Thursday: Lockout on NHL Concepts

Yikes, it's Thursday already. This week has gone by pretty quick. Anyways, we've got plenty of concepts for you guys today but only with a pair of NHL concepts. In lieu of the NHL lockout, I've noticed the stark decrease in concepts for NHL teams. Sad, sad days.

We've got some pretty unique concepts, some NBA concepts, concepts from the minors and Jets96 comes up with some WHL concepts.

Remember folks, we've got the COTW voting, and voting for the Minnesota Wild Redesign competition. Get voting!

Wild ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Oct 15-21 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Calgary Hitmen concept (by Mattlop1)
Mattylop1 gives us a pretty interesting look, something we certainly haven't seen before. I'm not sure it fits with the design, especially since it clashes with the shoulder piping. On a note of execution, some of the colors for the TV numbers are off, and the inclusion of white for the numbers and name on the back is confusing since everything else is vintage-white. (6/10)

Milwaukee Admirals concept (by Mattlop1)
With another crazy look, Matty goes fill bucket-happy on this template with grey and blue. I can't see these on the ice. There's just not much to say from a design standpoint. There's too much going on. (5/10)

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Mason H.)
Mason uses a template that I wish Colorado should use. It would make complete sense as a play on the look of a mountain. Overall, this looks is pretty decent. I'm not big on having two-shades of blue, and this certain shade of maroon, but aside from some color management, this look is decent. (7/10)

Los Angeles Sharks concept (by Jets 96)
This re-imagining of the WHA franchise LA Sharks looks pretty good. The striping goes really well with the crest. It's a simple, clean design that isn't too flashy but is still an original look. For execution, I'd try to get rid of those loose white pixels around the logo. (7/10)

Baltimore Blades concept (by Jets 96)
With another WHL concept, Jets96 takes on the Baltimore Blades and gives them a pretty original look. If these entered the NHL as some vintage jerseys, these would fit in very well. (7/10)

Boston Celtics concept (by Mike S.)
Mike brings over some NBA looks to hockey jerseys and they don't look too bad. This Celtics jersey is pretty well done. Mike keeps the front wordmark, along with the green-white-black color scheme and it all some together well. (8/10)

Atlanta Hawks concept (by Mike S.)
The Atlanta Hawks are one of more modern-looking teams of the NBA, and get a lot of heat for it too, but I commend them for trying to do something out of the box. Mike translate their modern look to a hockey jersey and looks pretty good. I don't mind the side panels, and the rest of the jersey looks great. (8/10)

Minnesota Wild concept (by Dmitri G.)
Dmitri complete drops the colors for the primary to just green and white, for a pretty simple design. I dig how minimal the primaries are. Finally, the alternative hits the nail on the head, with chest stripes that look great with the wolf-head. (8/10)

Färjestad BK concept (by Jesper W.)
Jesper completely remodels Färjestad BK of the SEL. There's a perfect mix of modern and traditional designs. The primary jerseys are very well done, and the alternatives are pretty damn good. Finally the retro is a nice change of pace; simple and minimalistic. (9/10)
Thursday: Lockout on NHL Concepts Reviewed by Thallos on October 25, 2012 Rating: 5


Scott Markiewicz said...

Dimitri G. for COTW!

Unknown said...

Second Scott's nom for Dimitri!

winnipegjets96 said...

man, Mike has really stepped up his NBA concepts, I really wanna see more, and I'll second Dmitri G. for cotw

Tyler Gross said...

Anyobyd else realize that Dmitri's Wild jerseys look like the new Hershey Bears uniforms? Anyways, I like them, I would give a COTW nom, but there has already been two.

Kevin W. said...

Jesper for COTW.

Cody said...

Give Jesper a nomination, but thats is not a wolf head(Wild concept)! It's a bear's head!

Brad said...

Hey everyone! Question; my original files are huge (6M) and I have to scale them down. In doing so, I lose detail. How do I prevent this?!?! Thanks!

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