Monday: It's Raining It's POURING!

Hey guys, happy Monday and junk!

Hope everyone who is effected by Hurricane Sandy is safe and dry right now.

COTW is up for this week so remember to vote. You can check out the concepts up for ballot in the COTW section or by clicking on the banner on the right. In case you missed it, here's the link to the weekend update, I think you ask questions for next week's podcast in the comment section of the post.

A new contest has started. Friday writer and fellow concept maker Colin M. has created a creative, No Horizontal Lines contest. Read ALL the rules as they are extremely important in this contest. Entries are due November 2nd.

SOO SORRY, Here are some of the entries that have come in so far


Tyler G.


Martin L.

Snow Monster

COTW Oct 22-28 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

No Horizontal Lines Contest Entries Due: Friday, November 2, 2012 @ 11:59pm EST

In news, there will be no NHL games through November (big shocker) and yeah, that's pretty much it, not to say anyone here is surprised at this announcement and I think we have all found our own hockey mediums to watch over the next little while.

In today's line up we have four redesigns, Colin continues with another Arsenal concept, we get  an AHL concept, and my WHA re-design makes its way to New Jersey.


Hartford Whalers Concept (By: Colin M.)

This was Colin's entry to the Whalers contest, and we have three really solid concepts here. The home and away give nod to the 80's but have their own unique look. I like that both the home and road have yokes and are essentially reverses of each other. The alternate is really cool too. I like how Pucky has been recoloured, it makes him kinda look like a whale, and it does seem like a fun jersey that would be a fan favourite. The template is really awesome, I'm not sure if Colin made this or not but it works and shows off everything the jersey has to offer really nicely. Good job Colin! (9/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concept (By: Adam H.)

Adam has added a lot of grey to the Hurricanes and I like it. The flag numbers on the front are really nice and the striping is cool. The execution is okay but I do see some errors. The numbers should match the name colour, I'd use the black pants all the way through. On the grey jersey, there seems to be two shades of black, I'd stick to one, and, while the shoulder patches aren't done too bad, it would look better if you shrunk it down in Word, then cut it in half. Still I do like the premise here, and with some work these would be really good. (7/10)

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Matt M.)

Another contest entry, Matt entered this into last week's Minnesota Wild contest and I can see why this concept did so well. It looks like a more mature version of the jerseys the Wild wore in their early years. The shoulder patch is what really stands out to me, its really cool and matches the look and tone of these jerseys (p.s. good job on siting where you got the logo from). The striping is nice and simple but still underused in the NHL and does have an edgy look to it. I think none of us would be disappointed if Minnesota came out next season wearing these. (9/10)

Adirondack Phantoms Concept (By: Andrew T.)

I'm glad to see some AHL concepts coming in. The addition of purple is a good idea, it gives the Phantoms their own look while still paying homage to their parent club, that being said their is definite work to be down. The side panels don't work in hockey, and the arm striping looks it was just filled in , and there are two shades of orange used. The shoulder patches should be done as I listed on Adam's concept and the Reebok logo should be purple. However, I wouldn't give up at all, its just a matter of correcting your mistakes and making it better, I made concepts like this when I was starting out, but I learned, so keep making concepts as its the only way you'll get better (5/10)

New Jersey Knights Concept (By: Me (Jets96)

I'm glad that people like my idea on the NHL actually remembering the WHA as without it, there wouldn't be 4 teams. I love this colour combination, it works and is original, we don't need 20 teams with red white and blue as their colours. The Knights did have an interesting logo, it reeks of age but still was ahead of the time. Overall, I just wanted to match the look of the Knights as close as possible, while still making it its own edge jersey, and I think I've done that.
Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Adam H.)

Again there's the same problem with the shoulder patches, the alternate has WAY to big of a logo and the red pants with the red jersey don't really work, but I still like these quite a bit. The alternate works really well, I like it. The home and road are also good, the colours are really nice, they are crisp and clean, the striping works well too, again, this is another look Minnesota could use, just with some touching up (8/10)

Arsenal Concept (By: Colin M.)

I do enjoy soccer, even if I am near the worst soccer team in history, TFC, and am a fan of QPR in the EPL.  Arsenal is one of the best and most well known teams in the league, and their looks are really good. We saw Colin's concept on Friday, and if you follow soccer, you would know alternates almost never match. This is really good, the execution is perfect, but I would use the Nike socks, just for consistence between the jerseys, but that's REALLY minor. This jersey does transcend into a hockey jersey quite well, it still has a soccer feel to it, but it doesn't just look like a cut and paste job. I'd like to see the 90's away kit turned into a concept for a Arsenal, or Tampa Bay, still these are awesome! (9.5/10) COTW Nom from me.

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Ryan said...

Colin's Whalers concept set for COTW

Unknown said...

just so y'all know, the "template" I have been using lately is just an amalgamation of other templates
(Ryan's NHL shopview template, matt m's easton gloves[without the text] and helmet, reebok socks, and a slightly simplified version of the forward facing reebok pants). I just resize all these templates and assemble them into the full body look. I find it much simpler than using the full body template, because you see everything directly straight on.

I'll see if I can make a clean, "paint friendly" version of what I use for the templates page. (also, like I mentioned on friday, if anyone has a forward facing helmet template, or forward facing skates, I think this would complete the template...)

DBro Alexander said...

I don't like soccer, but I will second Colin's arsenal jersey. That is a thing of beauty right there.

Unknown said...

Martin's NHL entry for COTW!

Ryan said...

Comp entries are not eligible for COTW

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