Thursday: It's Almost Here

Hey guys, Jets96 filling in here on this glorious Thursday, hockey...well the NHL season is only 3 days away and I have said to forget about the lockout and watch my Jets finish in a playoff spot..maybe..sorta, okay nevermind but better than last year, I'll just throw out my predictions for the upcoming season, just simple thoughts


Deffinite Playoff Teams: N.Y. Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins, Carolina Hurricanes

Possible Playoff Teams: New Jersey Devils, Ottawa Senators, Washington Capitals,

On the Cusp: Buffalo Sabres, Winnipeg Jets, Florida Panthers

Deffinite Misses: N.Y. Islanders, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning


Deffinite Playoff Teams: Phoenix Coyotes, Nashville Predators, St. Louis Blues, Chicago Blackhawks, Minnesota Wild, L.A.Kings

Possible Playoff Teams: Vancouver Canucks, Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks

On The Cusp: Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers

Deffinite Misses: Colorado Avalanche, Calgary Flames, Columbus Blue Jackets, Anaheim Ducks

Those are just my thoughts, if you disagree, please feel free to bash me in the comments.

There are a ton of votes to geth through, all due tomorrow, and remember anyone who has an email can vote. so get voting!!

4th Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

COTW Jan 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

B-Sens Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

On to the concepts

Tampa Bay Lightning Concepts (By: Kyle C.)

First off, victory stripes need to come back, add some character to a relatively boring team, jersey-wise, as of recent years. I like the logo from the early edge era making a comeback, and the shoulder patch look amazing, and I love this whole logo set. The jerseys look pretty good, and the numbers look decent enough, but the white jersey doesn't need the black cuffs. The numbers could also be that paintbrush one from the 90's but that may date the jerseys, none the less, awesome. (8.5/10)

Seattle Metros Concepts (By: Tristan P.)

I'm a huge fan of the colour scheme, even if EVERY Seatle team uses it, and it hasn't ever won a championship in professional sports historys (Blue, Green and White is a losing colour set statistic wise, but I digress). It still looks pretty sweet. The logo is good, reminds me of the Sounders, which isn't bad, but the writing in the M. is kind of distracting, and it can't really be seen, take it out. The shoulder patches are okay, I think one or the other should be used, and the other used on the alternate, just a thought. The alternate is good, but its just a Seattle Metros jersey in different colours, but I would use it. The home and road striping is great, unique, character filled and vintage, its all encompassing. (8/10)

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Bastian S.)

Basitian wants the Panthers to go Red, White and Yellow, little to no blue, and yeah, it kind of works...kind of. The execuction is great, expected from Bastian, but the yellow looks a little bright, when compared to the blue atleast. I like it, but it sort of clashes on the red jersey, but thats about it for complaints. I like the striping, some may say its a little cookie cutter, but, if it looks good, it works, which this does. Still better than what they wear now. Good job! (8/10)

Niagara Ice Dogs Concepts (By: HJC (Ryan H.)

I deffinitley agree that Mississauga needs a re-design, as the Buff-a-slug is just awful. The striping is pretty cool, not too out there, but is still pretty good looking which is much needed. The real great thing about this jersey is the logo and shoulder patch combo and tone of the 3 colours adding working off of each other The problem I have, is not major but it may just be me, but I think the dog should have the same black as in the logo, but that does not take anything away. If Mississauga stepped out in these bad-boys, I think it would make me buy one. Nice work Ryan! (9/10) COTW Nom. from me

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Me, Jets96)

I really think Vancouver needs a re-design, and while red, black, yellow looks the best, but it is sort of dated in today's league. The big thing is the VC logo, I love the look of striping logos, I don't think many teams can do it, but Chicago, Vancouver and maybe Washington can do it. I tried to leave the parts of the new look I liked intact, and bring back some vintage.

Seattle Seahawks Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

The blue jersey looks pretty darn good, I mean, I love their new look, and it does transition well into hockey jersey form. The two problems I have are the size of the shoulder logo and the lack of hem striping, it doesn't so much affect theblue jersey, but it really makes the white jersey look bland and empty. Other than that, these look pretty good (7.5/10)

Team Russia Concepts (By: Steven G.)

I am all for Russia wearing red, they really should, after all, it looks so much more threatening than blue, and gives them a more unique look. The red jersey looks great, everything is as it should be, but I personally think a white total arm yoke would look cool, but I can see why there isn't one. The white jersey is pretty much perfect, but I may make it match the red jersey a little more, but other than that, these are solid. (8.5/10)

Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Me, Jets96)

Even though my e-pen name is Jets96, I don't make a whole lot of Winnipeg Jets concepts, I like their current look. That being said, their old look looks amazing, and I chose to bring back the 80's look for the end of my Re-design. The idea behing this, is to bring back that look for the glory of the 80's, even going back to the Goals For Kids. Ryan gave me some awesome feedback on my series, saying "Congrats Jets96 on completing a ReDesign for all 30 NHL teams. All designs clearly showed thought and effort behind each one. It always must be noted when someone COMPLETES a series! Well done!"

Philadelphia Flyers Concepts (By: Bastian S.)

The Flyers NEED a black alternate, like, especially like they did in the 90's (I have nostaglia googles on, so yeah). I love the striping, especially the name bar thats white, I think Philly is the ONLY team that should use it, but its again something others could try. The striping is good, not every Philly jersey needs to be like the traditional Philly jersey, and the striping looks pretty good. everything looks great, and honestly, Philly needs a black alternate, can't say that enough, but yeah. (9/10)
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Caz said...

I'll second Ryan. I like the striping, and the shadow effect was a nice touch as well.

Kyle C. said...

Tristan's Metros for COTW

Matt Marczel said...

I'm sorry, the Canucks are listed as a possible playoff team? What? The defending back to back Presidents Trophy winners are possibily gonna make the playoffs? I take offense to that. There should be no question whether they make the playoffs or not. They are a playoff lock. They've got the best goalie tandem in the league, one of the best defense corps, and one of the best offenses (albeit when healthy). Sure Kesler is currently injured, but he is guaranteed to be back well before the season's end, and Booth will miss a few weeks to a month. The only question is, will they make it out of the first round. As a diehard Canucks fan, I honestly am unsure about that. Many teams around them in the West have gotten better over the last few years. I have serious doubts that they will win the Pres this season again, but I definately still believe they'll win their division. My pick to win the Cup this year is the NY Rangers.

Matt Marczel said...

The concepts I like the most out of this bunch are Ryan's Ice Dogs and Kyles TBY Lightning. Both well done. Niagara's 'Buffaslug' jerseys have got to go. IMO Reebok should do us all a favor and just retire that jersey template already.

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Matt M., I do believe Vancouver has a good team, however, I think this is the year the wheels fall of the train, the injuries will start to haunt them and, if they do trade Luongo to the Leafs or Panthers, they won;t get much in return, that'd just my opinion though

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