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Hello everybody, hope you've had a good Thursday. Welcome to today's post here on HockeyJerseyConcepts. Everyone enjoying hockey so far? Anyone been to any games? I haven't, but I hope I can catch a Stars game sometime, maybe when the Hawks play here later this season? Also, The Hawks played the Wild last night and unfortunately we lost in a shootout. Anyway, today I have a TON of concepts for you guys. Let's go.


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Québec Voyageurs concept (By: NB14)

This is NB14's entry into the recent NHL Expansion competition. I have to say, I like all of these. My favorite has too be the Nordique-inspired alternate jersey. I have no complaints here. 8.5/10

Karhu-Kissat (Finland) concept (By: Tatu H.)

These are some pretty good jerseys and can look better with some execution fixes. Number one, the Reebok logo needs to be single-colored and filled in with whatever color is around it. So it would be a white Reebok logo with green on the inside of the letters. Also, the rest of the collar on the front needs to be colored to fit the jersey. Now, to the jersey, I like it. The yoke looks good with good, simple striping. It's a real simple jersey. 6/10

Gwinnet Gladiators concept (By: Stephen T.)

The Gwinnet Gladiators are a team in the ECHL. Here is a look at the Gladiators' road jersey. Stephen has created new uniforms for them, using that thing design that the Penguins and Senators use. Nobody has seemed to be too much of a fan of them, and I can't say that I am a fan of them here either. I like the black alternate though, very cool. The diamonds on the jersey are also cool. 7/10

Vancouver Canucks concept (By: Kevin W.)

Here is the Canucks from Kevin's NHL "Swiftication" series. I would love to see the Canucks like this. The Canucks need to have the "V's" in the arm striping. Great series so far from Kevin. 8/10

Anaheim Ducks concept (By: Bastian)

One of the things the Ducks need to do, in my opinion... ORANGE! ORANGE! ORANGE! I love this concept here by Bastian. The striping is great and just unique. But, the this is right kind of unique. I love this and would just LOVE to see it on the ice. My only complaint would be too switch the gold-brown and black on the socks and arm stripes. 9/10

Montreal Canadiens concept (By: NB14)

Here is a sweet third jersey for the Canadiens. I haven't seen something like this before, but it looks great. The script over the logo looks good here. All I can say is, this is a good jersey, but I'm not sure if I would want the Habs to wear it on the ice. Maybe a fan jersey? 7.5/10

Lake Erie Monsters concept (By: Ryan [HJC])

The Lake Erie Monsters are the AHL affiliates for the Colorado Avalanche. Ryan has a pretty cool black alternate for them. I like the simplicity here. I like the font and logos. The yoke and collar looks good too. No real complaints from me here, Ryan. 8.5/10

Minnesota Wild concept (By: Scott M.)

The Wild are infamous in the NHL for having no real continuity in their uniforms. Scott solves that problem with these uniforms here. It seems the Wild do favor their current green alternate, so this could work. Scott adds red to the jerseys and make the wheat color into true white. I like these a lot. Great execution, as is expected from Scott. 9/10

St. Louis Blues concept (By: Darren H.)

A lot of people don't like the Blues current uniforms, and Darren has a solution for us here. I like the striping on the yokes and the stripes on the arms are great. The "A" patch with the gateway arch is cool too. On an execution note, the collar insert needs an NHL logo. Also, I think the logo on the blue jersey needs to be mainly light blue and not dark blue. Other then that, it's great. 8/10

Los Angeles Kings concept (By: Tyler G.)

Here is the LA Kings from my NHL Redesign. This is more just some modifications then a concept, but here you go. I changed the home jersey so it would have the stripes on the hem (like the road jersey). Other then that, there wasn't much else. Tell me what you think.

Vancouver Canucks concept (By: Bastian)

Here are some cool Canucks concepts from Bastian. It took me a while to notice this, but there is sublimated V's on the arms and on the front of the jersey. A very nice touch there from Bastian, I like things like that. The pants also look cool too. No complaints from me here. 8.5/10

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday, everyone!
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Unknown said...

NB 14's jersey would be interesting... I could see Montreal going with the arched text over logo thing.

however there are 2 things that make me grimace when I look at this jersey (neither are execution or design things)

first, the Habs is a short version of "Habitants" which means inhabitants and refers to early settlers in Quebec. "Habitons" translates as "let's occupy, or let's live here". I guess the critique here is just to check spelling especially in another language (I am guilty of this too).

the second thing I don't like is the use of the nickname (and really and underused nickname... they're the Habs, I don't know if I've ever heard anyone call them the habitants... someone correct me if I'm wrong), it seems like it is in the same vein as the "Sens" and "Bolts" jerseys... Montreal sweaters should be classier than that.

Sorry for the long critique, I actually like the jersey in itself.

Anonymous said...

@NB14: I'm 100% with Colin. Habs. Nothing else.

T said...

I like NB14's voyageurs for COTW

And missing yesterday's convo about the best game in the NHL, how about the Ottawa thirds against the Edmonton roads?

Jeff Beckett said...

I really love Bastian's Canucks concept. The simplicity of the design works very well and the striping reminds me of the "flying skate" era. As well, I like the choice of a more standard block font instead of what the Canucks use now.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'm sort of with you, Colin on the nicknames, but if it's a well established nickname and not just a shortened version of the current name, I think its okay. If NB14's concept just hard arched HABS, I think that'd work better, but as is, it's pretty good. i think if the Rangers had a uniform that read BLUESHIRTS, that'd be.

NB14 said...

Thanks for the correction Colin. You would think that I would have noticed that mistake living in Ottawa! I might play around with the striping a bit. I agree with Jets96 on making the wordmark read "HABS" as a nickname, but I think that would be a better fan jersey.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea I have for a comp or just concept idea. I sent it to Ryan but not sure I had the right address.

I have been thinking about a neat idea for a competition. It would involve execution skills more than creativity but it could still produce some good concepts. The idea is to create the ultimate Frankenjersey. You pick your favorite:
- team color palette
- jersey striping
- logos
- name/number font
These would have to be from 4 different teams.
Artists would combine them to create a "new" frankenjersey. The only issue would be if artists choose a team with two colour only (i.e. Detroit) but a logo with many (i.e. Blackhawks) they may have to make some modifications (i.e. turn the chicago logo into a two-tone logo). It would also encourage artists to check out the templates section.

Let me know what you think.


Dave C

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