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Wild Comp Entry (by Adam H.)

Wild Comp Entry (by D3troit1388)

Wild Comp Entry (by Matt M.)

Wild Comp Entry (by Ryan, HJC)

Wild Comp Entry (by Steven G.)


Tampa Bay Lightning (by Felix T.)
This concept is very unique, but I don't think it works.  The lightning bolts on both the sleeve and hem just seem to be floating there.  The hem bolts should probably continue to the edge of the template, and I think the sleeve bolts need to be redone (I'm not sure how though).  Also execution wise, the bolts are upside or backwards on half of the sleeves and one of the hems.  5/10

2013 Winter Classic concept (by WinnipegJets96)
Instead of Detroit and Toronto, WinnipegJets96 has the Wild playing the Jets in the 2013 Winter Classic.  The Wild's jersey looks like a mix of their current road jerseys' striping, the logo from their current third jersey, and the North Stars colour scheme.  To be honest, I don't think the Wild should use the North Stars colour scheme, and the striping doesn't seem very vintage to me.  The Jets jersey looks better, with a retro striping pattern and their current colour scheme.  My only concern is the shoulders, using so much grey, don't seem to match the rest of the jersey.  7/10

Chicago Blackhawks (by David K.)
This might be the first Blackhawks concept I've seen which uses brown, and it looks really good how it's used here.  It helps give the concept a vintage feel.  There's a few other things which I think should be fixed though.  The chest-stripe should be moved up so it's centered under the logo.  The names and number would also need to raised, and I think they should be mostly tan so they contrast better.  And if you're trying to make a vintage concept I wouldn't include a phantom shoulder yoke.  I do like the 90 Years patch though, that's very clever using the X and C as roman numerals.  7/10

New York Rangers (by Stephen T.)
Stephen makes a few changes to the Rangers home and road jerseys, most significant is changing the striping on the home to better match the road.  I've always liked their current striping pattern better, but that's just a personal preference.  Stephen then adds a third jersey which uses and has the "New York" script on the front.  I think that third jersey looks great, it matches the home and road, but it's still different enough for fans to notice and buy it.  8/10

Team Slovakia (by Daniel J.)
The Nike Swift cut and modern jersey designs seem to belong together, kind of like peanut butter and jam.  Here Daniel gives the Team Slovakia a modern design, which I really like (which surprises me because I normally don't like modern jersey designs).  All the striping seems to fit together nicely, and the numbers font also work well here.  The only thing I don't like are the vertical sock stripes.  Sock stripes seem to always work better horizontally.  8/10

New York Islanders (by WinnipegJets96)
This concept combines the Islanders 2007-10 jersey template, with their current logo and colours to create a new orange third jersey.  The end result is a very nice looking jersey, it's definitely much better than their current third jersey.  Although I think the logo could use a thicker white outline (like what's used on their current home jersey), and the thin outline that's there right now is quite pixilated.  8/10

Växjö Lakers (by Jesper W.)
This team currently wears the Islanders 2007-10 template.  There okay, but these jerseys would be much better.  The striping on the home and road seems to match the logo, and it also leaves room for ads so the jersey isn't so crowded.  The alternate also looks great, with a good vintage striping pattern.  Congratulations on completing your series Jesper!!!  COTW nomination from me and a 9/10.

Chicago Blackhawks (by Justin C.)
This is based off of the Blackhawks 1996-2009 third jersey, but a lot of things have been changed.  The striping is thicker, the logo is changed to the retro circle, and the secondary logo is now placed on the sleeves.  I like all of those decisions, especially the placement of the secondary logo.  If I could nominate two concepts in one post I'd nominate this as well, but I can't.  9/10
Wednesday: Concepts, Concepts, Concepts Reviewed by Steven Grant on October 17, 2012 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Justin C for COTW

Ryan said...

I think the Jets Classic concept would work better if the arm and hem stripes were the same as the stripes employed on the yokes.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll second Jesper for COTW

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