Thursday: Hockey, anyone?

Hello everyone and welcome to today's post on HJC. I hope everyone has been enjoying their hockey, I know I have with the Hawks starting 3-0-0. The Hawks play here in Dallas tonight, GO HAWKS! Anyway, let's get this show on the road. Also, I don't have too much time, because I've been a bit sick all week, so sorry for any short posts.


Here are the voting reminders for everyone:

COTY 2012 Semi-Finals votes (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
AHL Outdoor Classic entry deadline (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


Here are the contest entries for today:

(By: Scott M.)

(By: Ryan [HJC])


Here are today's concepts:

Belleville Bulls OHL concept (By: Alan)

The Belleville Bulls have one of the most slick looks in the OHL, check out one of them here. I like how the three stripes represent the 30 years of the teams' existence, but I think these are kind of dull compared to the current sweaters. I like these, I just don't think I would prefer them over what they wear now. 7/10

DEG Metro Stars DEL concept (By: Luis G.)

I don't know much of anything about the DEL, but (I think) I found some of their uniforms, look here. My favorite thing about this concept has to be the sublimations. One thing a lot of people do is put some ads on their concepts for realism. Anyway, I like this, not bad, but not great. I think it could just use some flavor. 6/10

Dallas Stars concept (By: Mason H.)

Here's a simple Stars concept from Mason. The Stars are expected to have new uniforms next season, and I wouldn't mind something like this. Very sweet and simple. There is only two real things I don't like here. 1: The logos, I think they need some more character, and spark. 2: The lack of gold in the collars, I don't think they fit with the good amount of gold that's in the striping. The font looks really cool too, especially for a team in Texas. 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (By: Kevin W.)

If Nike were too ever take over uniform duties for the NHL (which hopefully won't be for a while), this is pretty much exactly what the Hawks would look like. The only difference I really notice is the white outline on the logos on the red jersey. That's a pretty lateral move, in my opinion. Doesn't look better, doesn't look worse. Anyway, this isn't much of a concept other then just a Reebok-to-Nike crossover. Great execution, though. 6.5/10

Cleveland Barons concept (By: Bastian)

Wow, I love these. If the Barons were too ever make a comeback, I think these would be awesome for them. These are so classic, but unique at the same time with the stripes on the yoke. The single-colored font looks great as well. 9/10 and a COTW nom from me!

BOS-NYR Winter Classic concept (By: Josh G.)

Josh has the Bruins playing the Rangers at Yankee Stadium in the Winter Classic. Anyway, it wouldn't be 2013. Since 2014 is probably going to be TOR-DET, I think this would have to be 2015. Anyway, Josh brings back the Lady Liberty jerseys that the Rangers wore from 1996-1998 and 1999-2007. I think that the vintage white on the Ranger should be changed back to true white. The grey and vintage white doesn't really clash very well, in my opinion. To the Bruins, I really like 'em, the number would be hard to see,  but the jerseys are very slick. Props for making a logo and a rink to really complete the concept. 7/10

Oregon Ducks NCAA concept (By: Brady S.)

Some very classic Oregon jerseys from Brady. Although the Oregon Ducks football team is known for having very "out-there" uniforms, I really like these. See the image for more of what Brady was trying to do here. 8.5/10

New York Islanders concept (By: Dylan A.)

Well, I can say one thing, these are DEFINITELY better then the original "fishsticks" jerseys. The striping is really cool, and the lighthouse logos really works here. That alternate is awesome, as well. Great work, as always, from Dylan. 9/10 

Florida Panthers concept (By: Tyler G. / Me)

Here is my Panthers redesign from the NHL Redesign that I'm currently doing on my blog. I wanted to bring back the piping on the sleeves, and add hem stripes. So this is what I came up with. Tell me what you think.

Slovan Bratislava KHL concept (By: Luis G.)

Some pretty simple uniforms from the KHL'S Slovan Bratislava. I like how their logo is the robo-penguins, but an eagle instead. Not much I can say here since I don't know much about the team or their uniforms, but there are cool and simple. I'd love to hear some feedback from the readers as well. 6/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (By: Bastian)

Bastain introduces grey to the Bolts' color scheme and I love it. These are so much better then what they have now, and they aren't just "wannabe Leafs" anymore. Also, VICTORY STRIPES! No complaints from me here. 9/10 and this was my other choice for COTW, but I just love to choose the Baron's concept.

Have a good Friday!
Thursday: Hockey, anyone? Reviewed by Tyler Gross on January 24, 2013 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Cleveland/Columbus, which would look better, just looks wise? Personally, my pick is for the Barons, not because I hate the blue jackets look, but because the Baron's look is better, especially with all the concepts people make that look good, just like Bastian's. oh, and Alan for COTW

Unknown said...

Winter Classic concept for COTW b/c of effort put in

Andrew G. said...

I'll second Bastian's Barons concept for COTW.

Kevin W. said...

6.5? How dare you, sir!

I kid, I kid. I didn't expect a groundbreaking 10/10 for that concept, since as you said, it's just a lateral move. I'm doing a whole series of Nike-NHL concepts and some will be different and some will not be.

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