Tuesday: It's a Pittsburgh Kinda Day

 Good day friends. Hope everyone is still holding up alright. Hopefully everyone has figured out what kind of hockey they plan on following for the time being. I hope that Ryan, the other writers, and myself can keep making this blog interesting enough to help out with everyone's hockey fix. 

Also, word has it that Kevin Lowe, president of hockey operations for the Oilers, is in Seattle for meetings. Some say the meetings are about a possible relocation for the Oilers to Seattle as the city passed their new arena plan yesterday in hopes of attracting a new NHL or NBA team. Others are saying its the Oilers higher ups trying to show Edmonton that there are other cities willing to build a new arena for the team. I feel like it would be more of the second one as I don't see the Oilers leaving anytime soon. As long as Seattle gets an NHL team one day and we see the color green grace another team (there's no way a team in Seattle wouldn't wear green) then all will be good in the world.

Don't forget about the BK Contest and the COTW

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Now onto the concepts where we'll see the usual hockey concepts, as well as football and baseball teams making the switch over to hockey, and three different Pittsburgh themed concepts.

Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate Concept (Stephen T.)

The dark blue isn't working for me with this concept. The template isn't very exciting either. It's an interesting concept though and I'd like to see what this could be with some extra work. Also, the numbers on the back seem too small. 6/10

Pittsburgh Pirates Hockey Concept (Matt D.)
I would have liked to see this as a black jersey, it seems more like the pirates. I think the Jolly Roger logo on the arms would look a lot better on a black jersey. I'd also rather see the J.R. on the shoulders as opposed to the middle of the arms. Still, this is a nice concept and with those tweaks this could be even better. The number on the back looks off center. 7/10 

Pittsburgh Steelers Hockey Concept (Randall A.)
The striping is very true to the Steelers jerseys, it would appear that is true for the number font too. Nice detail with the NFL shield in the collar insert. Make the name and number bigger though, it just doesn't look right so small. Also, I'm sure it's just an issue with the way the file was saved, but each white line has the small black stroke, but on half of the lines, they look like the stroke is thinner. 7/10

Cleveland Browns Hockey Concept (Randall A.)
This concept is very true to the Browns actual jerseys. Move the front crest up a bit, and make the number on the back a bit bigger and that would make this concept better. Little note, the Reebok logo on the top of the back would most likely be white like the name and numbers. Also, nice touch with the NFL logo on the collar insert. 7.5/10

Vancouver Canucks Alternate Concept (Trey P.)
This jersey has grown on me. When I first saw it over the weekend I wasn't a huge fan of it. But now I like it, as a concept anyway. I wouldn't want to see the Canucks, or anyone for that matter wearing a prominent gradient on a jersey, despite this jersey looking a lot better than the blue and red alternate from the early 00's. I wouldn't mind seeing this as a piece of merchandise. Small thing, I'd like to see the shoulder patch on both sides, looks odd with it on only one. Also, the Reebok logo on the top of the back would most likely be white in order to be seen. 8/10

 Tampa Bay Rays Hockey Concept (Matt D.)
I like the Rays current look. I feel that they really use the double blue well. Also, powder blue just looks very classy in my opinion. This is very well done and I like the Devil Ray on the shoulders. I like the consistency with the stripes throughout the whole uniform. The dark blue on the cuffs and hem probably isn't needed as well as the piping going down the arms, but still a very nice concept IMO 8/10

Winnipeg Jets Alternate Concept (Justin Cox)
Wow...Just Wow... This would make an excellent alternate jersey. The design on the arms fits in well with the team's branding and the colors look amazing. I'm curious as to what the jersey might look like if the shoulder patch and main crest were switched. I would love to see a white version of this to make a new set. 9/10 and COTW NOM

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winnipegjets96 said...

Seattle, Quebec City and Las Vegas deserve teams, on will be Phoenix, two expansions...boom 32 teams!Also, Justin for COTW, I really like it, and coming from a jets fan, its amazing!

Justin said...

Thanks for the noms, guys! I've gotta thank Steven G. for a little inspiration!

Also Jets96, I don't think Las Vegas needs or could sustain an NHL team. I say Phoenix to Quebec and Edmonton (although I highly doubt the Oilers will move or fold) to Seattle!

David Kerr said...

I can see the NHL wanting another expansion. It means more money for them, but the talent is already stretched too far. A downsize would actually be nice. It would allow for a higher quality of competition.

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