Wednesday: I can't think of a good title.

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Phoenix Coyotes (by Dave K.)
I think this would make a good third jersey for the Coyotes.  The striping is kind of similar to the sleeve stripes on their current jerseys, but at the same time they're different (if that makes any sense).  The coyote head in the circle also looks good, and I really like the paw-print shoulder patches.  Execution is pretty good, but the hem stripes should go on top of the jersey stitching.  8/10

Carolina Hurricanes (by Mike S.)
These jerseys look decent, but to be honest I don't think they would be an improvement over their current set.  Either jersey here could make a good third jersey though.  I like matching the sleeve-stripes to the hem stripes.  I don't really like the emphasis on black, and I think the socks stripes are too thin.  Also the shoulder logo is executed wrong, it should be rotated 90 degrees and it should also appear on the back of the jersey.  7/10

Vancouver Canucks (by Colin M.)
I've seen a few versions of the Canucks famous "V" jerseys in their current colour scheme and this is one of the better ones.  The piping and the number font make these jerseys look more modern.  But I still think the "V" jerseys should stay in the past (or at most a one-time event).  8/10

Chicago Blackhawks (by Stephen T.)
I know that the Blackhawks are a hard team to do concepts for, but I don't see how these jerseys could be an improvement over their current set.  On both jerseys the black bleeds into the red causing contrast problems.  I also don't like the choices for the NOB on both jerseys.  I think the white jersey should have black letters, and the red jersey should have white letters.  6/10

Texas Rangers (by Matt D.)
Even though I'm not a fan of the MLB, I'm still a big fan of this concept.  I really like the logo, and the numbers that match.  I also like the stars on the hem and cuffs.  The stripes also compliment the whole look nicely.  8/10

Los Angeles Kings (by Thomas H.)
I don't like the Kings current jerseys, but I wouldn't mind these.  I like the striping, and using crown logo as primary logo.  I don't like the white collar on the home jersey, or using the BK logo as a shoulder-patch (I just don't think it matches their other logos).  I also think the primary logo is a bit too low.  7/10

Colorado Avalanche (by Tyler G.)
Normally I don't like Avalanche concepts because most aren't as good as their 1995-2007 jerseys were.  These jerseys look great though, the simple striping looks very classy, and I like that the shoulder-yokes match the stripes.  The only decision I'm not sure about is getting rid of the silver in the logos.  It doesn't look bad, but silver is still used on the road jersey, so it's kind of inconsistent.  I like the decision to keep the third jersey though, especially now that the pit-stains are gone.  Whoa, I just noticed the sublimated mountains on the cuffs.  That makes this concept even better, I love hidden details like that.  COTW nomination from me!!!  9/10
Wednesday: I can't think of a good title. Reviewed by Steven Grant on September 26, 2012 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

I actually really kind of like Colin's "V" jerseys. They just look really cool and creative in my mind.

Also, Dave's Coyotes concept looks sweet and classic, I like that too.

Thanks for the COTW nom, Steven!

David Kerr said...

Thanks Tyler. I like the fact that with the Coyotes you can use vintage white or sand without it being tacky, because it was part of their color scheme before it became super over used.

Justin said...

Wow. It's not oven that I, a huge Avs fan, loves an Avalanche concept. But Tyler's are very nice! I'll definitely second that nomination! Sorry Tyler if it's too late... But excellent concept!

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