Tuesday: Winter Wonderland

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you're all having a good start to your December. Hopefully you are actually having December weather as well. Here in Northern Illinois it's a little under 60 degrees. It's nice that it feels like Spring and all, but honestly, a little snow wouldn't hurt.

No real news to report today, but I thought some of you might be interested in this.

This was sent this the other night by the friend of mine who requested the Eskimo Brothers logo for his roller hockey team. He tells me the jerseys are done and they are set for their "home opener" this Thursday. Hopefully I can make it to their game after my own practice that night so I can see the jersey in action and get the jersey they had specially made for me. As you can see it's not the best jersey design, but I unfortunately didn't have control over that. Otherwise you'd be looking at one of the jerseys in my Eskimo Bros. concept from a few weeks ago come to life!

Anyway, there's a couple votes this week
COTW Nov26-Dec2 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
NHL Expansion Top 3 jersey vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

And on to the concepts!


New England Patriots Hockey Concept (Brian B.)
What I Like: Normally, this template bothers me, BUT, being a jersey based on a football jersey, it doesn't bother me and I rather like it. The use of the "NE" shoulder patch.

What I Dislike: The striping on the upper arms looks odd. I can't imagine what it would look like when being worn. I'd stick with something more traditional.

Suggestions: More traditional striping.

Rating: 7/10

New York Rangers Lady Liberty Jersey (Casey R.)
What I Like: The glorious return of the Lady Liberty logo.

What I Dislike: Difference in the logo's blue and the jersey's blue.

Suggestions: Give the jersey the same shade of blue as in the logo, just like the team used to wear. Make the tv numbers a tad smaller. Maybe change the collar insert to blue, but that's just me.

Rating: 7/10

 Washington Capitals Concept (Scott D.)
What I Like: The Weagle shoulder patch. The blue version of the red and white jerseys.

What I Dislike: I'm not huge on the striping. It's not bad though. I like the hem design, but something about the arms just seems too plain.

Suggestions: I feel the blue and white jerseys would make the better primary jerseys. Then take that stars and stripes jersey and make it primarily red with blue pants and you've got a great set of jerseys. I feel that stars jersey would look better as red with a blue stripe with white (and possibly red) stars.

Rating: 7/10

Oregon Ducks Hockey Jerseys Concept (Stephen T.)
What I Like: The color scheme as well as the logo. This is a color scheme I'd like to see in the NHL. (Ahem, Dallas maybe?)  The attempt at making a "Nike designed" jersey similar to Oregon's millions of football jerseys. Honestly, it'd be nice to see Nike spend some time with the Ducks' hockey team as their current jerseys aren't anything to write home about.

What I Dislike: The contrasting background of the wings on the shoulders. the inconsistent coloring of the stripes. The Alternate jersey, Those crazy pinstripes are too gaudy. The NHL tried them on All Star jerseys and while they didn't look terrible in my opinion, they just haven't found a way to be executed well on a hockey jersey. The wordmarks on the hem, they'd most likely be hidden most of the time or hard to see.

Suggestions: Keep the wings green on shoulders with the background panel matching the base color of the jersey. keep the Green and yellow stripes on the white jersey. I think these two jerseys would look fantastic if the jerseys were exactly the same except swap white for black between the two. That's just me though. As for the alt...... back to the drawing board. I know Ryan normally doesn't accept updates to concepts, but seeing as how the concepts have been coming in slow lately, if you update this enough maybe he'd consider it, but check with him first. At the very least, get in contact with me or post updates on the Creamer boards! I want to see where this goes.

Rating: 7/10

Boston Bruins Concept (WinnipegJets96)
What I Like: The prominence of yellow in both jerseys.

What I Dislike: The inconsistency between the jersey and sock striping. The yellow sock and black jersey combo, I know the Bruins really use that combo, but it bugs me. I kinda miss the unique Boston yoke.

Suggestions: Use the shoulder patch on the pants as well. Also, make the socks match the jerseys. I really like this concept though. It'd be nice to see the Bruins use something like this.

Rating: 8/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept (WinnipegJets96)

What I Like: The move to ditch the silver piping and to swap out silver with white.. Striping pattern.

What I Dislike: The pants stripe

Suggestions: I think the best look for the pants in this situation is maybe keeping them solid blue. Or maybe go with something similar to what they wore with the Buffaslug jerseys.......... I miss the slug..........

Rating: 8/10

Tuesday: Winter Wonderland Reviewed by DBro Alexander on December 04, 2012 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

@ Dylan, I tried to base them off of the 80's Bruins jerseys. but yet, that doesn't neccicarrily mean it was good. As for the Sabres, I too miss the slug, I was going to use it was a shoulder patch or pants logo but I thought it wouldn't be as well recieved

Ryan said...

I think Brian's Pats jerseys are pretty smart. I'll give them a COTW nom.

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