Thursday: CBA Ratified + Tons of IIHF!

Hello everybody and welcome to today's HJC post. It's great too be back here writing for HJC after that break we had. It is also great too hear that the lockout is finally over. I can't wait too watch my Blackhawks, after this super long wait. Anyway, with the lockout over, we have some uniform/logo news! The Dallas Stars are going to release brand new logos and uniforms, either this year or next. The best part? They're going too be green! Since the Stars are my local team, I can't wait too see what they have come up with, and maybe I'll just have too save up and buy one! On Wednesday, the NHL Board of Governors officially ratified the terms of the new CBA, now all that's left is the players have to vote. Anyway, let's get to today's post.


The voting committee has been dissolved, so anyone can vote now! Here are some voting reminders.

COTW Jan 1-6 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Dec 2012 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

B-Sens Contest Entries



(Steven G.)



Team Czech Republic IIHF concept (By: Steven G.)

Here is a Team Czech Republic concept from Steven G.'s IIHF Redesign. You can check out one of their current uniforms here. Anyway, I like these sweaters. The curved striping looks cool. The font, logos, collars and everything works here. Nothing is that special or amazing, just simple, good uniforms. 7/10

Jokerit SM-liiga concept (By: Stephen T.)

Not very often you get a SM-liiga concept, but here is a Jokerit one from Stephen. You can see some of Jokerit's uniforms here, a picture I got from the team's online shop. I'm not too sure if I would prefer these over their current uniforms, but these aren't bad. This sort of just looks like some old Florida Panthers uniforms with some colors changed up a bit and a Jokerit logo slapped on the front. It needs some creativity and originality, but I guess I'll just call it acceptable. 6/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (By: Jets96)

Hmm, here is a new Penguins concept, I've never seen much like it. Too be honest, I really like these. The diagonal stripes look really cool, the new collar looks awesome. Everything here just looks right how it should be. The logos all look good as well. No complaints from me here. Great job, Jets. 8.5/10

Pittsburgh Pirates concept (By: Kyle C.)

No, this isn't the baseball team. This is the old NHL Pittsburgh Pirates who were active from 1925 through 1930. Check out their uniforms here. If the Pirates were too ever come back, these uniforms would be awesome! The logo looks really cool, and the overall jersey design looks great as well. But, how about that alternate? Awesome! The Kings font looks great on all of these and the alternate is a great nod to the yellow and blue jerseys they had back in the day. Awesome concepts here from Kyle! 9/10 and a COTW nom from me!

Colorado Avalanche concept (By: Tristan P.)

We can pretty much all agree that the Colorado Avalanche could use some new uniforms. These are something I could definitely see the Avs wearing. The mountain hems look really cool and executed well. The sleeves + stripes look cool. I have no real complaints here. Execution is really good as well. 8/10

Braunschweiger Penguins concept (By: Martin L.)

Here are some concept from Martin for his team. I don't know anything about the team so I'll just talk about the uniform. The overall design of the sweater looks cool. The outside of the logo has some loose pixels and needs to be cleaned up a bit. Back to the uniforms, the chest stripe looks good, and the logo is pretty cool too. The socks should just have the one middle tan stripe, get rid of the tan at the top and bottom, because they would get lost in the pants and skates. Also, I think the gloves would look better if they were blue, because the black looks out of place. Anyway, this is OK, not great, but not horrible. 5/10

Team Italy IIHF concept (By: Bastian)

I have too say, these are really cool. The striping all looks cool fitting with the Italian flag. The wordmark works here and it looks good. The yoke stripe is unnecessary, in my opinion. I also like how the collar looks like the flag as well. Alot of really cool things in this concept by Bastian. Great job. 8/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (By: Bastian)

Here is a classic Hawks concept by Bastian. Similar to the 2009 Winter Classic jerseys, this features a chest stripe. I like all the logos and striping. I also love the socks. I would love too see the Hawks bring out this jersey as an Alternate. Not much bad I can find about this concept. Great job, Bastian! 8/10

Team Canada IIHF concept (By: Steven G.)

We started with Steven's Czech Republic concept and here is his Canada concept. It's pretty basic but I like it. The leaf on the stripes are cool and original. There's nothing here not too like, as always by Steven. Great series so far by Steven, I've loved it. 8/10

World War II concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Wow, that's a lot of jerseys! I can tell Steven spent a lot of time and a lot of energy on this concept. I like all the jerseys. My favorite has too be either Germany, Russia, Canada, or France. These all look great, Stephen. I'm gonna let the readers give their feedback, because I don't think I could comment on every jersey. Anyway, this is really cool. 9/10

Have a great Friday and weekend! I just can't wait for the NHL to start!
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winnipegjets96 said...

wow im embarassed, i left the NHL tags on my entry...lesson of the day, double check your entries!

Tyler Gross said...


If you want, you can correct it and send it in again, I'll edit the post and put the new one up.

winnipegjets96 said...

thanks tyler, but the contest rules say one entry, so i'll just have to deal with the consequences

Unknown said...

The BS Penguins are a funteam which won the first HYGIA-Cup back in december in the city of Brunsvig in Germany.
I sent these images to answer the HJC community about new ideas for a new logo or a jersey design, because we want to get some new jerseys for this year's tournament.
If we use the design, we would mention the designer on our jersey and maybe send one jersey to him or her.

I think this was a mistake, I just wanted to give the community an idea to work with. We don't have colours yet, but blue, green and vintage white are in a favourite position at the moment.

So, I hope that someone of the HJC writers can fix this and post it as a request. :)

oh, by the way Pittsburgh-concept for COTW ;)

Best wishes to everyone from germany,
Martin ;)

PS: Sorry, of I have done some mistake in my english :)

Unknown said...


winnipegjets96 said...

@ Martin, are there anything your really looking for in a Braunschweiger pens concepts? like logo wise or template wise? and tnx for the COTW nom. i appriciate it

DBro Alexander said...

Bastian's Blackhawks for COTW! Not very often is there a Blackhawks concept I'm a fan of!

Ryan said...

Steven G. CAN concept for COTW!

NB14 said...

Crap. I had my B-Sens entry finished and ready to send, then my laptop's hard drive decides to fry.

Alan John Herbert said...

Steven G. Team Canada Concept got my COTW nom!

Unknown said...

@ WinnipegJets96
You can feel free to do anything you want ;)
You can use my logo or create a new one.
We jsut want to have new ideas :)

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