Wednesday: Blue and Red

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There's two votes happening right now on HJC.  The COTW (of course), and the jersey phase of the NHL Expansion competition.

COTW Nov26-Dec2 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
NHL Expansion Top 3 jersey vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)



Dallas Stars, by Jordan R:
Good - The striping and logo inspired by the North Stars is very nice.  The presentation is good.
Bad - I'm definitely the wrong person to judge this, because I dislike any Stars concept that doesn't use green.  Green is such an underused colour in the NHL, that I'd hate to see the Stars ditch it.  7/10

Chicago Blackhawks, by WinnipegJets96:
Good - The jerseys are okay, I just feel that the changes made were made for no reason.  I think these jerseys would be much better suited for the Blackhawks farm team.  Then the jerseys would be something different than the Blackhawks, yet still inspired by them.
Bad - Besides what I mentioned earlier, not much.  The white parts inside of the shoulder logo should be coloured black.  7/10

Houston Texans, by Brian B:
Good - The name and number font is the same as the football team.  Not everyone pays attention to details like that, so I appreciate it when people do.
Bad - The striping seems too generic and reebok-ish to me.  I'd recommend using more elements from the football teams jerseys.  7/10

Calgary Flames, by WinnipegJets96:
Good - I like how the striping is inspired by the Flames 1995-2000 jerseys, but it takes away all the crazy stuff that dates the look.
Bad - I only have a few minor nit-picks.  I'd recommend making the pant-stripes straight, since nothing else is angular on this set.  I'd also suggest switching the order of outlines on the road jersey's numbers, so that they match the logo better.  8/10

Quebec Voyageurs, by Joey A:
Good - Using the light blue colour as the base colour for the home jersey is a great choice, especially considering the Nordiques used a light blue as their main colour.  The striping is quite unique for all the jerseys (especially the third), and using grey as the base colour for the third jersey is also very unique.
Bad - I don't like the lack of light blue on the road jersey, or the squared off shoulder-yoke.  The coloured name-bars aren't my favourite either.  Also execution wise, the back numbers should be closer together.  7/10

Carolina Hurricanes, by WinnipegJets96:
Good - I'm a fan of the Hurricanes current jerseys, but these are much better in my opinion.  I like how the hurricane-stripes are used on the arms as well as the hem.  The round collar is also very good, I wish some NHL teams would wear collars like that.
Bad - There's not really anything I don't like.  The only thing I'd suggest is switching white and black on the home jersey's sock, but that's a very minor complaint.  COTW nomination from me.  9/10

CSKA Moscow, by Stephen T:
Good - The striping looks great, I especially like how the double outline on the shoulder-yoke matches the rest of the striping.  I also like all the choices made with the equipment.
Bad - The logo is very pixelated.  This could also use TV numbers.  8/10
Wednesday: Blue and Red Reviewed by Steven Grant on December 05, 2012 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

I like the colour choices for the Stars' concept but I don't like that they are re-hashed North Stars jerseys.

If Stephen's concept had the items that Steven G mentioned then I would have nominated it.

Kyle C. said...

Jordan's Stars concepts look good, but the faces kinda creep me out... Haha.

winnipegjets96 said...

I like that presentation on Jordan's Star concepts, its corny and cool.

Alan John Herbert said...

Jets96's Hurricanes concept for COTW!

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