Tuesday: What game are you watching?

Hello everyone, sorry for the late post once again, my Tuesdays have become quite hectic lately, and with the blog going down a few times this month and missing a few Tuesday posts I got a bit lost. I'm working with Ryan to find a solution but until then, there are concepts which must be shared with the world.

Hope everyone has a game to watch tonight! I get to watch my Hawks home opener so I'm excited!

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And now onto our regular daily concepts

Edmonton Oilers Concept (Bastian)
Like: Bastian's work in general lately has been some of the best work featured on the site. I love the idea of the Oilers in orange. This would be a great third jersey if the team were taking suggestions.

Dislike: Not completely sure how I feel about the white cuffs, I know it matches their blue jersey but eh...

Suggestions: Ditch the white cuffs and the white half of the sock. Maybe just keep it "Blue Orange Blue with white outlines on each stripe"

Rating: 8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (Dylan H.)
Like: I've never been a huge fan of the Nike jerseys but I'm coming around. The arm striping. return of sport gold (yellow)

Dislike: The colored side panels, are they supposed to have a slope and a point into the armpit?

Suggestions: straighten out the side panels so it's not pointing to the armpit and have just a rectangular panel, also, personal opinion, if the NHL switched to Nike and the Pens did change back to yellow, I would hope Robo-Penguin would grace the front of the jersey instead of skating penguin.

Also, put some sort of ID on the image so people know who made it!

Rating: 8/10

 Dallas Stars Concept (David C.)
Like: The color scheme on it's own, is intriguing, I like the Alternate crest of just the skyline in the star. I love the idea of a double green color scheme!

Dislike: The color scheme, to me at least, doesn't seem to say NHL level hockey, seems like more of a minor league thing to use the neon green to appeal to a younger demographic and sell merchandise, not a bad thing though. I wish the primary was green and the alt was black. The "Dallas Stars" wordmark on the alt, go with "Dallas" or "Stars"

Suggestions: Give the alternate logo I mentioned the starring role on the chest. For the color scheme, I'd say use the darker green and a lighter green to go with it, but not as far as neon and I think this looks more professional as opposed to a minor league team or fan jersey.

Rating: 7/10

 AK Bars Kazan (KHL) Concept (Luis G.)
Like: Green!

Dislike: The yellow piping is ok, but I don't think it needs to be on the numbers if there's a white outline.

Suggestions: Not my cup of tea, I'm not a hug fan of a lot of European jerseys, but this is still a good concept, I'd work on the number outlines. The white and yellow don't contrast and blend in together and looks odd.

Rating: 7/10

 Toronto Maple Leafs Winter Classic Concept (Roger A.)
Like: The logo, it may not be my favorite Leafs logo, but it definitely fits the bill for the WC. I like how the striping still resembles current Leafs jerseys but has that throwback feel by being slightly different.

Dislike: This may be controversial to some, but I would have liked to see some vintage white here. I feel the Leafs have the right to use that vinage color since they're original 6 and all.

Suggestions: Swap out white with the vintage white

Some sort of ID on the concept would be nice too

Rating: 8/10

 Detroit Red Wings Winter Classic Concept (Roger A.)
Like: Assuming Roger's jerseys were used, it would be FANTASTIC to have a color v. color matchup for a Winter Classic.

Dislike: I don't like how the arm stripes are super thick white the socks, hem, pants stripes, are quite thin.  and the Red Wings in general ;)

Suggestions: Make the arm stripes a little thinner, I know it would look like a color swap of a regular Wings jersey, but it's hard to be creative and base a jersey off of old ones when the team has looked the same forever. Also, the Wings put their captain letters on the opposite shoulder so I wouldn't mind seeing that be corrected

Some sort of ID on the concept would be nice too

Rating: 7/10

 Atlant Moscow (KHL) Concept (Luis G.)
Like: Yellow base, the shoulder patch logo

Dislike: Lack of white everywhere in the jersey except for the numbers, all or nothing.

Suggestions: make the white outline of the numbers silver, and I like the shoulder patch logo better than the one used on the chest.

Rating: 7/10

 Carolina Hurricanes Concept (Stephen T.)
Like: Honestly, not much, I normally really like Stephen's work but this jersey isn't my favorite. That doesn't mean there aren't good things about it. I do like the flag pattern in these colors. Assuming this is a third jersey concept, I like that it's based on their current jerseys.

Dislike: Lack of gray, I like the the Canes use gray in their jerseys and I'd like to see it used in a third jersey. Not huge on the black on black numbers either. The recolored logo is funny lookin' too.

Suggestions: Swap out the "lighter black" or the "dark gray" used for the arm stripes and hem with the normal Hurricane's gray. Same with the Logo, maybe put gray in there and see how that looks. Also, I'd stick with the black helmet, it looks odd having the red helmet with an almost entirely black set up.

Same thing with some sort of ID, it'd be nice to see

Rating: 6/10

 Pittsburgh Penguins concept (Stephen T.)
Like: This is more like it Stephen, this sure is a cool idea. I personally have always liked the Pens blue jerseys they've used the past few years. I love the "90's Pen's" inspired striping.

Dislike: Lack of powder blue on dark jersey.

Suggestions: Swap powder blue with the vintage white on the dark jersey and keep that same order of colors on the white jersey. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh is a black and yellow town and will always be that way, but maybe one of these as a third jersey could happen.


Rating: 7.5/10

 Team USA Concept (Steven G)
Like: Oh Wow.... Oh Wow, I love these.... the blue jerseys have my favorite striping pattern ever! And not only is it fantastic looking, it resembles the flag! The white jersey is also great, but I can't get over that blue jersey!

Dislike: Not one thing, the simplicity of this jersey set is what makes it great. The only thing I'm not huge on is the lack of blue on the socks, but if you add blue to the socks you have to add blue to the striping and I don't want that to happen.

Suggestions: The one thing I might like to see differently is on the blue jersey maybe making the blue on the hem white, sort of Blackhawks-esque

Rating: 9.5/10 COTW NOM!!!

Once again, I apologize for how late this post is. 

Tuesday: What game are you watching? Reviewed by DBro Alexander on January 22, 2013 Rating: 5


Avi said...

That's an awesome logo on David C's Stars concept. Did he make that? Or was it someone else because I'd like to maybe use it in a concept

Ryan said...

Zach and David both failed to follow the HJC logo use policy

David Kerr said...

If the David is I than I fail to see my fault.
The logo I used on the GRG jersey is from this jersey here worn on March 17th, 2012
whereas the logo on the Marlies jersey is a one that i formed myself using elements of the Marlies crest.

If it the other David than I apologize.

Ryan said...

I'm referring to the event logo...

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