Tuesday: Nice To Be Back

Happy Tuesday Everybody! Long time no post, for me anyway. It's great to be back after a long hiatus  and also we have our NHL back!

I'm sure you've all seen the plan is for Sunday training camps and games to start on the 19th. Hopefully the training camp for the Blackhawks is still public since our training camp festival was cancelled.

As for today's post, sorry for the lateness of it, I got a late start on writing it due to my spotty internet connection I've been suffering with since the new year, and not to mention, I almost forgot Tuesdays were my day to write.

Here's a couple of votes we have going on right now that ANYONE and EVERYONE can vote on now.

COTW Jan 1-6 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Dec 2012 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

B Sens Contest Entries - 

Mike S.
 Dave C.

And now onto the 10 concepts for today!

Brooklyn Americans Concept - (Adam H)
What I Like:  The Template. Adam seems to have been using almost every template available trying to find his one, if I'm him, I'm sticking with this one.

What I Dislike: Adam still has the problem of putting the shoulder patches on upside down and I feel that at this point it should be fixed. Not a fan of the stars above the wordmarks, and how come the road jerseys don't have matching socks? I'm assuming this team would replace the Islanders and if that's the case I don't care for that, I doubt anyone would be cool with the Americans and the Rangers co-existing in the same state. Simliar color schemes, meh.

Suggestions: Give the alt's a new striping pattern so they're not so similar. I don't know if "BKY" would be the initials for Brooklyn. I feel it would be BKN or something like that. Flip the shoulder patches. Give the road's their socks. Rearrange the image so everything is laid out neater.

Rating: 5/10

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Concept (Austin E)
What I Like: Color Scheme. The vintage logo on the away is nice, but more realistically it'd be a more modern logo. The Third jersey is amazing.

What I Dislike: Gold Pants on the road, gold helmets...

Suggestions: I would like to see the home look like the away logo wise. I feel like the ND is more of a shoulder patch. Blue pants for away jersey, and blue helmets for both home and away. Maybe a green helmet for the third. Gold helmets would just look bad.

Also, I was raised in an Alabama household, Roll Tide!!!!

Rating: 7/10

Winnipeg Jets Third Jersey (Anthony C.)
What I Like: The striping, the idea of a primarily red jersey

What I Dislike: Lack of hem stripes, the red jersey, while not a bad idea, seems like a bad fit with the Jets. In their branding, red is used very sparsely. The logo seems too weak to be a primary on an NHL level jersey.

Suggestions: Change jersey color to either blue the team uses, or GREY! add some sort of hem stripes. I like the idea of the right shoulder patch moving to the chest.

Rating: 7/10

Phoenix Coyotes Concept (Bastian S)
What I Like: The striping,

What I Dislike: Could use some black in either jersey, jersey template

Suggestions: I do like the jersey template, but there's no room in the NHL for another team with the little crevices above the logo and names. Ditch those but keep the stripes. Add some black for contrast between the sand and white on the dark jersey.

Rating: 7.5/10

Washington Capitals Concept (Bastian S.)
What I Like: Simplified striping pattern. WEAGLE!

What I Dislike: I feel a color imbalance between the two jerseys. The away (my favorite of the 2) is primarily red and white but the home is red and blue.

Suggestions: I'd like to see the red jersey with more white. While I don't see these jerseys as an upgrade compared to their current set, I wouldn't mind seeing one of these as an alternate.

Rating: 8/10

Hamilton Tigers Concept (Stephen T.)
What I Like: Chest Stripe

What I Dislike: Barber Pole arms and socks, wayyyyyy too busy, Logo looks off center, so does number on back.

Suggestions: Maybe try to make the barber pole more subtle, such as the Senators did with their third jersey last year. center the logo and number. Jersey needs a bit more white for me.

Rating: 5/10

St. Louis Blues Concept (Dylan W.)
What I Like: The striping, I feel it fits in really well with the Blues. primarily ONE blue.

What I Dislike: Dark blue collar doesn't fit in with rest of jersey, name and number font sticks out like a sore thumb

Suggestions: Kind of a remake of an old jersey, Not A lot of uniqueness here but an interesting take on a Reebok version of the jersey. with some minor changes this would be a nice jersey to see the team wear again.

Rating: 7/10

Ottawa Senators Concept (Jets96)
What I Like: The arm striping is awesome. I love the classic look on the black jersey,

What I Dislike: Not a huge fan of the black cuffs on the white,

Suggestions: This is basically a clone of an old jersey set, while it would be nice to see the team wear these again, a concept was not really needed for this. There's nothing unique

Rating: 7/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (Jets96)
What I Like: Mostly everything, A great callback to maybe the teams best set of jerseys.

What I Dislike: Nothing really jumps out as unique. Just a clone of an old set. This didn't really need to be made either

Suggestions: Make something that says "JETS96 ORIGINAL" while still referencing this set. Do that with the Sens concept too.

Rating: 7/10

Toronto Arenas Concept (Zack L)

What I Like: Not a lot. Logo could use work but I like where it's headed.

What I Dislike: Number is tall! No tv numbers, White yoke WITH white arms looks odd.

Suggestions: Make the arms blue, fixes a lot right there.

Rating: 5/10

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Bastian Caps for COTW!

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