Monday: Labo(u)r Day, Labo(u)r Talks

Jets96 here, with another Monday post. Happy Labour/Labor day HJC readers, today is a day dedicated to the worker...and its more importantly, a day off, however, its unfortunately, school starts this week, if you're a parent, celebrate, if you're a student like me, try to make the most of it.

In super awesome news, Ryan, the admin of the blog, is now a father!!! This is great news to hear and congrats to Ryan and I wish the best to him, his wife and Carter.

In Labo(u)r talk news, they are "recessed", which means there's nothing for a while, and its only two weeks until the deadline, so, that means, there's an increased likely hood of a lockout. Hopefully the league and the players can come to an agreement, at least at some point before we have another 2004-2005 on our hands. However, last lockout there was the World Cup of Hockey.

Just like to remind you all that COTW voting is on now. Remember to vote as there are some good concepts up this week.
COTW Aug 27 - Sept 2 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Detroit Red Wings Concept (By: Calem I.
I kinda like the idea. Its a little bland and the back of the jersey should be completely white and not half red half white. I like that the fact that the script, the numbers and the name on the back all match. To make this better, I'd add the current logo as a shoulder patch, but this is a good start. (6.5/10)
Minnesota North Stars Concept (By: Troy H.

 There are quite a few errors here, and it really takes away from the concept, I'm not going to list them all but I will name the big ones and how to correct them. The striping on the arm is off centred and uneven, that can be corrected by making one even and then copy and pasting it evenly on to the other arms. There's also no name on the back or TV numbers. The hem striping is very uneven as well. However, there is a good beginning to what could be a pretty nice concept. (4/10)

Grand Rapids Griffins Concept (By: Cody S.)

These are pretty cool, and aside from the minor execution errors, I really like these. The inside of the collier should be the same colour as the back of the jersey, also the logos are bigger than they should be. However, this is way better than what they wear now and I really like this striping patter, all the colours work and the look is there. Good job Cody! (8/10)
Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: David K.)

Its modern, its classic, it combines practically every era in Leafs history, its one busy jersey. I like this a lot. I like the 70's leafs on the yokes, the Toronto Arenas captains C, the chest stripe and the side stripes, it all works. There's one thing I don't like though, the massive numbers. They are distracting and way too big for the jersey. Other than that, These are sweet, and while the Leafs may not want to steer away from tradition, the Marlies could use something like this for sure. (8.5/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concept (By: GKennedy)

GKennedy has gone and updated the old alternate, and it is quite an update. I think that those yoke stripes are cool and its a trend I'd like to see more in the NHL, I like this jersey more than the winter classic jersey and I can't think of anything wrong with it. Solid Concept G.Kennedy. (9/10)
Boston Bruins Concept (By: Kyle C.)  
I really see the effort and this is a very well made concept, but I am not a fan of the Bruins wearing brown. I know I'm in the minority of this, I just feel brown and yellow clash. If this jersey were Yellow and black replaced where the yellow is now, I think it would be better, but again, its a very well made concept and its great to see effort this visible in a concept. (8.5/10)

Dallas Stars Concept (By: Mike S.

Red, white and blue is as American as baseball and apple pie, and it would be cool to see Dallas in the patriotic colours, however, these concepts could improve in the logo department. The logos aren't bad but they are a bit boring, I prefer the blue jersey logo, and adding some detail to it would be great and make these concepts a lot better, but as is, they are alright and the execution it pretty darn good. (7.5/10)
Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Stephen T.)

This is a good start but there are execution errors that need to be corrected to make these improve to the next level. The chest number is too big and the t.v. numbers are technically correct, however, it would look off centred on the jersey like 11 without the first 1 and the Reebok logo is too small and the back of the jersey. Other than that, I like these, adding more red and getting rid of the double blue is an improvement and it looks better than the current alternate in someways. (7/10)
Tampa Bay Lightning concept (By: Steven G.)

Wow! These are amazing, Steven revisited his previous Tampa Bay concept he sent in in November and even though I really like the golden concept, this is..well...amazing! Adding silver to Tampa's colour scheme is a good idea, the victory stripes are a nice addition and the lightning pants give back some character that was lost in the re-design. Everything works in this concept, it looks like it should be worn on the ice be Tampa. (10/10) COTW nod from me. 

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DCamp said...

2nd Steven G for COTW. However, i think the numbers could use a silver outline (to follow the stripe pattern). Congrats Ryan!

Justin said...

I'll second Stevens Tampa concept. Those are beautiful!

Richard Mazella said...

Ryan, all the best to you and yours as you begin the next era in your life!

-With regards!

Tyler Gross said...

GKennedy for COTW, love the yoke stripes!

And Congrats to Ryan on being a father!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ryan!!!

COTW Nom for Steven G.

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