Friday: 4 from Ferris State, and seeing double in Moscow.

Hello everyone, welcome to another friday!

There are plenty of concepts to get to today, so I will keep this pre-amble fairly short.

This is just to remind you to vote for everything going on. Voting is now open to everyone,  and now ends on friday night. Also, don't forget to get you AHL Outdoor Classic entry in by friday night.

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AHL Outdoor Classic Entries

(Stephen T.)

(Adam H. (updated))



Winnipeg Jets (by Bastian)

Like: The military feel of these sweaters.
Dislike: The lack of light blue... the jerseys look a bit dark in my opinion.
Change: somehow work in the light blue to brighten up the sweaters a bit.
Rating: 8/10.

Ferris State University (ACHA) (4 concepts by Alex J.)


This is my favourite jersey set of the bunch from Alex. This sweater set works for the Flames, and looks like it would work well for the Bulldogs also. The colours are in good order and contrast in this striping pattern. Also the presentation is really good.

However, as a whole, with all of these concepts I have a really tough time liking them for their creativity. These are all just recoloured NHL jerseys. If the point is to be trying to find a sweater that Ferris State could feasibly wear next season, and this is a way of canvassing the audience to see what would be well received, good on you. But if these are intended as creative concepts they miss the mark. I am not sure what your intent was Alex, and don't want to come across harshly, so instead of risking that any further I am just going to offer a few suggestions to make the rest of these concepts pop a little more.


This is my second favourite of the bunch. TO improve this (and all the others) I would add a nume on the back. also, I would switch around the cuffs on the road sweater, making the top stripe black and the main cuff red, just to match the pattern set by the other sweater.


I would play around with the arm and hem striping on these ones, it may be better to simplify a bit, because currently the yellow gets lost between the black and white. Perhaps choosing to use only 2 colours in the striping would allow the yellow to be seen better.


I would be inclined to use white numbers on the back of the red sweater (for all of these), for the sake of visibility. also on this one, white numbers on the arms, especially on the dark jersey are a MUST. Also, by biggest jersey pet peeve, with Florida, and Colorado is the way the arm stripes cut out on the back of the neck... better to continue them all the way across, like Winnipeg does.

Houston Rockets (by Mike S.)

Like: The way Mike has stepped up this series with this concept. the striping looks "basketball", hints at a basketball jersey, fits the Rockets' team identity, and looks good on a hockey sweater.
Dislike: the thin hem stripes, I would like to see something bolder, maybe something that picks up on the arm striping.
Rating: 7/10.

Spartak Moscow (by Luis G.)

Like: the unobtrusive sublimated Spartan beneath the main crest, also how ads, and wordmarks are added to this sweater, but it doesn't look too crowded.
Dislike: this is nit-picking, but the black outline around the letters and numbers seems unnecessary.
Change: Try to as much as possible (aside from ads, etc.) stick to a strict red and white only colour scheme... remove those black outlines.
Rating: 8/10.

Drexel UniversityDragons (by DDragon60)

Like: how cleanly the logo is put on to this concept, no loose pixels... very clean.
Dislike: how the front and back don't match, how the names are randomly white on the back when the rest of the text is yellow, how everything was done with the fill tool.
Change: Check out the tutorials on the site! Add some custom striping elements, and fix the issues with the letter/numbers, also be sure to fill in the inside the neck hole area on the front of the sweater. Also, keep making concepts and sending them in, that is the best way to learn, try new things with your concepts, and get better!
rating: 4/10.

Spartak Moscow alternate (by Luis G.)

Like: the same things I liked about the home sweater, i like abou the road sweater. I also like how well the diagonal stripe looks on this concept.
Dislike: the introduction of the grey. It is on the arms, and collar but not on the front of the sweater.
Change: to make this overall more cohesive, I would add thin gray stripes to the outside of the diagonal white stripe on the front.
Rating: 8/10.

Toronto Maple Leafs Winter Classic (by Dave (DC Visual Arts))

Like: How the sock stripes match the arm stripes. Also the choice of such an awesome logo from Leafs history.
Dislike: Nothing
Change: Nothing

Detroit Red Wings Winter Classic (by Dave (DC Visual Arts))

Like: The logo rotation, and how well it works with the arched text. Also the classic Red Wings captain letter in a diamond, also the font choice.
Dislike: Nothing
Change: Nothing
Rating: 9/10 and a COTW Nomination (if Ryan lets me I would nominate Dave's Winter Classic concepts together as a whole, if not, I will throw my nomination behind this Wings concept!)

Enjoy the weekend everyone!
Friday: 4 from Ferris State, and seeing double in Moscow. Reviewed by Unknown on January 25, 2013 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

Yes, if you want to nominate Dave's WC set as a whole go ahead.

I'll give Bastian's Jets set a COTW nom. Though Dave's WC stuff looks fantastic.

All of those Outdoor Classic entries (except Adam's) do not follow the HJC Logo Use Policy. That makes them ineligible.

For Ferris State, I like the Flames style sweaters the best, for them.

Steven Grant said...

I'll second Dave's WC set. Those jerseys look great, and look like they might be close to what is actually worn based on the leaked shirts.

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