Wednesday: AHL, CHL, NCAA, SEL, and even NHL

It's October, which means there will be a lot of special event uniforms for breast cancer awareness.  Last night the Saguenéens de Chicoutimi of the LHJMQ (or the Chicoutimi Saguenéens of the QMJHL if you speak english) wore special uniforms.

Also the Saskatoon Blades of the WHL are going to wear special uniforms for their October 20th game against the Everett Silvertips.  The Blades jersey has an extra feature, the bottom stripe will include a list of names of Blades season ticket holders' family members and friends who have lost their battle with cancer.


Lots of votes are happening this week on HJC.  Last week there were only four votes for the COTW, so let's make sure we have more this week.  Here are all of your vote reminders...

COTW Oct 1-7 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
September-COTY vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)
Whalers Comp Top 5 vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)


New York Islanders (by WinnipegJets96)
This could be a very good concept, but everything is too small.  The logo, numbers, NOB, and even the striping would benefit from being much larger.  My only other complaint is that the logo doesn't really match the jersey, since the jersey has lots of teal but the logo has none.  6/10

AIK IF (by Jesper W.)
This team kind of confuses me.  Both the actual jerseys and this concept have blue in the logo but black on the jersey.  Maybe I'm missing something?  Besides that issue, I think this is a good concept.  The striping looks good, and the execution is great especially including all the advertisements.  8/10

Montreal Maroons (by Stephen T.)
Stephen brings back the Maroons and adds beige (tan, vegas gold?) to their colour scheme, which I'm a fan of.  I also like the arm and chest striping, which seems to compliment the logo and numbers nicely.  Although, I think the back number would be better with an outline, to help separate it from that chest striping.  I also don't think the thin white stripe near the collar is necessary.  7/10

Saskatoon Blades (by NB14)
This is NB14's entry into the Saskatoon Blades jersey design contest.  It features the vertical shoulder stripes which seem to be trendy in concepts lately.  I like those, but the arms seem kind of empty with just the very small cuff-trim.  I like the rest of the concept though, especially all the light blue.  That wordmark logo looks good too, but I am wondering if it would look better with a front number underneath the right hand side.  8/10

Springfield Falcons (by WinnipegJets96)
This is close to being a very good concept, I just think it needs a few changes.  First of all, I think the arm and hem stripes need to match better, and also the hem stripes should continue all the way around.  The logo should be bigger, and the numbers on the white jersey might be better with a blue outline.  But I do see a lot of potential in this concept if those issues are fixed.  7/10

Brynäs IF (by Jesper W.)
This team sure has unique shoulder yokes, which Jesper kept for this concept (great execution on those).  I've always been on the fence about those yokes, sure their unique, but I also think their kind of clunky.  I like the sleeve stripes on these concepts, they're a big improvement over their current jerseys.  And once again, I  like how realistic all the ads are on these jerseys are.  But I think their logo is better on their current white jersey (with a black circle behind the logo).  8/10

USC Trojans (by Kevin W.)
This is a very good concept.  My favourite part is how the striping is consistent for everything, it really makes a strong identity.  I also like the emphasis on the school name by using the wordmark on all the jerseys.  These colours also always look great together.  The only thing I don't like is that the wordmark on the white jersey is yellow, I think it would stand out better if it were red.  But it's still great, and I'll give this a COTW nom.  9/10
Wednesday: AHL, CHL, NCAA, SEL, and even NHL Reviewed by Steven Grant on October 10, 2012 Rating: 5


Kevin W. said...

Thanks for the COTW nomination, Steven. I can't help but laugh about the fact that of the four Pac-12 hockey concepts I've submitted, the only one that hasn't been nominated for COTW is my alma mater. That is funny.

I wish that Islanders concept was better because I've always loved the idea behind the Gorton's jersey. It was a combination of a good logo with a bad jersey. If they either took the logo and put it on their standard jersey or made the Gorton's jersey a bit cleaner (not so blatantly 90s) either one would be a good alt look for the Islanders. In fact, I just had an idea for a concept. Hooray!

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Kevin W. yeah, I was trying a new Template but I guess it didn't work out, I do, wanna see what you come up with though.

Kevin W. said...

jets, the idea behind the concept is solid. If you just improve the execution, which Steven explained how, it'd be better by leaps and bounds.

Ryan said...

Jesper's Brynas concepts for COTW

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