9 concepts for Friday, 19 NHL games this weekend!

Hello everyone! Today I'm bringing you the final concept post before we get back to what really matters, live NHL hockey! After bringing bad news friday, after friday throughout the lockout about more cancelled games, I am really happy to be posting about all the upcoming games, and the awesome hockey-filled weekend we can anticipate.

I got my "weekend" started off last night at a Canucks intra-squad game at Rogers Arena. It was really great to see a lot of fans out in full force. The tickets were free, so there were a lot of families and students out. What surprised me most was the amount of jerseys in the stands. When corporate tickets are in effect, there is nowhere near that much blue (and let's face it black, white, red, yellow, and "purple"too) in the stadium. I got to wear my "brand new" Canucks road sweater  (Bieksa) for the first time last night. I bought it last march and it arrived the morning after the Canucks lost to the Kings in the first round, so I was very happy to finally have occasion to wear it!

Anybody else have a new jersey they are breaking out for the start of the season? Any go-to jerseys, old stand-bys or lucky jerseys? I'd love to hear about 'em, tell us all in the comments below!

Before you plant yourself on you couch with a frosty beverage for all the games this weekend, why not send in your votes to HJC?!?!

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let's get to those concepts, so we can all get to watching the games! 

Ottawa Senators (by Brian B.)

Like: the logo, great choice! the old school feel of this sweater. Super classy.
Dislike: the laurel leaves... they make it seem too busy.
Change: remove the laurel leaves, to simplify the sweater.
Rating: 7/10.

Minnesota Wild (by Caleb F.)

Like: the fact that we may see something like this for the wild very soon! How red is present, but not over-used.
Dislike: small execution error, the hem stripes should go over the jersey stitching. ALso this jersey seems a bit empty.
Change: Make the striping a bit bolder.
Rating: 6/10.

Kölner Haie DEL (by Bastin S.)

Like: the simplicity of a 2 colour sweater, classic hockey look. The pants striping, very classy.
Dislike: nothing
Change: nothing
Rating: 8/10.

Calgary Flames (Kyle C.)

Like: how these sweaters are like what the flames wear right now, but are simpler and classier. I also like the return of the white C. Also like the lack of flags on the shoulders.
Dislike: I would love to see the Crazy Horse shoulder patch make a return.
Change: Add shoulder patches!
Rating: 8/10.

IIHF Team Slovakia (by Steven G.)

Like: how the shoulder striping reminds me subtly of the shield logo.
Dislike: how the colour hierarchy is changed from the white sweater to the blue sweater.
Change: from the white jersey to the blue jersey I would keep the arms the same, and then have red on top of white for the hem stripe. I think it would brighten the jersey.
Rating: 7/10.

London Knights OHL (by Alan H.)

Like: The home and road are great. simple but modern at the same time. Also love the logos used.
Dislike: the  white collar insert in the dark sweater (green would look better I think), and I'm not a huge fan of the throwback sweater.
Change: make the striping more consistant on the alternate. I think the yoke stripes with an "invisible" green yoke doesn't really work. also the thin stripes on the hem don't look that great with thick, bold stripes on the arms.
Rating: 8/10 for the home and road, 6/10 for the alt.

Hannover Scorpions DEL (by Bastin S.)

Like: How this colour scheme has been used, and managed to not look like the Blackhawks or Devils too much. Also the use of a striping pattern I have never seen before.
Dislike: the "invisible" yokes (black on black, vintage white on vintage white).
Change: use a vintage white yoke with a red stripe beneath it on the dark sweater, use a black yoke with red stripe on the light sweater. Also add another thin red stripe above the current hem stripe to make the hem and sleeves match.
Rating: 7/10.

Windsor Spitfires OHL (by Ryan (HJC))

Like: the simple, yet unique and classy striping pattern. The fact that these aren't just copies of the Caps sweaters.
Dislike: this is nitpicking, but how the sock stripes don't really match any of the other striping.
Change: add a thin blue stripe between the red and white on the socks to better hint at the striping on the sweater.
Rating: 8/10.

Washington Capitals (by Jets96)

First off HUGE congrats to JETS96 on finishing off this series! There has not been a bad jersey in this series, and all of them have been very well executed.

Like: the stars on the arms, this is a good look. also the melding of new and old.
Dislike: the Weagle on the elbow. It seems out of place, and would get lost in the bend of the elbow in action.
Change: get rid of the Weagle for simplicity's sake. Also perhaps use fewer, but larger and bolder stars.
Rating: 7/10.

Enjoys the hockey everyone!
9 concepts for Friday, 19 NHL games this weekend! Reviewed by Unknown on January 18, 2013 Rating: 5


Avi said...

I bought a game worn Mark Letestu CBJ third jersey about 2 weeks before the lockout officially began...I couldn't be more excited to wear it to the home opener on Monday night!

Alan John Herbert said...

Jets96's Caps concept got my COTW nom!

DBro Alexander said...

My birthday was in July and mt girlfriend bought me a Marty Turco red Blackhawks jersey because she knows I have an unhealthy man crush on Turco. Haven't been able to wear it for anything yet, could've worn it to a few Icehogs games this year but i opted out for my Andrew Shaw t shirt.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'm going to wear my newly customized Away Jets Jersey #22 Thorburn, or my old Atlanta Thrashers Pavelec jersey

Unknown said...

I'd like to give to both DEL concpts a COTW vote but as Kölner Haie fan, I give it to the Klner Haie Concept.

It's just great to see german jerseys without advertising....I hate adds on jerseys! They destroy everything of jersey!

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