryan H.)

(by Scott M.)


Minnesota North Stars (by Bren Rosy)
This concept could use a lot of work.  It's obvious the fill tool was used instead of using an actual striping pattern.  There are also a lot of execution errors, the TV number are too large (and on the back right sleeve it's upside down), the inside of the collar should be yellow, and the inside of the bottom of the jersey should be white (and we shouldn't be able to see the inside of the jersey on the back view).  The only thing I like about this is the cool roundel logo used.  Check out these helpful tutorials for some good advice.  3/10

Team USA (by Dmitri G.)
Dmitri based the home and road off of the New York Rangers.  I don't like that idea at all, I think a country should be able to come up with a unique look of their own.  The third jersey looks just like the USA's 2002 jersey.  It looks good, but it's nothing we haven't seen before.  5/10

Winnipeg Jets (by Casey R.)
Here's a nice simple third jersey option for the Jets.  Nothing amazing about it, but I do like the idea of a light blue third jersey for Winnipeg.  The one thing I don't like is that the blue of the logo doesn't match the blue of the jersey.  Other than that one issue execution is quite good.  7/10

Team Germany (by Bastian S.)
I really like Germany's current jerseys, and while these are good too, I wouldn't call them an improvement.  If the thin white stripes were removed from between the main stripes, I'd like this much better.  The the striping pattern would match Germany's flag.  I also think the numbers could use some red.  Using the secondary logo as a forward facing patch is unique, and a good decision in my opinion.  7/10

Seattle Metros (by Kyle C.)
Kyle uses the logo he made for the NHL Expansion contest on these Metros concepts.  I really like how the wordmark continues the chest-stripe on the front.  The back of the jersey doesn't flow quite as well, but I don't really know how to improve that.  The colour scheme is awesome, we need more green in the NHL!!! 8/10

Calgary Flames (by Stephen T.)
Stephen converted the Flames' 1995-2000 jerseys to the Reebok Edge system.  He then added a cool black third jersey, which uses the old horse-head logo.  I really like that jersey, but I do think the numbers should be either yellow or white.  7/10

Phoenix Coyotes (by GKennedey)
I'd be extremely happy if the Coyotes brought back a striping pattern similar to their original jerseys, but kept there current colour scheme.  Obviously I'm a big fan of this concept too.  I don't understand why two shades of maroon were used, but it doesn't take anything away from this concept.  Also many people probably wouldn't like the primary logo used, but I always thought it fit well for a hockey team in the dessert.  8/10

2014 Winter Classic (by Snow Monster)
The actual 2014 Winter Classic will probably be between Toronto and Detroit, but this would be great for a possible 2015 Winter Classic.  The Avalanche jersey, using the striping from the Nordiques jersey, looks great.  Although I'd much rather have snow white than vintage white for a team called the Avalanche.  The Wild's jersey looks just as good.  It kind of looks like a North Stars jersey, but not so much that there trying to steal the North Stars history from Dallas.  The event logo looks really cool as well.  8/10

Czech Republic (by Bastian S.)
I'm guessing the checker-board pattern has some significance in the Czech republic.  It's used in their logo, and Bastian uses a sublimated pattern in the striping.  That striping pattern looks great, and I have no complaints about this concept at all.  COTW nomination from me!!!  9/10

Colorado Avalanche (by Alan H.)
The Avalanche are in dire need of better jerseys, and many people think they should go back to something similar to their original jerseys.  Here Alan does just that, using the mountain pattern from their original jerseys on more tradition arm and hem stripes, as well as the shoulder yokes and socks.  For some reason the shoulder yokes bug me.  I don't know really know why, maybe because they have corners, or because the mountains are kind of floating up high.  The rest of the jersey looks great though, and I'm probably the only person who doesn't like the shoulders.  8/10
Wednesday: IIHF and More Reviewed by Steven Grant on January 09, 2013 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

Ill second Bastians Czech concept

Snow Monster said...

Hey Guys,
I just wanted to clarify, I finished the Winter Classic Concept the day before the 2013 Winter Classic game was cancelled, which pushes it back another year.Otherwise I would have made my concept 2015.
Glad you liked it.
I also thought of making the jerseys for the Avs real white instead of vintage white, but it seemed to tie together the Nordiques heritage to the team better, so I didn't change it.

Ryan said...

SnowMonster for COTW. I love when people create their own logos! And a great application of said logo.

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