Monday: It's Getting Better!!!

Hey readers, hope everyone is liking the hockey, I wish the Jets had won their opener, but I guess Canucks and Canadiens fans are saying the exact same thing right now. I'm really glad hockey is back, simply because hockey is on, even though I am a huge Jets fan, I'll watch almost ANY hockey game, unless it's a very very very boring game, which is rare in hockey.

If you missed yesterday's Weekend Update post, be sure to check it out here.

Theres a new contest in effect now, AHL Outdoor Classic is the name of the game. Entries are due by Friday. Read the rules by clicking the banner above, and please follow them. Here are some of the entries that have come in so far:

Eric W.

Adam H.
 Brady S.

COTW is reset, so get your votes in, everyone who has an email can vote, votes are due Friday.Also, COTY 2012 is moving on to the quarterly vote!

COTY 2012 Semi-Finals votes (end Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

COTW Jan 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

AHL Outdoor Classic entry deadline (Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

On to the Concepts, there are A LOT!

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

Dylan has mixed the old and the new with Calgary, and puts the 80's colours with the flag patches of today, and it looks pretty good. The template is pretty good, and it helps accent the striping. Speaking of which the striping is really good, it looks classic, but not too dated. I prefer the away to the home, but both are good. The alternate is sweet, I'm all for the "brunt" look, especially with the horse head logo, but the striping is a little empty, not bad, but a little empty. (8/10)

Detroit Red Wings Concepts (By: Randall A.)

I'm all for the minor changes to the home jersey! Making the hem striping match is a great idea, but I'm also glad Randall has included this alternate, as that's where the focus on this concept is. Detroit sure could use and alternate, and while pretty much anything vintage would work, combining eras is something Detroit hasn't tried yet. The shield logo looks great, even is it is a little dated, and the striping is great. my only gripe is that the stitching is very pixed, even cut off in some parts, but other than that, these are a nice set for a classic team (7.5/10)

Providence College Concepts (By: David K.)

I don't really follow NCAA hockey, but I do know Providence is one of the best teams in the league, and their look is very collegiate. The colours are my only gripe, but Providence has used these for a while so I'll let them slide. The logo is cool, but the script above the logo is just okay, but its okay. The striping is fantastic, it looks very NCAA like, and thats really key. The shoulder patches looks great, and are in their perfect places, maybe even putting the friar head on the front of the jersey? (8/10)

Pepsi Concepts (By: Chris Z.)

I am 100% pro Pepsi, I like Coca Cola, but I love Pepsi (there is a difference in taste, trust me), this will cause controversy, but thats my opinion. The home and away are awesome! Yes they are Ducks jerseys, but they look amazing, very Pepsi like. The alternate is awesome, except for the colours not matching the logo, but thats okay, I really like non-hockey hockey concepts. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me.

Peterbourgh Petes Concepts (By: HJC (Ryan H.)

Their current jerseys look decent, for an OHL team, but these look okay, sorry I mean AWESOME! These sort of look 80'sy, and I am totally 80's...even though I'm 16 (sort of a retro junky). The striping look awesome, especially how the arms look, they look great. The new shoulder patch looks amazing, and everything flows. Peterbourgh..if you see this concept, please put them in! (9/10)

Memorial High Concept (By: Brady S.)

I love seeing this! Brady, koodos to you, its amazing to see someone's concept in real life, and they look great. These are very NCAA/University hockey like, and make a cool alternate. I'm not sure how they look with the home and away, but it looks cool. I like the stars and the red and white stripes a lot, and I hope to see more people get their concepts made into reality (8/10) (10/10 for execution)

Team Switzerland Concepts (By: Steven G.)

I like seeing Switzerland do well in hockey tournaments, they are like everyone's second favourite team, and if anyone saw them nearly upset the Russian in the World Juniors, it was an incredible show and I think Bob Mckenzie said it best " Switzerland, you deserve a lot more than what you came out with!' This set looks really good, its big red stripe on the chest keeps the concept from having the invisible white cross, like on their current jerseys. The one gripe I have is how boring it is, but it isn't too boring, so it still looks great. (8.5/10)

Regina Pats Concepts (By: Shaun F.)

I'll give this concept this...NO DOG!!! I'm pretty sure the team is name after William Lyons Mackenzie King's dog, Pat, but, the dog logo doesn't look good. The home and away remind me of Chicago, which isn't horrible, especially if you see the rest of teh WHL, it looks pretty good. The Alternate is awesome though, I'm not sure where the logo is from but it's awesome. This is an improvement over their current look for sure. (8/10)

Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: Me (Jets96)

I'm sort of a fan of Phoenix's look, but with their new name, they sure could use a new look. The logo, of the running fox, is needed on the front of the jersey, but it could just have easily had the head logo. The real think I wanna focus on the arms, which they need something unique. I think sublaminates are needed in this day in age, and yeah, tell me what you guys think?

Kerfeld Penguins Concept (By: Bastian S.)

I like the DHL, if you are German, you are lucky, as your teams have amazing logos and cool jerseys. I like their current jerseys, but these are more subtle. The script is okay, but the logo on the chest looks great, and the yoke stripes are really cool. My one gripe is that their current logo is a little more exciting, but not a big deal. (8.5/10)

Team Sweden Concepts (By: Steven G.)

Sweden has to have three things in their concepts. 1. 3 crowns. 2. Only two colours, not including white. 3. Classic striping. This concept looks great, the 3 stripe pattern looks awesome, much more execiting. I have no gripes. all and all, it looks awesome. (9/10)
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Kyle C. said...

Hey I sent in a contest entry last night..

stlsnake1985 said...

Thanks for the nomination Jets96! Eric W's concept is AWESOME! I really must apologize again to Steve, Ryan, and all the other writers for my comments last week. Aside from not updating myself on the current state of the site, I had a really bad day that day too so I just picked the wrong time to complain. I've done more reading up on things since then and I'm alot more informed now. Also I know not to be as critical of other people's critique. Thanks again guys! :)

Unknown said...

Krefeld Pinguine for COTW!
I HATE ads on jerseys, trust me. fans are fighting against ads on jerseys since 90's

I love to see german teams without ads

Steven Grant said...

@stlsnake1985: Thanks for the apology, but I actually think you were right, I was being a bit too critical. From now on I'll try to be better about that.

Also, I'll give Ryan's Peterborough concept a COTW nomination.

Alan John Herbert said...

Chris Z's Pepsi Concepts for COTW.

Caz said...

COTW nom to Steven G's Switzerland concept. I love those jerseys. They really fit Switzerland well.

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Martin, what does KEV stand for?

@ Kyle C. I'll put it in if I see it in the inbox

Unknown said...

KEV stands for Krefelder Eissport Verein in english, Krefelds Icessports Union.
Many teams have three letter before theire nicknames,like EHC ( Eishockey Club)or ESC (Eissportclub) so that is very european. And as I said already, european are figthing against ads on jerseys,so please boyct the NHL if they put ads on the game jerseys. the ads will destory the classic feeling and the history of NHL jerseys like they did here in europe, beginning in the late 70´s. we had our first DEL winter game and they didn't designed classic jersey for it, they jsut kept those disgusting ads on the jersey....well nürnberg has only two ads on it and its a very nice jersey...it is like the rangers home in black, search for it on google pictures......

Erik Young said...

Brady Sufat: We played you guys the other day on youth hockey day for us. Had no idea you were so good at designing things like this

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