Friday: The Bearer of Bad News

Well, last week I got to bring you the "bad" news that the pre-season was cancelled. This week I get to bring you the bad news that the first batch of NHL games through to October 24th are cancelled. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems like it's my job.

With the lockout I am really curious to see how you all are planning to fill/already filling you time that would normally be consumed by NHL hockey. I have been going to soccer for my sports fix. My hometown Whitecaps FC are pushing for a playoff spot in MLS. Also I have been getting up early on the weekends to watch Arsenal play in the EPL. Judging from the number of MLB and NFL concepts that have been sent in lately, it would seem to me that at least a few of you are going to Football and Baseball for your sports fix.

The Whalers redesign contest is still going, get you entries in! send them to: HJCcontest@gmail.com

Submission deadline is:

Saturday, October 7, 2012 @ 11:59pm EST


Hartford Redesign Entries:

Randall A.

Phil L.


On to the concepts!

Toronto Maple Leafs (by Kyle C.)

A solid Leafs alternate here from Kyle. I really like the arm and hem striping, normally the this blue stripes would bug me, but I like how they look here. 8/10.

Winter Classic concept (Stephen T.)

Stephen, pushes the Winter Classic back a year, due to the lockout. The Wings jerseys are nice, but don't feel Winter-Classic-y. They are too modern (basically a white version of what they wear at home), I would be really disappointed if the wings wore this sweater, I would probably even be less disappointed if they chose to wear their current away sweater (with the awesome reverse sleeves). Everything that is going on with this leafs sweater is right. Love the vintage white, love the logo choice, love the stripes. the only things I would change are re-sizing the logo to make the front of the sweater seem less crowded (it is VERY big, as is the wings logo), and using plain blue gloves. 7/10.

Montreal Canadiens (by Jets96)

Jets bases this concept off of a habs concept by Stephen T. I just don't think that this works for a hockey jersey. The jersey is empty except for a massive blue patch, and I really don't think this would work on te ice. Clean execution though, and props for seeing something you liked, and trying to do something cool with it. 6/10.

Wolfpack concepts (Steve S.)

As far as I can tell these concepts are for a youth development team. Even without the obnoxious ad patches, these jerseys don't work well for me. The black and blue jersey has too many stripes, which make it look bust, and the off colour side panels (with stripes that cut off) bug me. For the yellow jersey The chest and back seem really busy and the arms are entirely empty, this makes the sweater seem un balanced. 4/10.

Winnipeg Jets (by Tyler G.)

Tyler calls back to the original Jets with a lighter colour scheme where red plays a more prominent role.  I really like this style of striping on the yoke, it looks great. Some work is needed on the hem. I don't like the way that the stripes just cut off in the middle of the hem, but don't think simply continuing them through would work on this jersey. Maybe curve the hem stripe to match the bottom of the sweater. 7/10.

Los Angeles Kings (by Jets96)

Love these kings unis! I have always had a soft spot for the chevy logo for the kings because it reminds me of Gretzky. Since the logo is being updated in this concept, I would like to see the font updated in the chevy logo as well. 7/10.

Pittsburgh Penguins (by Justin C.)

As always solid work here from Justin. I like the call back to the pre-edge jersey designs, but using athletic gold rather than vegas gold. I'm not crazy about robo-penguin on the shoulders, to me it doesn't feel right here. over all, well done sir. 8/10 and a COTW Nom from me.
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Tyler Gross said...

I love Justin's concept


I'm gonna go with Kyle's Leafs concept for COTW, I just really like the striping, and I think if you put the 1920's logo on there, and maybe even switch up the pant striping, it would be a great Winter Classic uniform.

Sam Overgaauw said...

2nd justin.c for COTW

Richard Mazella said...

You support a lot of great soccer teams Colin, go Arsenal!
In the mean time, good luck to those in the Whalers competition.

Unknown said...

2nd Kyle's Leafs concept

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