Tuesday: Feeling the Blues

Hello everyone. Sorry for the late post. I was able to somehow convince myself that timezones aren't a real thing and mixed up my times today. I won't bore you with anything you don't already know. My boy Patrick Kane is going to Switzerland now so I'm going to forget about the NHwhatever.

There's a whopping 9 concepts to show off today so let's get to it, BUT....

Just a reminder, couple votes out there right now

Wild ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Oct 15-21 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Nashville Predators Third (Caz W.)
 Caz intends this to be an updated version of the Pred's Blue alt. I like this jersey as I feel the silver and black on the actual jersey made it seem too dark, and this jersey is very straight forward. I would maybe keep a silver streak going through the logo's face. It bothers me that little detail is missing. Outside of that, great jersey, great execution. 8/10

Colorado Avalanche Jersey Set (Daniel D. [Snow Monster])
 I recently saw this jersey posted on the Chris Creamer boards and I'll post my initial reaction to them... "I like the hem design but on the arms, the upside down mountains on the arms look robotic and futuristic to me, not to "avalanche-ey"  I stick by what I said, but they are starting to grow on me. They just seem very robotic. I do like the idea and where this is headed. 8/10

NY Jets Hockey Concept (John T.)

I enjoy seeing people try to make other sports teams jerseys into hockey jerseys. Sometimes it's not too pretty but this one is actually pretty good. Pretty close to what the Jets actually wear too. I'm ok with the plane being used as the main crest, but I feel the NY patch above it is too much. 7/10

Toronto Marlies Third (Ryan HJC)

 I love this concept by Ryan. Recently working on a logo for a friend's roller hockey team, I applied the logo to my old Leafs concept and turned the jersey this baby blue color and loved it, but it seemed familiar. I forgot all about Ryan's concept I saw this weekend. I like that the M in the logo is light blue like the jersey, But I feel a white outline around the logo would help it from being lost and keep it consistent with the rest of the jersey. The same can be said for the yoke but that isn't as big of a deal. I love the color scheme a lot though.  8.5/10

Saskatoon Blades Jersey Design Contest (Thomas H.)
 This is Thomas' entry to the Blades jersey design contest. Not much to say here. It's a very classy, straight forward design that screams hockey. Once again I love the design and I love the yoke stripes. I also love the consistency. COTW nom. 9/10

Washington Capitals Jersey Set (Thomas H)
 Another straight forward, no messing around, classy set from Thomas, but for the Caps this time. I like it a lot but there's some things I would try before calling it done. Maybe on the white jersey, try a blue yoke, it seems empty, or keeping the cuffs blue. And on the blue jersey, maybe keeping the whole hem white. A shoulder patch wouldn't hurt either. Not saying it's a bad concept, it's actually a really nice concept. I'm just saying it could be improved with a few tweaks. 7.5/10

New York Rangers/Golden Blades WHA 40th (WinnipegJets96)
I'm gonna get picky, but TECHNICALLY, 40 years ago, the "Golden Blades" were still the "New York Raiders" for the whole first season of the WHA. It wasn't until the next year when they became the Blades, and then a month or so into the season moved to Jersey. But as for the jersey we're presented with here, It's somewhat close to what they wore. I don't know if Jets is going for historical accuracy or just a tribute. It's a clever use of the old SENS jersey template though. Also, no white skates....yuck... 6.5/10

Saskatchewan Roughriders Concept (WinnipegJets96)
 Pretty basic design here. I like, and dislike the simplicity here. It's nice to see green in a concept, But I feel there could be a bit more of it. I feel the jersey could be a bit more adventurous but I won't let that take anything away from this jersey. Although it looks like a green Maple Leafs jersey I still like it. 7/10

Milwaukee Admirals Third Jersey (Caz W.)
We'll start off, and end with Caz today. I really like the idea of a grey jersey, and I'm assuming it would be used against a team wearing a dark jersey. The striping is nice and not too out there, which is good for an idea as out there as a grey jersey. The only thing I'd change is put a baby blue stroke in the yoke, similar to the striping. 8.5/10

Again, sorry for the lateness guys.
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Justin said...

Ryan HJC for COTW! That'd make a great third jersey for the Marlies.

DBro Alexander said...

Ya know, I was going to nominate Ryan for COTW nom, then I saw that Blades jersey. I thought about it long and hard but, I couldn't resist. I love the striping on the Blades jersey.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll second Ryan for COTW

Ryan said...

Thanks guys.

I'll give Caz's Admirals concept a COTW nom.

I also really think that Daniel's Avs concept has a lot of potential. I like the idea but I think the arms need some changes to not make the mountains look upside down.

Justin said...

Also on Ryan's concept... I think it would look cool (possibly more visible on ice) if the Maple Leaf had a white outline and the 'M' was white. Just a thought.

Caz said...

Thanks for the COTW nom, Ryan!

I did notice an error with the jersey, though. Jonathan Blum's number is actually 7, not 5. Blake Geoffrion was #5. I used to get their numbers mixed up sometimes. They were both called up to the Preds around the same time. I didn't catch it until just now.

Unknown said...

a small comment on the ethics of snowmonster's avs set...

It reminds me a lot of the Avs template used by Andrew Bourne for his Re-Bourne series on icethetics.( http://www.icethetics.info/concepts/2012/8/30/0194-avalanche-re-bourne.html ) I realize that changes (to colouring and logos have been made, and even some small striping changes), but this is clearly inspired by another person's work. In my opinion credit should be given where credit is due...

DBro Alexander said...

I dunno Colin. I can see what you're saying, but it's already extremely close to the Av's original jerseys that SM's concept seems more like a tweak while Bournes is that same tweak with a color change. If the jersey designs were more out there I might agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Snow Monster here.
In response to Colin,I did see that concept but i did NOT copy or emulate it. I was already almost done with my concept before the concept you are talking about was featured. I admit they are similar, but just so we are clear I didn't imitate the design. All I did was tweak what the Avs previously wore.

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