Monday: Everybody's Talkin'...AND?

Happy Monday readers!

Well the PA and the league is talking so lets get right to site news.

COTW has reset with new concepts up for voting, remember to vote by Thursday. HJC is in need of a new Thursday writer, so if your interested, click on the banner to find out how. Finally, the NHL expansion contest moves to the logo phase, so all you logo designers get ready, click on the banner to see the team names available.

COTW Nov 5-11 vote (ends Thursday @11:59pm EST)
In case you missed it here's yesterdays weekend update, you can find all the vote results and ask questions for next week's possible podcast. As well as some interesting news regarding last years COTY winner.
Today's concepts include an NBA concept by Mike, 4 re-designs, a music concept by me and Tyler G. gives us an alternate you may recognize from the recent contest, lets jump in.
Cleveland Cavaliers Concept (By: Mike S.)

What I like: Its very close to what the cavaliers wear, the colours all match and this template works to make it look basketball like

What I don't like: The lack of white and the yoke outline

Improvements: Add some white between the stripes and get rid of the yoke outline (7/10)

San Jose Sharks Concept (By: Justin C.)

What I like: The removal of the orange, the overall look of the jerseys, the execution and the alternate especially is really cool, the amount of grey used

What I don't like: The pre-edge numbers are a little weak

Improvements: use the alternate numbers on all three jerseys (9/10)

London Knights Concept (By: Me (Jets96)

I'll let you guys do the grading on this one, but its pretty simple. I wanted to get back to the North Stars-esque colour scheme. I feel the invisible yoke would work here as is acts like separation. The striping, I tried to get some separation between the colours, and it worked in my opinion.

Edmonton Oil Kings Concept (By: Shaun F.)

What I like: The Colours match the logo, the striping is good an simple, the execution is great and the tips to the Oilers work to this concepts advantage instead of against it.

What I don't like: The blue jersey's yellow arm tips.

Improvements: Get rid off the arm tips and your good as gold..black gold is you will (9/10) COTW Nom.

Brooklyn Nets/ Biggies Smalls Concept (By: Me (Jets96)

This one may seem odd as it is a concept honouring a rapper for a basketball team that's a hockey jersey, but I thought it was worth a try. I am a huge Biggie Smalls fan (Big Poppa= best rap ever) and I think the Nets should honour him in some way, and since you can do more with a hockey jersey, this is what I made. The jersey is a fan jersey and the patch would be something used on the actual nets jersey, tell me what you guys think because I might make a Tupac Lakers jersey maybe, or Clippers.

Washington Capitals Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

What I like: The striping and colour scheme are solid, I love this era in Washington

What I don't like: The logo is too low, the blue jersey needs more black and the weagle doesn't fit

Improvements: Use the pre edge eagle log, add some black to the blue jersey, make the blue helmet black  (5/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concept (By: Tyler G.)

What I like: The striping is very modern but looks avalanche like, the word mark works and the colour scheme is very well used.

What I don't like: The T.V. numbers would be hard to see.

Improvements: Make the T.V. numbers white. 
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Kevin W. said...

The Weagle on the Caps blue jersey definitely needs to be recolored and both jerseys are missing TV numbers.

T said...

Justin's Sharks for COTW

Montana W. said...

San Jose by Justin C. COTW

Brian said...

Justin C thirded

Kevin W. said...

I'll second the COTW nomination for Shaun.

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