Monday: Locked Out!

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Welcome to the first locked-out HJC post. Yes we are in a lock out right now, and I for one am not happy obviously, but, at least there's still AHL and CHL, maybe the networks will allow for these leagues to have their games televised, since players like Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jeff Skinner and Alexander Burmistrov will be playing in the AHL this year, or another World Cup of Hockey like in 2004. I think that if there is a hope of a season, it would have to be like in 1994, with a 48 game schedule, but none the less, for the time being, there is no NHL/ NHLPA agreement in the near future.

In not so depressing news, there is an awesome contest going on right now, just like to remind all of you to get in your entrys before Saturday @ 11:59pm EST. Check the Contest page for all the rules and remember to send your entries to the contest e-mail and not the regular e-mail, just as a refresher, here is the e-mail again.

Here are some of the entries that have come in so far.
BK Entry (By: John T.)

BK Entry (By: Keens)

BK Entry (By: Justin C.)

BK Entry (By: David K.)
Also COTW voting is going on now, not a huge line-up this week but as usual, quality concepts up for ballot this week.
COTW Sept 10-16 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

On to the Concepts.
Seattle Mariners Concept (By: Matt D.)

Seattle, has a boring look in my opinion, but this spruces it up quite a bit with amount of teal and grey and minimal navy blue. I'm not going to comment on the player model, it doesn't distract me and the overall look of this concept is nice, but I'm not a fan of the massive arm stripes and small square yoke, its kinda odd, but overall, not a bad concept and I have enjoyed this series quiet a bit. (8/10)

Minnesota Wild Concept (By: Keens)

Keens gives us a look at an idea we have seen before, but its the hem striping, the yoke shape and the shoulder patch makes it more unique than others. I really like these, its nice to see a unique hem stripe in the NHL and the same goes with the shoulder yoke. The shoulder patch is cool, but, me personally, I would interlock the letter together , but it still looks good. (9/10)

St. Louis Blues/ Peoria Rivermen Swap Concept (By: Shaun F.)

 Well this is an interesting idea, which I would like to see with other teams, but these two teams do it okay. I prefer the Blues jersey to be honest, I like it more than their current jerseys and as for Peoria...ugh I hate that logo. Its not a bad overall look, but ugh, its just a personal thing. Overall its a cool idea. (7/10)
San Diego Padres Concept (By: Matt D.)
Wow, again, another team that has such a current boring look but is given and upgrade through using the least used colour in their scheme. This I really like the hem stripe is what the Islander could use if they ever brought back their 90's look but here, its really sick. I'm okay with the script as a primary, but the shoulder patch works so well here. (9/10)
Denver Spurs (By: Me (Jets96)
Well, here another part of my 40th anniversary of the WHA series. I know the 2nd logo doesn't work but I was trying to go for a classic look, but upgrade it, I made a spur shoulder patch which added to the original look. I'd like to know what you guys think of this concept and how I can improve as I continue with the series.
Boston Bruins Concept (By: Tyler G.)

YES! This is what the Bruins need as an alternate! I mean, this hits everything on the head with what is wanted generally. Its yellow, its vintage but has its own look, it uses a vintage logo & uses the bear logo as an alternate, its perfect. I like everything about this concept right down to the square on the captain's C. (9/10) COTW from me! 

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Ryan said...

@Jets96: About your intro, I don't know how many "gals" are reading this blog, haha.

Alan John Herbert said...

Keens Wild concept for COTW!

Justin said...

@Ryan: I don't think there's many cat or alien readers either. Haha

Unknown said...

I second keens for cotw

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